Veil - white cloud in the dress of the bride

Mysterious and mysterious appearance of the bride depends not only on a beautiful dress. The main wedding accessory, no doubt, is Wedding Veil. This tradition of covering the bride’s head with a thin veil originated in the depths of centuries. We are so accustomed to observe this ritual that we do not think about the role of a veil, which in ancient times was considered a symbol of modesty and purity. At the time of our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers, it was believed that a veil was able to warn the bride from an undesirable evil eye, since on the wedding day, according to ancient beliefs, evil spirits try to prevent this bright holiday by any means, so it is very important to cover the bride's face.

Modern brides, most likely, put on a wedding veil, following the tradition, and not in order to protect themselves from unclean forces, in addition, the bride’s veil as it completes her appearance and at the same time harmoniously combines with the main outfit - a dress. Without fail, the head is covered during a wedding in the church. If the garment is chosen exclusively for a ceremony of a civil nature, then the veil can not be worn, but if you decide to follow the tradition and still wear it, then first decide on the length. To do this, you need to decide what kind of wedding hairstyle will be and which of the accessories you would like to use: a diadem, a crown or hairpins with rhinestones, maybe combs or hairpins. A veil can be attached to the selected jewelry or attached with hairpins, hiding them in the hairstyle. If you are afraid that after the ceremony, when removing the veil, the hairstyle will be damaged, attach the veil with a Velcro clip that loosens freely. You can use several of these hairpins.

The veil of the bride is usually made of tulle or other light transparent fabric. Satin, silk or lace can add originality to the wedding veil, and tulle, gathered in several tiers, will help to add romance. Also, the veil can be supplemented with embroidery, pearls, sparkling rhinestones and crystals, repeating in the decoration of the dress. Please note that if the wedding dress has a luxurious look, then the veil should look simple and neat, and vice versa, a simple cut of the dress needs an elegant veil. One of Wedding Veils - Ribbon, which adorns her around the edges. But this option is not acceptable for short veils.

Making the final choice of a wedding veil, decide whether you want it to be a decoration in your photos. Since, attaching the veil with a comb or a hairpin, it will be slightly noticeable in the photo, which will fully correspond to your desire if you want to pay attention to the hairstyle or unusual jewelry. If on photographs you want to emphasize the significance of the solemn moment, choose a veil that is attractive both from the back and the front. In this case, a multi-tier veil would be an ideal option. This kind of accessory will give the bride growth, especially it will come in handy if you are a petite girl.

Do not forget that harmony is the main requirement for the bride’s outfit, so the style and length of the wedding veil should be combined with the outfit and give it completeness, in general, while creating the perfect look for the bride.