Witness dress at the wedding

To be a witness at a friend’s wedding is not only an honor, but also not a small work. Were you chosen as a witness for the wedding? From now on, you are the right hand of the young, but especially the bride. On the wedding day you will have to work hard, because it is the witnesses who have a considerable amount of duties and responsibilities.

Be prepared for the fact that a number of organizational aspects of the wedding will fall on you. In part, the success of the wedding celebration as a whole will also depend on you..

You, as a witness, will have to patiently attend all wedding salons, fasten zippers, tighten laces on corsets, put sensible remarks, and, of course, encourage the bride. You also have to forget about your plans while preparing for the wedding, because it is at this moment that the bride needs you most.

The bride can give you petty errands. Do not be afraid that you will be entrusted with something very significant, which you will not be able to handle. But, the obligation to hold a bachelorette party on the eve of the wedding, and to draw up a script for the ransom of the bride, to help in almost all organizational matters, will lie on your shoulders..

The witness on the wedding day is the first guest in the bride's house. Your task is to help the bride get dressed, transform into the image of a fairytale princess, calm down, perk up, if you need to cry and be happy with her for a couple. Your main task on this day is not to leave the bride for a minute, going to the registry office to take with you everything you need (handkerchiefs, cosmetic bag, needle, thread). You are her main escort from leaving the home to the registry office until the very last moment of the festive evening - sending the newlyweds to a well-deserved "rest".

Being always close to the bride, the witness comes under the scrutiny of all invited guests. Therefore, the dress for the witness at the wedding should be carefully selected.

The attire of the witness should not overshadow the outfit of the bride, but also not lag behind him. Often, evening dresses for the witness are chosen by her independently. The bride can only advise color, and a certain style. The best option is to choose such evening dresses for the witness, which can be used after the wedding. In addition to the dress for the witness at the wedding, the hairstyle style is independently selected.

Now European traditions are in fashion, according to which several bridesmaids were invited to the wedding at once. For each of them, evening dresses are selected, in style and texture of fabric similar to the bride's wedding dress. Color is chosen according to the bride’s desire, depending on the style and characteristics of the wedding.

Dress for the witness at a wedding

in no case should it be white so as not to distract the eyes of those present from the bride. Although if the style of the wedding allows the witness and friends to wear white dresses, they will look good against the background of green lush grass and green trees. You can shade or highlight dresses with color wide belts, as well as small bouquets.

The dress for the witness at the wedding should be similar to the texture of the fabric, like the dress of the bride, they should be in harmony, and also correspond to the degree of officiality of the event.

Even if several friends are invited to the wedding, the witness should stand out among them. Therefore, a dress for a witness at a wedding is often different from the outfits of friends. There are many variations on how to distinguish a witness, she can make a separate bouquet, which will differ from the bouquets of friends, or the color of the dress will be a tone lighter.