Wedding gloves - accessory for lady


In times of romance, balls, and graceful poetry, leaving the house without gloves was considered indecent. Each self-respecting lady had at her disposal several dozen pairs of gloves for any occasion. Girls carefully chose gloves for balls and special occasions. Gloves for the wedding served not only as a refined decoration, but also testified to the impeccable taste of their mistress. How to choose the right gloves if you want to be considered a lady?

Wedding gloves

The combination of gloves with other accessories

Gloves should be combined both with a wedding dress, and with accessories, especially a belt and shoes. You can immediately choose the dress and gloves that come with the kit. Otherwise, be careful that the gloves fit alongside. Pay attention to the color (to match the dress or a little lighter), the material and style of the gloves. Remember, the richer the dress, the more modest gloves should be and vice versa. Combine this accessory with your wedding dress..

Gloves for the bride

When choosing gloves, carefully choose your size. Gloves of the wrong size immediately catch your eye and spoil the entire wedding look. Ideal gloves should fit tightly on the palm of the hand and fit the length of the fingers. Perfectionist brides can order tailoring of gloves, then both the size and design of the accessory will be impeccable.

Wedding gloves

Short gloves

Short gloves look great with dresses with wide sleeves or just long sleeves. The sleeve should either overlap with gloves, or be 10 centimeters higher. At the same time, you can choose short gloves for dresses with bare shoulders. The site advises, however, in this case it is better to give preference to airy material, for example, lace or guipure, so that the accessory does not burden the image.

Wedding gloves

Long gloves

Long gloves are great for dresses with short sleeves. If the dress covers your shoulders or is trimmed with a short sleeve, then gloves should be chosen to the elbow length. If the dress opens your shoulders, you can afford luxurious long gloves. Solemn receptions, one of which is a wedding, give women a reason to show off wearing gloves made of delicate fabrics that almost completely cover their hands. At the same time, such an accessory looks surprisingly elegant and completes the wedding outfit well..

Long wedding gloves

Ball gloves

Wearing gloves, you should consider when and where to remove them during painting. After all, showing everyone how you take off the glove is considered indecent. Ball gloves, which open fingers and are fastened with one eyelet, can save you from a headache. This is one of the most popular types of wedding gloves today. In addition, pay attention to the mitts - fingerless gloves that are held on the hand due to the jumpers between the fingers.

Wedding gloves

Wedding clutch

The wedding clutch not only protects the delicate hands of the bride in the fall or winter, but also perfectly suits everyone as a wedding accessory. Today, couplings are beautifully decorated with flowers and various decorative materials, turning the accessory into an object of art.

Coupling for the bride

Winter brides

Brides who celebrate their weddings in winter just need to think about the possible gloves. You can choose as classic wedding gloves, but made of dense fabrics, such as velvet. Another option is to purchase a wedding clutch, as discussed above. But in addition, beautiful knitted gloves or mittens that go well with outerwear will look good. The wedding portal believes that this is also practical, because you can wear them later, remembering the happy wedding moments. And if you choose gloves with a furry edge, make sure that the sleeves of the fur coat or coat with which you are going to wear them are devoid of such a finish.

The image of a winter bride

Gloves as an original decoration

Wander around the bridal salons and you will see that the bridal gloves are a great decoration. You can choose the right necklace or earrings for beautifully decorated gloves. Then you can be sure: the image is thought out to the smallest detail.

Wedding gloves

Wedding gloves will make the bride elegant and sophisticated. If you plan to organize a gorgeous wedding, it is absolutely necessary to take care of purchasing this accessory. Gloves were worn by true aristocrats. And now the real lady, the one who strives for perfection, will wear wedding gloves.