Wedding dress with a blue belt: beautiful styles and models with photos


Modern designers offer a wide selection of wedding dresses of various styles and colors. A spectacular outfit decorated with an elegant blue ribbon will be a great choice for courageous girls who do not want to go against the traditional ideas of how a bride should look, but at the same time they want to stand out using a bright stylish accent in their image. The blue belt, decorated with rhinestones or elegant lace, will help emphasize the slim waist, give the image of femininity, charm.

Blue Belt Wedding Dress Ideas

Elegant wedding dresses with blue ribbon

The blue color in clothes symbolizes stability, fidelity to eternal family values, a state of bliss and satisfaction. A bright belt on snow-white fabric will help express the whole depth of feelings that fill a happy bride on a wonderful bright day of her wedding. Such an emphasis will become a kind of recognition to the groom in love and fidelity, trust in his chosen one. A bright decorative element sets the tone for a themed wedding, for example, if you want to organize a celebration in a marine style.

Fashionable satin detail will make the silhouette of the hero of the occasion harmonious, pay attention to her thin waist. If you place a strip of beautiful bright fabric under the chest, it will emphasize the luxurious bust of the bride and groom. A magnificent bow, turning into a chic train, will help visually stretch the figure, make the bride taller, slimmer. Such an elegant detail will be a great addition to the traditional model of an evening toilet. The bride can only decide what place the ribbon will take in her image.

Under the breast

Blue belt under the chest

A bright strip of fabric, located on the chest or under it, is suitable for wedding styles of A-silhouette. Such an element will look no less harmonious and effective on a dress in the Empire style. Emphasis on the neckline will visually lift the chest. So the belt will divert attention from the shortcomings of the figure of the girl in other areas, for example, on the stomach or hips. Fashion couturiers prefer to resort to such a trick, if the wedding dress has a simple cut.

Satin Bow Waist

Ribbon at the waist makes the silhouette slimmer

A classic detail of a wedding dress is an elegant satin ribbon with a magnificent bow. It can be either a neat short belt that emphasizes the girl’s waist, or a wide satin strip of fabric draped in a luxurious bow. Thanks to the limitless imagination of modern designers, each bride will be able to find for herself the perfect version of this stylish accessory. The bow can be located both behind and in front or, for example, from the side. As a rule, such a decorative element is made small in front, and complex multilayer compositions can be created in the back..

With a blue belt turning into a train

Bright train for a wedding look

Bright satin fabric, tied at the waist or hips, smoothly turning into a luxurious train, will look perfect with a corset and a long skirt flowing to the floor. Such a style will give the bride a royal look, make the image extremely feminine and elegant. An outfit with a bright train visually lengthens legs, draws attention to the chest, creates a visual illusion of perfectly correct proportions. A wide belt, turning into a train, on dresses with lush multilayer skirts looks no less impressive.

Options for decorating the blue belt on the bride's dress

The blue belt, the unspoken symbol of prudence and sincerity, a sign of stability and nobility, will become an original bright detail of the bride’s wedding dress. In India, this color represents wisdom and protects from evil spirits. According to legend, if on the day of the wedding the bride will have a blue wardrobe item, the husband and wife will be devoted to family values ​​all their lives. A bright belt on a wedding dress is a spectacular detail, which can be made even more elegant and unique by jewelry. A scattering of stones or delicate white lace on a blue ribbon look especially graceful and elegant.

Openwork lace

Blue ribbon on the bride's dress, decorated with lace

Blue satin ribbon is decorated with delicate lace trim. With this subtle detail, designers make the wedding dress even more feminine. Numerous variations of lace jewelry make it possible for every bride to choose a suitable decorative element. Delicate snow-white lace looks spectacular, which will favorably contrast with the main color of the ribbon. An interestingly decorated belt can become a key detail of a wedding dress.

Stones and rhinestones

Stones and rhinestones in a wedding look

The belt on the festive dress is decorated with rhinestones and stones, which make the image royally luxurious and majestic. It can be one large stone, fixed in the middle of a satin bow, or a flower of rhinestones decorating openwork embroidery. Modern resourceful designers offer a rich range of various variations of jewelry with beads, pearls and rhinestones. When choosing the finish for this element of the outfit, do not forget to take into account the number of similar details on the dress itself. A garment too overloaded with a sparkle of precious stones will look ridiculous.

Photo of wedding dresses with a blue belt

The blue ribbon is a bright accent in the image of a beautiful bride. This item successfully combines with white dresses, as well as shades of ivory and champagne. In salons there are also ready-made styles with ribbons, often decorated with elegant lace drapery or stones. Choosing an outfit with such a decorative element implies the presence in the image of the bride of at least one more detail in blue. It can be a bouquet with cornflowers or earrings with blue stones.

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