Features of the bride’s wedding garter

Wedding garter is one of the components of the bride’s outfit. It is with the garter for the bride that many myths, wedding traditions, and customs are associated. We will try to understand some of the most common questions:

  • What leg is the wedding garter wearing?

A garter for the bride is worn on the right leg. In some regions of North America, it is customary to wear two wedding garters. The groom throws the first garter to his unmarried friends, while the second garter remains as a keepsake. As a rule, the second "honey" garter is fastened 10 centimeters above the first.

  • Who and when takes off the garter?

If you decide that you will wear two garters, then the first question does not arise, it is removed by her husband on the wedding night. As for the second garter, it is traditionally thrown before the bride will throw a wedding bouquet. But often, especially at our traditional weddings, it’s customary to throw a garter for the bride when the young go on a well-deserved rest. As a rule, at this moment appropriate musical accompaniment is selected. In the West, this tradition is very revered, and plays an important role..

  • How to remove a garter?

In principle, there are no special written rules, here, how much imagination is enough. But often the ceremony of removing the garter happens like this: unmarried men line up in front of the groom and the bride, then the groom must remove the garter from the bride, you can use your hands to add a little piquancy - the groom can remove the garter with his teeth.

If it is difficult for the groom himself to find a garter under the numerous layers of skirts, help him, do not torment the audience with anticipation. The bride can also take off the garter herself and pass it on to the groom..

After the bride’s garter was in the hands of the groom, the time has come to throw her. The caught garter promises its new owner an early marriage. Also, in some countries, a dance is practiced between a man who caught a garter and a girl who caught a bride’s bouquet.

If the tradition of throwing a garter for some reason is not acceptable to you, then the groom can replace the garter for the bride with some other wedding accessory - a boutonniere, or one flower from the bride’s bouquet.