Wedding suit for women

When the bride faces the problem of wedding attire, few decide to choose not a dress, but wedding suit for women. Of course, the dress, especially the traditional fluffy one, makes the bride and groom more touching and feminine, but the costume provides no less room for your imagination and sense of style, and it looks less corny. Another plus is the convenience: no tightened corsets, rigid "bones" of massive hoops and petticoats. In addition, the suit is more practical clothing. Even when the holiday is over, your outfit will not move to the closet forever, but will be worn on especially solemn occasions. Agree, this alignment is much more profitable than with a one-day dress.

Of course, we are not talking about white formal suits so dearly adored by business women. A huge selection of fabrics, textures, styles and accessories make wedding costumes for women look like dazzling beauty holiday dresses.

Just don't forget the balance: the more complicated the cut of the suit, the easier the fabric should be, and vice versa. Of course, simpler does not mean cheaper and tasteless. Silk, satin, chiffon, satin, crepe de chine, lace can be simple and elegant at the same time..

So, what options does the bride have, who decided to go down the aisle in a wedding suit for women, without first consulting a wedding fashion salon?

Option One - Jacket (jacket, top) plus a skirt. The latter may be what you wish: mini, midi or maxi, narrowed, straight or flared, on a yoke, with a belt, with frill, or maybe you prefer the model "balloon"? The main thing is that the style of the lower part of the suit is combined with the upper part. Pay special attention to the shape of the collar and neck, choose them based on the shape of the neck. A triangular neckline accentuates the long, “swan” neck. Finishing the neck with a satin ribbon will make the costume more elegant. The classic version - with rounded collar ends - fits almost everyone. Sleeves can be duplicated with lace, which will be slightly longer than the sleeves and give the costume a "wedding" look. Skillfully executed, such a wedding suit for women will look no worse than a dress. By the way, a veil and a wreath - the traditional accessories of the bride - will be quite appropriate.

Option Two - Pantsuit. It can even be sewn not from white, but, for example, from light beige or pinkish fabric. A well-chosen floral printed pattern will also look good. The most difficult thing is to choose the right style of trousers. Long legs and a slender figure are perfectly emphasized by narrow trousers tailored to the figure. But if you are not so lucky and your forms are far from ideal, think about something more free, perhaps even with cuts on the sides. A great option would be the so-called "skirt-pants." Alas, it makes no sense to wear a wedding veil for such a wedding suit: a nice hat or a twig with flowers will come in handy.

The third option for a wedding suit for women - wedding jumpsuit. Do not wrinkle your nose so contemptuously, the jumpsuit designed for such a gala day does not have to be baggy, made of disgusting fabric of poor quality. A deep neckline on the back will show her beauty no worse than any dress, a tight-fitting top will make attractive both small breasts and more magnificent forms. Tight-fitting hips and trousers expanding to the bottom will help to feel not only elegant, but also comfortable. Straps can be left, but you can do without them - to your taste. Is such an outfit too frank for a wedding? Put a translucent organza or chiffon blouse under (or on - as you wish) a jumpsuit - it will protect from immodest looks. Tastefully matched accessories, such as short lace gloves, complete the look..

The main thing is to remember: any wedding suit for women will look dazzling if it is complemented by the radiance of the bride’s happy eyes.