Wedding garter of the bride

Needless to say, what is a "women's wedding garter"? .. This beautiful lace attribute of a female leg in the form of a strip or elastic band, in ancient times supporting stockings, and today serving exclusively for beauty and romance? It seems that everyone knows the garter, at least indirectly,.

The tradition of throwing a bride’s wedding garter arose in the 14th century, due to the superstition that a piece of clothing of the bride or groom would bring luck and love to the house of those who received the “holiday trophy”. During the festivities, each guest sought to tear at least a shred from the dress of the "lucky". The holiday could turn into vandalism. And to prevent this from happening, somehow the tradition itself changed - the bride began to voluntarily give the coveted wedding accessory to the guests.

At our weddings, throwing the bride’s wedding garter most often occurs at the end of the banquet, namely before throwing the bride’s bouquet.

As a rule, this moment is accompanied by a beautiful musical composition. All single men gather around the bride sitting or even standing on a chair. The groom must carefully remove the wedding garter, and then toss it to his unmarried friends. So that because of the many skirts, hoops, etc., removing the wedding garter of the bride does not become an impossible task, the bride can help the groom in this difficult task or she can remove the wedding garter from her feet. It looks beautiful and romantic if the groom removes the bride’s garter with his lips, and if you take this action on a video or photo, it will warm you for a long time in minutes of sadness or nostalgia.

Caught a garter, this openwork detail promises happiness and a quick marriage. In America, “happiness” is confirmed by a dance with a girl who will later catch a bride’s bouquet. The guy who caught the wedding garter also has the right to put this garter on the girl he liked at the wedding - as a symbol of serious intentions and pure love.

In the West, the tradition of removing and throwing the bride’s garter is no less important than the first dance of the newlyweds.

In North America, the bride wears two wedding garters at once: one, the lower (called "happy"), as is customary everywhere, is intended for guests - unmarried friends of the groom, and the second ("sweet", "honey") - for the husband: he will take it off on the wedding night. The distance between the first and second is at least half a palm. Less is not recommended, otherwise in a hurry and excitement the bride runs the risk of saying goodbye to two.

By and large, choosing how much to wear wedding garter, depends on the desire of the bride. As for men, it is thought that this delicate detail of the female toilet will be definitely received with a bang.