Elements of a wedding dress - options for decoration and decor with a photo


Decorative decoration is an important element of wedding attire; the appearance of the outfit depends on it. There are many styles, styles of dresses, and beautiful finishes give each uniqueness. Decorative elements can make the bride's vestments original, exclusive, and memorable. Among the most common options for decorating a wedding dress, the use of transparent inserts, lace, beads, stones, rhinestones, embroidery, ribbons stands out. But you need to know the measure so as not to become like a Christmas tree.

Stylish elements for finishing a wedding dress

A classic wedding fashion is lace trim. This style is ideal for romantic natures. Lace elements can be present on the bodice, sleeves, skirt, which gives sexuality and femininity. Brilliant decor in the form of rhinestones, stones, beads and beads is suitable for glamorous young ladies. When choosing a wedding dress and its elements for decoration, consider the features of your own figure. Different details can both hide flaws and emphasize them. For example, if you have wide shoulders, then voluminous sleeves are best left for ladies with narrow «on horseback».

Bugle in the decoration of a wedding dress

Bridal dresses with bugles are chosen by many brides as decor. The multi-colored cylindrical bead finish creates a breathtaking visual effect. Sparkling glass beads decorate the bodice, hem, belt, it is used to create fringe. In most cases, this decor element can be seen in vintage style wedding dresses in combination with pearls. Harmony should be observed when using shiny elements, so as not to distract attention from the hero of the occasion.

Bugle trim bride

Beaded Appliques

Decor elements of wedding attire from beaded appliques will help to create original ornaments and patterns. This design decision gives the dress an attractive, irresistible look. With the help of beads it is easy to create different effects: intricate ornaments, relief decor, amazingly beautiful patterns. Such shades of this element of decoration of wedding dresses as silver, pink, gold, beige, white are popular. Beads sparkles beautifully in the light. A scattering of small beads on the delicate fabric of the dress creates a charming look.

The use of beads in the decor of a wedding dress

Rhinestones and Swarovski stones

Wedding dresses have long been embroidered with precious stones. Swarovski crystals as a decorative element successfully fulfill this role. This decor is chosen to the tone of the main fabric, a little lighter or darker. Colorless stones and rhinestones imitating diamonds are considered universal. This decorative element looks especially beautiful on the waist, in the neckline, on the corset. Swarovski stones allow you to create an individual, unique outfit of its kind.

With the help of rhinestones, original patterns on ballroom wedding dresses are easily created, which attract attention and fascinate. Such sparkling elements mysteriously shimmer with glare in the folds of fabric. In the area of ​​the bodice, a placer of stones is used. Rhinestones emphasize the main details of the outfit, for example, guipure, lace inserts, openwork applications. The combination of two different decorative elements in one outfit will look appropriate.

Swarovski stones on wedding dresses

Pleated items

Artificial creases, folds are the current trend of wedding fashion. In short models, pleating is located at the bottom, and the top remains smooth. In long versions, small and large pleated elements can be combined. Such a detail in the upper part of the outfit is performed asymmetrically, horizontally, and in the lower - vertically. A wedding dress with a pleated train looks very bold and original. Such decor visually corrects the figure: vertical slimming, and the pleated bottom hides imperfections in the figure and legs..

Outfits of the bride with pleated elements

Elongated peplum

A basque is called a wide frill, which is located on the line of the dress belt. This element came into fashion at the beginning of the 18th century. Wealthy ladies gladly decorated Basque's own dresses. This detail made the female silhouette clear, feminine. Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler, Christian Dior adorned their own creations of the Basques. The last designer sought from this decorative element to highlight everything that is magnificent, and to emphasize what is narrow.

An elongated peplum on a wedding dress occupies a leading position in relevance. In shape, it can be straight, asymmetric. But this item is insidious. Basque shortens her legs, so a high heel is mandatory for her. She does not tolerate neighborhood with other bright accessories, so only a clutch bag or small handbag, pumps, sophisticated jewelry will help to complement the image. Who should abandon the Basques:

  • Girls with short stature, because visually you will become even smaller.
  • To ladies with magnificent hips this element will give even more unnecessary volume.
  • Brides with a tummy. Basque will focus on extra centimeters at the waist.

Peplum Bridesmaid Dresses

Lace elements

The lace trim of the dress is an eternal classic. Only the type of lace can change, which becomes popular in a certain season. The most relevant element is the handmade element, which was found at many wedding fashion shows. Lace makes the bride romantic, sophisticated, perfectly emphasizes the necessary details, for example, a long train, a beautiful neckline. Dresses with lace sleeves, a closed neck are popular, which looks elegant, elegant. Such outfits are appropriate for any wedding, but are especially good for a classic ceremony..

Lace Appliques

Openwork embroidery

Openwork embroidery is gaining popularity. She looks stylish, beautiful, noble. Even small embroidery adds spectacularity to the whole dress. There are a lot of technologies for the execution of this decorative element, which makes it possible to translate into reality the most complex, delicate work, transfer any pattern to matter. Art painting on fabric is especially relevant, which gives special luxury to wedding.

Embroidered wedding dress decor

Wedding dresses with colored elements

If you strive for individuality, you want a truly unique outfit, then your choice is colored decorative elements. A traditional white dress will dilute a bright or restrained pattern, a detail in the form of a belt, a fringing, a lower skirt that differs in color from the top. Of interest are robes with colored patterns. Bright print adds unpredictability, novelty, special charm. Each girl will be able to choose the pattern that is closer to her in character.

There are dresses with small splashes of color, generously decorated with prints. You can choose either a standard pattern, for example, stripes, polka dots, or a more modern one - floral, floral, animal, ethnic. The contrast of the dress and print looks spectacular. 3D volumetric drawing, which is created by using applications of different materials: draperies, fabrics, colors, will help to stand out among other brides..

Color decor for bridesmaid dresses

Photo of wedding dresses with decorative elements

Modern designers do not hold back their imagination when it comes to decorative elements on the wedding attire of brides. At fashion shows, jewelry such as metal lurex, feathers, mesh, felt details were noticed. A more traditional finish, like contrasting or matching embroidery, lace, also remains relevant. Choose an outfit that maximizes your personality, creates harmony with your inner world, then you will look stunning.

Wedding Dress Finishing Options