Wedding dresses for mom of the bride and groom


Thinking over the wedding image of her daughter, the mother of the bride should not forget how she herself will look on this day. The same goes for the mother of the groom. After all, parents play an important role at the wedding of their children.

Choosing a wedding dress for the mother of the bride is very important and requires a serious approach. The outfit must be selected not only based on personal preferences, but also taking into account the interests of the daughter and showing solidarity with respect to the future match.

Wedding dresses for mothers of newlyweds

Wedding etiquette

Regarding the choice of outfits for mom of the bride and mom of the groom, there is a special wedding etiquette. What you should pay attention to, tells the wedding portal

We remind you of the main requirement for the dresses of the mother of the bride and mother of the groom. According to etiquette, dresses should be the same length and similar style. There are some limitations in the color scheme. But we will tell about this and other points further.

Outfit for mother of the bride
Outfit for mom of the groom

General rules for the selection of dresses

So that the choice of dresses for newlywed mothers does not become a problem, we suggest that you follow a number of useful rules:

  • Choose the color scheme of the dress according to your color type.
  • Pay attention to the style of the outfit. Since you will spend the whole day in this outfit, nothing should disturb you or cause discomfort.
  • It is very important to choose the right size. The dress should not be too narrow or too loose, if this does not imply a model and style of the dress. You should feel comfortable, not constrained..
  • Knowing all the features of your figure, select the appropriate style of dress. And do not forget about the style and colors of the wedding.

So, dresses for mothers of newlyweds should be elegant and comfortable. In addition, they should fit perfectly into the concept of a wedding celebration..

Choice of outfit for mom

Where to start choosing a dress?

We draw your attention to the fact that the search for dresses for mom should begin immediately after the bride has decided on the wedding dress.

Contact your daughter and find out in what style and color her outfit will be. In what style and color will the wedding be organized? Is there a special dress code? Ask the bride what outfits she can advise you to your taste..

Luxurious outfit for mom of the bride and groom
Outfit for mother of the bride

Dress beautifully and, most importantly, according to your age. It can be dresses or cocktail-length skirts, floor-length dresses or elegant trouser suits. Open mini dresses with deep cuts and a neckline are not recommended.

Dress color

All dresses of red, black and white color fall into the risk zone. Exceptions are various combinations of these shades - black and white, black and gold, black and pink outfits may well be chosen by the mothers of the newlyweds. Red color replace burgundy or purple.

The perfect choice for moms is pastel colors. A green, blue or brown dress is also a good option for adult women.!

You can take advantage of the western tradition and choose outfits for mothers and bridesmaids of the same style and color, but with individual decor and different color saturation.

Black and blue suit
Burgundy dress
Beige outfit for mom
Gray outfit

Dress styles

The style of any outfit is selected depending on the type and characteristics of the female figure. The portal offers the following options for mothers of brides and grooms:

  • dresses of medium length (to the knees or just below the knees);
  • Long evening dresses;
  • dresses with a straight or flared silhouette;
  • models of dresses with boleros or jackets;
  • dresses with and without sleeves;
  • outfits with various neckline shapes.

Dress with neckline
Hat outfit

Warm dresses

For a cooler season, choose outfits that come with jackets or various kinds of wraps: scarves, stoles, boleros. The universal option is an elegant suit. At the request of any outfit, you can pick up a jacket or coat.

Women's outfit with a jacket
Two-piece outfit
Outfit with a jacket

Light dresses

For the warmer months, there is a much wider range of holiday dresses. Light outfits with hats look very impressive.

Chiffon pantsuit for mom
Cropped Lace Dress
Bright light outfit for moms mom

Dresses for women with curvaceous

Not all mothers can boast of an ideal figure. To emphasize the curvaceous, pay attention to outfits made of dense material, preferably matte. Add some bright accents in the form of stylish accessories - and you will be the most charming mothers.

Long suit for a fat woman
Cropped outfit for a curvaceous figure

Image Details

Decorative details of the dress

Regarding jewelry (rhinestones, sequins, stones), it should be remembered that the main thing is not to overdo it. It is better to let there be less or no brilliant elements at all. Excessive shine can spoil the entire appearance. It will be enough if the dress is decorated with a belt of sparkling rhinestones, a beautiful brooch or a flower made of fabric.

Dress with rhinestones


Shoes are also worth picking wisely. If health allows, then the choice is best made in favor of high-heeled shoes, but not very high. Shoes can be selected in tone to the side or, conversely, in contrasting color.

Outfit and shoe combinations


An elegant handbag in the color of the dress will become a beautiful and functional accessory.

Outfit with a handbag


You can not do without such jewelry as rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. But here you need to remember a sense of proportion. The images of moms should not be overloaded with unnecessary details.

Dear mothers, choosing wedding dresses for your children, remember that you also have to be beautiful, feminine and charming!