Dress for bridesmaids

Usually witnesses opt for strict elegant dresses, as if in contrast to the elegant romanticism of the bride’s wedding dress. Therefore, the color scheme is much wider here - from pastel to bright colors. To the extent decorated with bright accessories and rhinestones, an evening dress or formal suit will favorably emphasize the splendor of the main character of the celebration. But when making your choice, you must remember comfort - you have to move a lot, both during a walk and during the entertainment program after the official part of the ceremony. Shoes should be chosen with the same calculation..

And, of course, do not forget about the costs. Think more than once whether it is worth spending money on a rich evening toilet when buying it, or it is still better to rent it - since the choice of wedding salons is huge today. If you still decide to buy, then learn to look and act, as they say, one step ahead.

It is good if the choice of dress for the bridesmaid will be agreed with the culprit of the occasion and preferably with other guests. After all, the choice of each of the invited can be so unexpected that it’s not far from a spoiled mood ... Well, who, tell me, will like the monotony of the color scheme, styles and even hairstyles in addition? Therefore, do not hesitate to discuss everything in advance.

What is more important is don't overshadow the bride their luxury and originality. Remember: the young one is the queen of the ball. Your duty as a witness at this holiday, though modest, but important is to emphasize the beauty, grace and generally all the virtues of the bride. Believe me, everyone will appreciate your beat.

Couturiers specializing in bridal fashion, argue: wedding dresses for bridesmaids are not required to follow conservative canons. Here, the whole will of your imagination, as they say, is in your hands and cards. The choice is great - this is an evening dress, and a trouser suit and overalls, and even a combination of a blouse and a skirt! Want to earn the praise of fashion designers and stylists - experiment!

Although everything should be appropriate. It’s not worthy to turn, say, a church, church, or other religious building where the wedding ceremony takes place into a fashionable catwalk. How not to host a vanity fair throughout the wedding ceremony.

And a few more nuances. It is good if the style of the dresses of the bride and the bridesmaids is the same, although the outfit of the witness should still be as modest as possible. But with color you can play. The bright dress of the witness will emphasize the freshness and dazzle of the bride’s outfit at any time of the year - both in summer and winter. The main thing is that the dress is to your face, emphasizes the dignity of the figure and you just liked it. It is difficult to judge color preferences. It all depends on your type of face, hair and skin color, and even the structure of the figure. Someone will use a shade of white or pink (although it is better to leave such tones for dresses of little bridesmaids), someone scarlet, and someone black (which, by the way, is now in fashion - although this option may not be pleasant for the bride so it’s better to discuss this point with her as well). Just do not forget about harmony in jewelry and a competent combination of accessories.

Of course, should take into account the nuances of the variability of the weather - rain, snow and bright sun. Prudently taken umbrellas and capes with you will quite help you out in an unforeseen situation. From the same position, you should choose the length of the outfit, and the height of the heels, and the style of shoes.