Wedding dresses in Russian folk style from modern designers, photo


Russian folk wedding dress

You can endlessly search for the perfect wedding dress, because every day designers offer more and more new models. If you decide to hold a celebration in ethnic style, you will have to abandon the snow-white dress of the bride and opt for original, creative options. Wedding dresses made in the Russian national style look interesting and stylish..

What did an old Russian wedding dress look like??

The 19th century is characterized by the appearance of fashion for white wedding dresses; until that time, brides showed off in blue, red, and sometimes even black dresses, which was considered the norm. Almost always, the young woman put on a skirt, a festive shirt, a sundress. To make the wedding look harmonious and complete, neck ornaments were added to it, with a special winding, to which the kokoshnik was tied with bright ribbons. An old Russian wedding dress is a bright sundress complemented by interesting embroidery.

Antique clothes for the bride in folk style

What modern designers offer?

Fashion designers offer modern brides compromise and very interesting options - stylized white dresses that are as close as possible to traditional Russians. If the folk idea and modern fabric are used as the basis for the newlywed’s attire, there will be a chance to create not only a beautiful, but also a unique wedding dress.

A cape trimmed with fur will look very interesting - this is the best winter version of a wedding dress. At the wedding, before, Russian girls wore red dresses. An exotic outfit made in the style of «ethno». But, if you want your wedding to be not only unforgettable, but also original, refer to the ancient Russian traditions.

Bridal wear

Stylized white dresses

Modern fashion for brides offers a wide selection of wedding dresses, made in the Russian folk style, the main difference of which is the variety of colors, rich decoration. The outfit is complemented by beautiful embroidery, which mainly consists of a national ornament, floral motifs, various shades with the addition of gold.

There is also a richer choice - a wedding dress created manually by eminent designers, decorated with thin threads interwoven with pearls, beads, and rhinestones. In the old days, a young outfit was supposed to be red, but now white is gaining more and more popularity. A snow-white dress looks very beautiful and unusual with a bright accent - inserts of blue or red fabrics, embroidery in such colors.

Wedding attire from fashion designers, made in the Russian folk style, is a combination of white, red, blue colors. They do not have to be like a traditional Russian sundress. In almost all cases, fashion designers present fashionable styles in their collections, for the manufacture of which only high-quality, expensive material is used, complemented by national motifs.

Stylized bride dress from designers

The main elements of the Russian style, with the exception of embroidery, include a fluffy skirt, sleeves in the shape of a flashlight, a long train. More and more fashion designers are introducing bridesmaid dresses of A-shaped silhouette - the bodice smoothly passes into a fluffy skirt, extended from top to bottom. Among their advantages is the fact that it is just perfect for girls with any figure. And thanks to the special cut of the dress, which has vertical lines, the visual appearance becomes slimmer, more toned.

You can choose an outfit for a celebration with a modest, opening only the collarbone, or a deeper neckline. If the wedding is planned in the traditional Russian style, then you need to prepare two dresses in advance: a more closed one for the upcoming wedding, and the second for the party. Engagement also requires careful preparation. Pay attention to the modest and popular option - A-shaped dress, which is also suitable for a bachelorette party..

Sundress in folk style

It differs not only by the abundance of colors, but also by its unique luxury. Fashionistas are presented with a huge number of classic options for styles with high waist and wide straps. Such a sundress can be worn even by a pregnant woman, hiding her tummy. The skirt can be narrowed or flared (the second option is most popular).

Russian wedding dress

If you want a wedding dress made in Russian folk style, and traditional white does not suit you, pay attention to an incredibly beautiful sundress. Thanks to the colorful colors, you can wear it to almost any event. Have you got a festive feast in the fresh air? A sundress is an ideal choice. To make the image look harmonious and complete, use an accessory such as a kokoshnik.

When creating a sundress in the Russian style, such a traditional element as bright fabrics is used. Wearing one, you will not only stand out from the crowd, but also attract everyone's attention, emphasize your own personality. If you don’t like colors that are too bright, don’t worry, because the designers also present in their collections models in calmer colors, pastel shades.

The sundress, made in the Russian folk style, is perfect not only for weddings, but also for daily wear - walking around the city, meeting with friends. This is a fashionable thing! Short models that combine folk motifs, amazing decor, as well as modern fashion trends look very beautiful and stylish. In these you can take walks around the city or go on a romantic date with your lover. To get as close as possible to the Russian folk style, you must not forget about hair and makeup.

photo of a wedding dress in Russian folk style

The simplicity of cut, fashionable floral prints will make every girl a real Russian beauty. The main emphasis of such sundresses is embroidery with stones, colored threads, beads, ribbons. Such an outfit in the form of a short scarf looks very interesting and unusual. In these dresses you can hold an interesting, unusual thematic photo shoot, for which it is best to choose elongated models of any cut - from straight to a long bell skirt.

Stylish Russian sundress

Dresses with Russian patterns and embroidery

Modern women's dresses, made in the Russian style, can be considered too elaborate, variegated, and some models are very similar to shirt dresses. But it should be so! Such clothing models are complemented by rich colors, embroidery, patterns. The outfit should be made only of high-quality natural fabrics, for example, cotton or linen is suitable. Sleeves-lanterns, printed patterns, gzhel ornaments emphasize the Russian style, such a dress should not be very short or have a deep neckline.

At the peak of popularity were stylized weddings. If you chose the Russian folk style, you need to choose the right wedding dress - a red sundress, complemented by bright embroidery. Such an outfit can be a fitting style or wide from the chest. The sundress addition looks beautiful with stone inserts, a linen white shirt with straight sleeves is put on from below. If you follow all folk traditions, then on the bride’s head should be a kokoshnik, decorated with sequins and multi-colored stones, hair is braided with ribbons.

Photo of stylish wedding dresses in Russian folk style

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