Fashionable bride - romantic bride

Even if there are still a few months left before your wedding, you need to think about which wedding dress you would like to decorate yourself on this special day today. The bride seeks to combine beauty, grace and grace in her image, not forgetting about style and fashion..

Wedding dresses, like any other clothes, are subject to various modifications, additions, from season to season, in accordance with the latest world fashion trends. Celebrity weddings have an impact on fashion, because these people are often style icons and trendsetters. Wedding dresses 2012 were also influenced by the sensational wedding of Prince William and his chosen one Kate Middleton. Following the main trends, each bride in the coming year will choose for themselves a magnificent outfit that favorably sets off her beauty.

The following trends can be distinguished:

  • Strapless open-top dresses lose their former popularity, but closed models with lace sleeves and the illusion of a neckline are at the top of wedding ratings.
  • One of the main details that distinguishes wedding dresses 2012 is the sleeves. The length does not matter much, it all depends on the model of the dress as a whole. As for the material, lace sleeves will not only help to hide some of the figure flaws, but also give the appearance of the bride grace and romance.
  • Betting on the outfit's sexuality is no longer in vogue. Chastity and modesty - these are the main qualities that distinguish the bride 2012. Even if there were provocative and bold models in the design collections, restraint became the main trend. It’s best not to show everything that you think is especially attractive in yourself, but to let others use your imagination.
  • Many find it difficult to choose the color of a wedding dress, not wanting to get lost on the background of other brides. If the bride's classic white color seems unsuccessful, designers suggest choosing a dusty rose and other similar shades of pale pink.
  • One more relevant detail of the wedding dresses of the upcoming season is called puffy skirts. They can be made of organza and decorated with numerous details and accessories. Many eminent couturiers make bets on this in their collections..

Firms engaged in the production of wedding dresses and other accessories for this celebration, not only take into account fashion, but also try to achieve the exclusivity of the execution of dresses, high quality materials used. Wedding dresses from Allure Bridals meet similar requirements. This American company exists on the market relatively recently, but it already occupies a leading position in the wedding industry.

It is enough to note that Allure Bridals is the owner of a patented design of corsets for wedding dresses, embroidery on dresses is done only by hand, and dresses are decorated with Swarovski crystals. Now you can safely go to the bridal salon! The last piece of advice that you will definitely find useful is to bet on lightness and romance, then you will be able to create a unique image of a modern bride.