Wedding dresses 2020 - collection of dresses, photos and videos


A wedding is an important celebration in the life of every girl, and you need to look at it accordingly: stylish, feminine, luxurious. The fashion for wedding dresses changes every season: wedding dresses 2015, for example, are represented by a wider model range, have an original cut and rich finish.

Straight, lush, lace, Greek, short - the choice of wedding dresses 2015 is huge. The main thing is to find the product of the style you need! You can visit the salon of evening and wedding dresses and try on your favorite products - consultants will select the best options for your figure. We offer you to familiarize yourself with tips and tricks for choosing the festive look of your dreams from leading stylists and designers.


Wedding dresses collection 2015 with photo

Preparation for the wedding ceremony begins long before the scheduled date, because choosing a dress is not an easy task. Information on trending models of 2015 will help you choose the perfect holiday outfit for your own wedding. Be guided by a selection of products from fashion experts:

  • Lace masterpiece. Wedding collections 2015 are filled with lace products: graceful, aristocratic, airy. If you want to look restrained and sophisticated, like an English princess, get a lace dress. You can also select only individual parts from lace: gloves, bolero, veil.


  • Bohemian feathers. Retro-style wedding dresses are the highlight of the 2015 season. Snow-white plumage, relevant in the 20s of the last century, reappears on dresses and headdresses of brides. Fashion house Badgley Mischka, in turn, was inspired by the images of the 30s and created a line of exquisite outfits decorated with fringe and embroidery..
  • Hollywood luxury. Classic dresses on the floor with an open back and a long train will appeal to girls who value tradition. Pay attention to the wedding dresses from the famous brand Reem Acra - these are luxurious products worthy of celebrities.


  • Flower extravaganza. Vera Wong's 2015 wedding dresses are far beyond traditional. Inspired by blooming camellia, the designer withstood the entire collection in pink and red. They are of unusual color, draped with tulle and organza, seem weightless and resemble a cloud in shape.


  • Crystal Shine. Wedding dresses inlaid with Swarovski crystals, glass beads and beads are the trend of 2015. Clothing made in this style will emphasize the tenderness of the bride and give shine to the entire festive look.

Wedding puffy dresses 2015: photos

What girl doesn’t dream of a luxurious princess dress? In childhood, this dream is fulfilled by parents, and in adulthood - wedding accessories designers. Despite the large number of new models of wedding dresses, dresses with a tightening corset and a full skirt do not lose their relevance. In 2015, we are waiting for products with even more airy skirts - this effect is achieved by creating extra folds on the fabric.


Lush wedding dresses 2015 will suit tall brides with a chiseled waist. A low-necked bodice will tightly fit the figure, so it will simply not be possible to hide the extra centimeters. Girls of short stature should abandon excessively voluminous skirts, as well as an abundance of jewelry on the dress. An integral part of a magnificent wedding dress will be a veil, gloves and a diadem.


Lace wedding dresses 2015: photos

At all times, wedding lace was treated with trepidation: it was kept as a dowry and passed on by inheritance. The vestment in a lace dress for her own wedding promised the bride a happy married life. Inspired by this attitude to lace as a material, modern designers use it to sew unsurpassed models of wedding dresses.


In the 2015 season, fashion houses will offer brides sophisticated and feminine models of wedding dresses made of guipure, French and vintage lace. Skillfully combining them with modern details, designers achieve stunning results - they create luxurious, and at the same time «innocent» outfits. Lace wedding dresses 2015 have many silhouettes: from the popular A-line with an elegant belt at the waist to the silhouette beloved by all designers «mermaid».


Greek wedding dresses 2015

Every year, wedding dresses in the Greek style are becoming more popular. Smooth lines, elegance, comfortable fit - this is what bribes millions of brides around the world. The main requirement for this style is maxi-length. The outfit should reach the heels, falling downwards in soft waves. Mostly sandals are worn under this style of clothing, but modern reading of this outfit also allows high heel shoes.


The wedding season 2015 opens the fashion for Greek clothing with a high waist of white and cream colors, as well as light tunics of a free cut. In such outfits, brides will feel light and relaxed, and bare shoulders in some models will add femininity.


Wedding dresses 2015 with a train

Wedding dresses 2015 with a train of satin material will make the image of the bride solemn and aristocratic. Such attire will be appropriate in the church at the wedding, as well as at the wedding ceremony. During the celebration, a long train is easy to unfasten, however, for this it must be secured with buttons or a hidden fastener.


A luxurious train goes well with a narrow sheath dress and a flared tight-fitting mermaid dress. A strapless dress with a piquant cut along the leg will look impressive and will impress guests. As an additional accessory to the wedding, along with such a style, a veil, brooch, gloves are suitable.

You will learn about the trends of the current wedding season from the fashion show of the brand Rembo Styling:

Short wedding dresses 2015

Not all brides are thrilled with long wedding dresses; some consider them to be old-fashioned and uncomfortable. A large amount of fabric spent on sewing products makes the outfit heavier and makes the bride clumsy. Choosing a short wedding dress made of silk, lace or stretch satin will provide the girl with freedom of movement, as well as emphasize the dignity of her figure. To clearly draw the silhouette of such a dress, soft bones are sewn into its lining..

A short wedding dress will suit middle-aged brides who tend to visually appear taller. A sleeveless dress that boldly opens your legs will also appeal to confident and active girls. When choosing accessories for a shorter product, you should pay special attention to shoes - they should be beautiful and comfortable at the same time..


Wedding dresses: designer Oksana Mukha

To sew a dream dress with your own hands, you will need special skills and a lot of free time. We recommend in this matter to trust professionals who guarantee the exclusive quality of wedding products. Collections of wedding dresses from the Ukrainian designer Oksana Mukhi received rave reviews in many countries of the world. The dresses of this popular brand embody elegance, sophistication and femininity..

The wedding collection 2015 from Oksana Mukha is represented by dresses of the following styles:

  • Lush dresses with skirts, consisting of many layers. The items are decorated with bead patterns, embroidery, pearls and Svarovski crystals.


  • Empire dresses with a V-neck, distinguished by a chiseled silhouette and smooth lines. Such an outfit will emphasize the advantages of the figure and hide its flaws.
  • Short wedding dresses for modern and creative brides. When sewing such dresses, high-quality materials are used - chiffon, organza, satin, silk, lace.


Collections of wedding dresses 2015 embody all the trends of the current season, which will allow the bride to look stylish in any outfit. If your celebration has already taken place, we are waiting for photos of wedding dresses in the comments under our article! You can also share your impressions of the purchase of a dress, paying attention to the pros and cons of the product. Have a beautiful wedding and a happy family life!