Chic wedding dresses 2020


Any woman wants to look gorgeous. Especially when it comes to her own wedding. Put on a wedding outfit and shine like a movie star - is this not a fairy tale? To make everything look like in a movie, it’s worth a little search. Search for yourself, your image, your unique style. Perhaps we can become a kind of guide, a guide in this marvelous world of wedding fashion.

Wedding dresses are distinguished by special charm and charm. It would seem - well, what can be invented from a white piece of matter, everything that was said, and so they said, in the sense, was sewn. What else? However, the trendsetters have their own view on this situation. The answer of designers and stylists is in their new works. The best models of 2009 inspired many designers to create outfits for trendy, sexy, charming, confident and stylish brides..

The choice will be made oh how difficult, because how many brides, so many opinions. Available models and styles offer both markets and fashion houses. Naturalness borders on glamor, extravagance with simplicity - wedding dresses pamper even the most sophisticated women of fashion. For adherents of traditions, they offer seasoned, modest models, bolder outfits - for those brides who want to inspire the future family life for the exploits of their future husband.

Breaking down stereotypes is also not easy, as well as being the standard of style. However, to do this in our time is not a problem. The main thing is to understand what you, in fact, want - from yourself, your wedding dress, and from life in general!

We promised to become a guide in this difficult matter, so we go on a trip.

Simple approach

Sequins, diamonds, lacing and other heavy jewelry are traditional components of a wedding dress. However, this model suggests otherwise. And without unnecessary jewelry, wedding dresses can be elegant and sensual..

We use bows

Previously, bows were an excellent, but secondary element of the outfit for the bride. Lace and sparkles still added charm and femininity. Today, wedding dresses are again fashionable to decorate with ribbons and bows. It looks very impressive.

Color expression

A splash of color is a new feature that designers proposed to use in the collection of wedding fashion 2009. We can see wedding dresses in pastel colors, or a slightly changed traditional shade of white, which makes the outfit for the bride unusual. Colors can also be used as independent elements, adding touches from colorful decorations, ribbons and bows to the dress.

Airy Wedding Outfit

Lush wedding dresses are a special drama of the celebration. An airy image is achieved through numerous skirts. Unlike the classic version, the designer Carolina Herrera offers her own view on old things. Very, it must be said, unique.

Bodycon silhouette

Wedding dresses of the 2009 season take into account different styles and different types of figures. For example, a silhouette-tube or a tight-fitting silhouette is an ideal solution for slim and tall brides. Elegance is read in every bend of the body. It looks very sexy. A narrow silhouette ... White matter wraps you in its trembling embrace. You look simply charming!