Bridal shoes: how not to make a mistake with the choice?


Every bride dreams that her wedding will be held without difficulties: all guests admire her beauty, and she soars in the clouds, shrouded in happiness, and dances all night long. And now the question is: how many times did you buy a new, delicious pair of shoes, and then realized that they did not fit your wardrobe, and even presented you with corns in five minutes? Yes, every girl had such problems, but the wedding is once in a lifetime and there is no room for errors.

Our wedding portal tells you how to find the perfect match..

  • Harmony.

    First a dress - then shoes and other accessories! In no case, not vice versa - this is the golden rule. No matter how good the thuli separately, do not buy them ahead of time - you risk simply throwing money away or looking ridiculous. Shoes should be combined with the dress by color: today in the wedding fashion there are so many different shades that you need to be careful - even the difference in semitone can be noticeable. Pay attention to the details of your dress: maybe there is embroidery or a certain pattern. Then look for shoes with similar elements. If you do not find those, then it is better to choose shoes without jewelry.

  • Lace shoes

  • Heel.

    In this matter there can be many solutions: from high heels to ballet shoes. Firstly, look at what you usually wear: if you have only one pair with high heels and you are uncomfortable in it, then you should not risk it on your wedding day - choose a heel no higher than 6 cm. If you are still a lover of thin hairpins from 9 cm and above, I advise you to try on the dress again with shoes of the height of your interest - not every dress can afford such a heel. An important note - the distance between the hem of the dress and the floor should not exceed 2-3 cm. Otherwise, you risk looking ridiculous. And remember about the groom - we do not advise you to be taller than his height at a wedding.

  • High heel shoes

  • The size.

    You will have a talk with experienced brides, and you will hear a lot of stories about how one day in the wedding evening, having removed the legs from the shoes, they could not get into them back. Of course, the problem of leg swelling is familiar to many, but in most cases, this is the wrong shoe size. Remember: if your shoes are even a little small or large, don’t even think about buying. Look for your perfect match!

  • A type.

    Wedding shoes in Yekaterinburg are quite diverse and each bride can find her own pair. The classic option will be the pumps with medium heels - they will fit any dress. Ballet shoes are an option for very tall girls or, conversely, fragile little princesses. Flat shoes only emphasize the youth of the bride. And, of course, this is your option, if in life you do not recognize heels. Once fashionable lace boots are in demand today, but this type of shoe is rarely chosen for a dress on the floor - more often, dresses are short in front, but with a train at the back (by the way, the perfect look for a wedding in a circus style). Sandals are bought only by brides who do not believe in signs (they say that a barefoot bride will be with her future spouse). But notes that this particular type of shoe is ideal for those who have swollen legs - sandals will not press, so it will be comfortable all day. Ankle boots also entered the wedding fashion - according to the designers, this shoe is almost the most comfortable because it holds its foot tight. True, this option is suitable for a rare dress ...

  • Ballet shoes for the wedding

    Ankle boots

  • Remember the nuances

    . If you will be at a wedding in stockings, then always measure your shoes on a nylon toe, if not, then on your bare foot! Always ask for the whole pair, not just one shoe. If the couple came up, then walk in it for at least five minutes. After the purchase, be sure to try on shoes at home with the dress - look at the whole image, and then stay in the selected pair for at least a few hours - walk around the apartment, try to dance. Are your legs tired and you feel comfortable? Congratulations, you have found the perfect wedding shoes.!

Choosing wedding shoes is a difficult process, but the more serious and thorough you approach this issue, the less unpleasant surprises will be on your main day.