Fashionable bride or be in trend


To taste, and most importantly - to color!

In 2013, the bride can afford a dress of any color. From soft blue to bright scarlet. And even black at all. Down with stereotypes, designers shout.

Lady in Red

Traditional white is, of course, good. But, this season he is actively crowded. First of all, shades of sand and cream. But the designers did not stop at just pastel colors. According to Vera Wang, the bride should be shocking. So, you give way to all shades of red, luxurious Burgundy, scarlet and even almost black.

Queen's wedding dress

Blacker than night

Speaking of black. Ines Di Santo was not limited to halftones and all sorts of «nearly». Black means black! And, I must say, the coal-black tight wedding dress looked pretty decent on the models. Anyway, our portal approves.

Porcelain doll

This is how the bride Douglas Hanant imagines. The designer released on the catwalk models in wedding dresses with delicate blue painting a la « in china». But the main highlight of the designer is silver lace over the dress. As they say, remember the 20th.

Porcelain doll

And the cutter is good!

Airiness and romance are the main postulates of wedding styles in 2013. Some of the styles can even be called nomads from 2012.

Dolphin and mermaid

The main squeak of the fashionable wedding industry is «mermaid». A narrow, diverging silhouette. Moreover, very diverging. Fashion masters lengthened «tail», or rather a train. And well «thickened» skirt.

Fish tail bride

«Lush» bustier

The second most popular wedding outfit was a bustier dress. And, obviously, not only because of the beautiful opening of the neckline and shoulders. Another advantage of the bustier designers consider excellent compatibility with any kind of skirt. Whether it's a magnificent, a la princess, or a short mini.

Empire Woman

Empire style wedding dresses are not inferior to laurels. High waist, skirt, perfectly emphasizing the figure, a gentle flowing train. This dress fits perfectly into the harmonious image of the bride. And great «to the table» at a greek type wedding.

Another leader in wedding fashion is A-line dresses. Phrase « simple and tasteful» clearly about this outfit. Minimalism and, at the same time, elegance conquered many of the maestro's podiums. And thereby again legalized its place on the fashionable throne.

Wedding Empire

Now how to finish!

Lace fever 2012 was not transmitted this year, according to the wedding portal The scope of the pearl decoration also lost in position. The place of the wedding decoration leaders in 2013 was firmly taken by numerous small folds - pleating was especially distinguished. The list of favorites also has voluminous details. This season we especially love the bow - a kind of tribute to the retro style.

Flowers everywhere!

But the main finishing touch this season are flowers. Moreover, «for distribution» not only the dresses themselves, but also hairstyles, and even jewelry.

In all its splendor

The designers more than compensated for the departure from the pearl placer with rhinestones. Some of them were drawn to fame. The same Jeny Packham, for example, literally «lined» dresses with sparkling droplets. An unequivocal message to brides - do not be afraid to shine, designers approve!