Women's shoes are a fashion accessory

Each woman is characterized by a desire to be the most-most and constantly improve in this difficult matter. Everything is used: nourishing masks and fashionable cosmetics, stylish clothes and stunning shoes. There is no limit to what a woman can still come up with, in order to always stay on top and climb higher and higher up the stairs to the beauty and sense of her divinity.

Men often do not pay attention to girls' shoes. They evaluate only the general appearance of the lovely legs, not realizing that shoes are a kind of indicator that is responsible for the woman’s attitude to everything that happens, and to herself. The selection of shoes best expresses the girl’s life position. Agree that sneakers and ballet flats can be chosen because of convenience, women's shoes should also include a touch of personality.

Evening shoes
Black women shoes

All women love heels. With no exceptions. You can’t believe it when a young lady declares that she doesn’t like heels because it is inconvenient. (Note that we are not talking about situations where wearing heels is prohibited for medical reasons, and in this case, love for heels remains).

Take a look at the heel height.

  • A small neat heel? - The woman says: «Yes, the hairpin is not very appropriate now, but I will still go higher and the legs will look seductive».
  • Heel about 10 cm: «I am always on top and can handle any situation..»
  • Heel or hairpin above 12 cm: «I just want everyone to know how sexy and confident I am.».

It is possible that women would not want to give out their little secrets, but on a subconscious level it is these reasons that motivate the majority to choose these or those shoes.

It would seem that shoes can in no way affect the career growth or personal life of a woman, but this is a misconception. Often, the right shoes can help to overcome a barrier that was previously considered insurmountable. Moreover, not directly, but on a subconscious level. Shoes, allowing its owner to feel confident, can play an important role in her career. A very simple formula works here: «Self-confidence» = «Other people's confidence in my qualities». Therefore, try to choose exactly the shoes that will suit your image and at the same time will not bother you.

Beautiful evening shoes for a wedding

If you feel that in high-heeled shoes you will be nervous all the time, put them aside. Yes, it is understandable that a woman is used to seeing herself at a height, but sometimes it’s worth considering: «In this situation, I can handle it if I'm in high heels? ». Give yourself an honest answer to this question and everything will immediately become clear. Also, do not forget that the heel also happens to be of different heights. You should not choose an ultra-high hairpin if you know that you do not know how to walk on such shoes.

As for how other people think of you: everything has been invented for a long time and framed in a capacious phrase: «Meet by clothes ...» Therefore, your whole appearance should be harmonious and accurate, of course, do not forget about the conformity of your outfit, and in particular, shoes, the situation in which you find yourself. And again, the shoes turn out to be an almost universal remedy: they can be worn in the office, in a romantic setting, and for a walk.

But, speaking of women's shoes, one cannot but touch upon the issue of the health of your lovely legs. And, strangely enough, the main reason for leg fatigue is shoes that are incorrectly sized. Of course, you all know your shoe size, but many often do not take into account factors such as leg fullness and lifting. For this reason, it is highly discouraged to purchase shoes without trying on. What do lovers of online stores do? Try to consider this option: look in the shops of your city for the desired model, try it on, and then order on the website of this store.

Chic women shoes

Everyone knows that a high heel may not affect the health of your legs in a very pleasant way, but the shoes here again have their own advantage. The fact is that a situation often occurs when a girl's leg tucks up. This can lead to injury, but when the leg is firmly attached, the risk of injury is significantly reduced. Therefore, try to choose shoes in which your leg is clasped with straps or other components of the shoe..

But flat shoes should not be stopped. It is not for nothing that nature has created our foot with all kinds of bends - this is the optimal position of our feet, which allows the body to be in the most comfortable condition. Therefore, it is not recommended to often drive your legs into flat shoes.

In general, it is generally accepted that the selection of high-heeled shoes of about 6 cm is considered the most convenient and correct. In this case, the spine will be less stressed than when wearing shoes with a stiletto heel, and the bend of the foot will be repeated almost perfectly.

In any case, no matter what shoes you choose, do not forget the main thing: in it you should feel comfortable and confident.