Buying shoes for a wedding: an important step in preparing for a wedding


Nobody argues that wedding dresses on newlyweds should sit perfectly, food and drinks should be fresh and tasty, toastmaster and competitions should be cheerful. But there is one detail on which your mood and condition on the wedding day may depend. And this detail is shoes. The wedding portal recalls that you should not put off buying shoes for a wedding «in the long box». This activity is, in principle, worth the time. Indeed, in the shoes that you purchase, you have to stay all day. And this is a ransom, and home farewell, and the registry office, and a walk around the city, and wedding dances. On your wedding day, your feet will be incredible. Therefore, you should take care of your legs and yourself in advance by buying the right shoes..

Time to buy shoes

Many brides are wondering: when is the best time to go looking for perfect shoes? Perhaps it’s right to go to the store when you already have an idea of ​​your wedding dress. More precisely, you are already 100% sure which outfit and what color will be on you on your wedding day. It is important that the shoes and dress complement each other in color.

Combination of dress and shoes

In the event that you decide to sew a wedding dress to order, it is better to purchase shoes in advance. Why is this needed? Making the first fitting of a dress with shoes, the tailor will be able to adjust the correct length of the skirt. Afraid of buying shoes in advance? Then decide on the color of the future dress. Take a piece of the fabric from which it will be sewn, and with this probe go off in search of your perfect shoes.

Wedding fashion shoes

As a rule, the bride buys shoes for her wedding. However, modern fashion trends have long bypassed the established traditions in the issue of wedding shoes. If earlier, at any time of the year and in any weather, the bride had to shoe the shoes, then the current generation of brides is free to choose shoes for the season: for the winter - boots, for the summer - sandals.

Wedding uggs

The opinions and preferences of brides are also shared by the portal on the subject of heels. So, some brides give preference to high stilettos, others - a heel-shot glass, still others choose a platform, and still others advocate ballet flats. Well, no one here will say anything against. The main thing is that the shoes are combined with the outfit and in it the bride feels comfortable and confident.

Lovely summer wedding sandals

The convenience of wedding shoes

When choosing a heel height, remember that in wedding shoes you will have to go through and dance all day. Therefore, you should give preference to the height that you wear in everyday life. Thus, the shoes will be familiar to your legs and will not cause unnecessary discomfort.

Wedding shoes

But it’s still worth noting that for the wedding ceremony and for photo and video filming, you can buy high-heeled shoes, but for the celebration you can stock up on comfortable ballet shoes that you can easily change shoes at the wedding table without attracting too much attention of the guests. The presence of two pairs of shoes, on the one hand, will provide you elegance and beauty, on the other - comfort and convenience.

Ballet shoes - a guarantee of comfort

Price issue

Perhaps, not every bride is ready to give fabulous sums of money for wedding shoes, which she can only wear once (hopefully) once in a lifetime. Each girl knows how ironically pronounced wedding shoes on girls look in everyday life. Never wear bridal shoes «on every day» or some kind of celebration only if it is not your wedding!

Back to the price. If you feel sorry for the money for one evening, then you can buy wedding shoes that will not «shout» about your wedding destination. The main thing is a combination with a dress. For example, you can buy black shoes, and tie a black satin ribbon on your waist.

Remember that the high cost of shoes does not guarantee high comfort and quality of the goods. Always measure your shoes carefully. It is not uncommon for shoes at a low price to be more suitable than expensive shoes. «brethren». Bottom line - price is not an indicator!