Lace in the image of a bride is an unchanging trend in wedding fashion


Today, lace is considered the most popular and relevant material that is used for sewing wedding dresses. Lace is an ideal option that allows the bride to look incredible on their wedding day.!

Today lace is used everywhere. If you decide to apply this luxurious and sophisticated material in your wedding image and celebration, then organize a holiday in the style of lace. Note that lace began to be used for a long time, so the theme of the wedding can be combined retro style, those distant times when this material was no less popular than now.

Lace bandage for the bride

A lace wedding dress creates a stunningly beautiful and romantic image of the bride. Beauty, graceful patterns and airiness are the main qualities by which most brides choose lace for their wedding look. Indeed, it is in lace that the bride looks advantageous. As notes, a lace outfit can combine both the severity of lines and the lightness of fabrics..

Lace outfit will give the image of the bride elegance, sexuality, mystery. The main thing is that the style of the wedding dress is ideal for the bride’s figure, and the product is of special quality. The quality of the lace will determine the success of the bride at the wedding.

Lace in the image of a bride

What should be high-quality lace?

When choosing lace material, make sure that the fabric meets the following criteria:

  • high-quality lace - soft, supple;
  • lace should not be pricked or «to scratch» skin
  • lace should be pleasing to the body, and you should feel comfortable in it.

Lace in the image of a bride

Fashionable styles of lace wedding dresses

A huge variety of styles of dresses from lace offer modern wedding salons. The texture for this outfit is openwork weaving of threads. There are so many different designs and patterns of lace. This allows designers to create the most incredible and incomparable outfits. Moreover, lace is a malleable material that is easily draped and combined with chiffon, satin, satin. Lace outfit fits almost all brides.

Lace back

The following models of lace wedding dresses look very feminine and gentle:

  • Dress with lace sleeves of any cut.
  • Sexy Sensual Lace Backless Dress.
  • A lace train with a long train is a sign of sophisticated style..
  • A-line dress that creates the image of a tender princess.
  • Lace dress model «the little Mermaid» - image of a fabulous bride.
  • A straight, classic lace dress that accentuates your figure.

As a rule, you should not pick up too many accessories for the bride for such lace dresses. Indeed, lace is already rich and expressive material that does not require additional jewelry. Therefore, be very careful and careful when choosing accessories.

Lace in the image of a bride

Now let's look

main types of lace

, which are most often used when creating wedding dresses:

  • Irish lace, one of the richest types of lace, is a mesh fabric on which various images and figures are applied.
  • Handmade lace, no less expensive material, but you will be the owner of a unique outfit.
  • Tatting, lace with a rather poor texture, which is used in the decoration of corsets and belts.
  • Fillet lace is a mesh of synthetic threads with the interweaving of golden and silver threads.
  • Macrame - a special way to weave threads, creating nodular patterns.

Vintage wedding theme involves lace elements in every detail. Therefore, the website strongly advises you to pay attention to the details of which your celebration will consist..

Lace in the image of a bride

Hairstyle in «lace» style

When choosing a lace dress, pay attention to the veil with lace trim. The image must be united and harmonious. But a veil is an optional attribute. Beautifully laid curls can be decorated with a flower, a hairpin with rhinestones, a veil, or an openwork hat.

Lace in the image of a bride
Lace in the image of a bride

Shoes with lace

You can complement the lace image of the bride by picking up comfortable cute shoes of the classic model with lace elements on the back. Lace wedding shoes add elegance and sophistication.

Wedding shoes with lace

Bridal bouquet with lace

The flowers that will be included in the bouquet can be taken in a wide variety. The main thing here is to observe the design of lace. To do this, it is enough to decorate the handle of the bouquet with a lace motif.

Wedding bouquet with lace

Attributes for a photo shoot

Since you have decided to include lace in all the details, it means that during a wedding photo shoot you can not do without a lace umbrella. This romantic accessory will be a great addition to staged shooting and will save the bride from the sun.

Lacy umbrella in the image of a bride


If you refused accessories, then think, perhaps, lace gloves will suit you. And do not forget that wedding manicures and pedicures may also contain lace motifs.!

Lace in the image of a bride

Tenderness and sophistication of lace - these are the features that are so lacking in many modern girls and women who are accustomed to be brave and strong. A wedding look created with elegant lace will turn you into a sweet and fragile beauty who needs protection and support. Be stylish and graceful.!