Wedding salons: user manual

Choosing a wedding dress of your dreams is not an easy task, requiring remarkable endurance and patience.

There are a lot of wedding fashion salons, all of them offer dresses for almost every taste and budget. Your task is to find among them that same thing, “yours,” which will sit on you better than on a model with an advertising photo. But for this it’s not enough just to go around all the profile salons and ateliers available in the city - you need to clearly know what image you want to create.

Our recommendations will help facilitate the search process and avoid possible troubles..

  • Decide how much money you are willing to spend on a wedding dress and measure only those outfits that fit into your budget. Although, as practice shows, almost always brides spend more on a dress than planned.
  • Before visiting bridal fashion salons, look through specialized magazines, catalogs and online galleries to have a general idea of ​​the trends in bridal fashion and which ones you like the most. So you significantly speed up the process of choosing a wedding dress and narrow your search for a beauty salon.
  • Listen to the opinion of the seller. You are far from the first bride who came to him for an outfit, so he almost immediately sees which dress will suit you. Even if the option he insistently offers does not quite correspond to the intended image - try on, because you have nothing to lose! Perhaps this intrusive consultant will help you make the best choice of a wedding dress..
  • Before visiting a particular bridal fashion salon, inquire about it. Address, phone, location map, work schedule (in some establishments are accepted only by appointment), price range, dress manufacturers, discount system, fabric quality, sizes, services provided (sale, tailoring, rental) - all this information will save your time and give an idea of ​​what exactly you will see in this salon.
  • Highlight the day for choosing a wedding dress. It’s better if it will be a working day: on weekends, there are a lot of people in salons without you, which means that consultants will not be able to pay you much attention. Break the salons you know into groups, descending from their location, and methodically follow the planned route. Be sure to bring along a person whose taste you fully trust - the best friend, sister, mother. Follow the advice of a companion, but remember that the outfit to wear for you and the right to choose is also yours. Just in case, take a handout from the registry office (if any): in some stores, they may not be allowed to enter without it. In some places, fitting dresses may require a certain amount, so do not go for a wedding outfit with an empty wallet.
  • Make sure that in the process of choosing a wedding dress you should wear the same style of clothes that will be on the wedding day, and let the height of the heel match the height of the heel of wedding shoes - this will protect you from errors associated with the style and length of the dress. Do not paint very intensely - cosmetics can stain the dress during the fitting. If possible, take a spare stocking or pantyhose with you: the petticoat mesh easily tears thin nylon.
  • When planning to lose weight or get better at a wedding celebration, try to do this before making a choice in favor of a wedding dress. Having completed the search, exclude any fluctuations in weight: this will entail suturing or embroidering tucks, which means that it can affect the style of the outfit. In addition, many bridal salons may require a separate payment for an additional fit to the figure, and this is the cost that is enough for preparing a wedding celebration.
  • Trying on a dress, think about the general form. It is not superfluous to ask the consultant to wear a veil and / or gloves. Buying accessories in the same place where you made the choice of a wedding dress is profitable (in such cases, almost all salons offer discounts or even provide everything for free), but it’s not necessary.
  • The choice of a wedding dress must be made no later than two to three weeks before the celebration (some salons take to sew the dress in two to three days, but it will cost much more, and no one guarantees the quality of tailoring). If your outfit is sewn by a company located abroad, plus another month or two. Is the holiday scheduled for the “wedding boom” period (late spring, summer, early fall)? A special case of course will be a winter wedding. Add a couple of months to the result. This is especially true for those who are counting on the first rental of dresses from the new collection..