Necklace - an important accessory for the bride


Necklace - a special decoration that is suitable exclusively for special occasions. And at the wedding it will look more appropriate than ever. A correctly selected necklace will emphasize the skin tone, neckline and neckline of the dress. This beautiful decoration is almost indispensable for dresses with an open neckline. Modern designers offer an incredible selection of wedding accessories for the bride. What necklace do you wear?

Necklace for the bride

Basic rule: harmony of all jewelry

Often, a necklace is one of the most visible accessories. When choosing a necklace to create an image, make sure that the rest of the jewelry is either in the same series as the necklace, or is perfectly combined with it. A voluminous necklace will become the dominant image, respectively, other accessories should be modest and barely noticeable. Harmony of details is the key to the bride.

Necklace for the bride

Classics of the genre

Adhering to traditional views on the bride's outfit (white long dress, veil, restrained make-up, modest hairstyle), do not change yourself in choosing accessories. The wedding portal advises you to pay attention to elegant chains with pendants (gold or silver), pearl strings of small length or restrained necklaces with crystals. Such accessories are a classic, which, in turn, suits everyone.

Necklace for the bride

Thinking outside the box

Planning a theme wedding? Does the dress not match all the canons? Bouquet is bright and bold combinations? Then the necklace should be chosen «with a twist». For example, multi-layered necklace of several threads with elegant decor - flowers, bow or leaves. Asymmetric and original accessories emphasize the youth and creative nature of the bride.

Necklace for the bride
Necklace for the bride

Mini length

Small spool but precious. Why not for such a solemn event as a wedding, afford to appear before your eyes in a luxurious necklace? A necklace made of diamonds is a chic jewelry in itself. It is necessary to wear it with dignity and elegance of the princess.

Necklace of the bride under the neck

Maxi solution

Wedding dresses with an open neckline or with a low neckline imply the presence of voluminous jewelry on the neck. In this case, a large necklace that is neatly laid out and repeats the cut line is irreplaceable. An interesting option is voluminous lace jewelry that remotely resembles a precious bolero. They will become an unusual element of the image of the bride and an integral part of the outfit. A similar necklace is the descendants of wedding jewelry of oriental brides.

Necklace for the bride
Necklace for the bride

Add color

The wedding trend of recent years is bright color accents in the image of the bride, be it a belt, bouquet, shoes or jewelry. If you decide to organize a wedding in any color, think about a color necklace. It can be an interesting part of both your image and complement the overall style of the wedding. A great option - a necklace of glass beads and semiprecious stones.

Necklace for the bride
Colored necklace for a wedding

All «backwards»

If you liked the original dress with an open back, you can decorate it with elegant decoration. For example, lower a long pearl string not onto the chest, but onto the back. The accessory harmoniously complement the dress and make you more attractive. The site considers this decoration surprisingly elegant..

Necklace as a decoration on the back of the bride

Do it yourself

Handmade at the wedding is indispensable, starting with invitations and ending with the decor of an evening disco. Jewelry for the bride is no exception. You can make amazing necklaces yourself, which you will not find in any store. All kinds of beads (colored, semiprecious, pearl), crystals, polymer clay, chain links, lace or chiffon fabric, and most importantly - an inexhaustible imagination, will be useful to you..

Necklace for the bride

A correctly selected necklace will make the bride even more beautiful, as well as set the tone for other jewelry. The necklace will become an important element in the appearance of the bride, your «zest», the part that turns the outfit into an image.