Treasured pair of shoes for the witness


It is pleasant and honorable to be a witness, because the queen of triumph herself chose you as her best friend. The witness is one of the main ladies at the wedding. You need to shine all day: at the foreclosure of the bride, at the mural, at wedding photographs, during competitions at a banquet, etc. So, the outfit should be thought out to the smallest detail. An important role in creating the image of the witness is played by shoes. Often preference is given to shoes, therefore in this article we offer you various options for shoes for a witness.

Lightness and fabulousness

If the bride plans the wedding as a fabulous celebration and looks for a dress in style «Princess», You can match the general concept of the holiday by choosing the right outfit. Pay attention to unusual and original shoes from leading designers. If «catwalk» offers will not please the budget, take ideas into account, and then find similar models in local shoe stores. Dressy and fabulous witness shoes emphasize the importance of her role at the wedding.

Shoes of the Witness

Golden shoes

Gold is the color of luxury, happiness, prosperity, it is one of the most auspicious colors at a wedding, recalls the wedding portal If modern brides prefer not to take risks and choose traditional white dresses and shoes for the ceremony, then the witness can afford to put on golden shoes, sandals or low shoes. So she will emphasize her importance at the wedding, on the one hand, and her proximity to the bride, on the other..

Witness in gold shoes

Bright accents

All stylists advise first to choose a dress, and only then go in search of accessories, including shoes. Nevertheless, the witness can start from the choice of shoes in building a harmonious image. Pay attention to the bright and juicy colors of shoes made in «lake» and possibly decorated with original jewelry. According to them, choose more modest dresses, matching nail polish and other accessories.

Bright shoes of the witness

Vintage shoes

Vintage still remains a wedding trend, both in the general style of the event and in the details. Vintage shoes look great on witnesses, it will emphasize the grace, taste and elegance of its owner.

Vintage witness shoes

Original models

An unusual heel will distinguish shoes for bridesmaids. Pay attention to unusual heels, shiny and metallic, which differ from the style of the shoe itself. Moreover, modern designers offer stylish models, the heel of which is decorated with rhinestones, pebbles and various elegant details.

Fancy Heel Shoes

Great design

Outwit with shoes for a wedding. You don’t have to go on a boutique tour if you have been appointed a witness. Take your favorite pair of evening shoes and decorate it yourself. A great solution is to choose a bracelet for your elegant leg that will beautifully shade the shoes and will be combined with other jewelry.

Shoes with bracelet

Classics of the genre

The role of the witness is complex, responsible, and even tiring. You will have to be constantly ready to come to the aid of the bride at the right time. You should feel confident and comfortable all day and all evening. Are you ready to spend a day in high heels? If not, then recommends giving preference to classic low-heeled shoes, or at least steady heels..

Classic witness shoes

The warmed model

For weddings in the colder season, you should choose warmer shoes. However, do not forget about elegance and beauty. The way out of the situation is low shoes. Pick elegant models decorated with bows and fur. To be sure of the style of the entire outfit of the witness, grab the chosen dress to try on shoes. Then you definitely will not lose with the purchase of a treasured pair of shoes.

Graceful and stylish shoes will pay attention to the beauty of the witness. In addition, the right shoes can emphasize your special status at the wedding.!