Mom of the bride



When choosing a wedding dress for Mother of the Bride, you should start from how and where the wedding will take place. It goes without saying that a fluffy dress is not suitable for a beach party, just as a frivolous blouse and skirt will look awful in a classic restaurant.

The second point is actually the taste and preferences of mom. You should not shove your mother into evening gowns-suits or into numerous skirts just because you so imagine the image of the Mother of the Bride. Indeed, evening dresses fascinate and adorn, emphasize elegance and add mystery. But, believe me, it will only add discomfort and insecurity to your mother, who is probably used to a democratic-free style. Moreover, you need to be able to wear any clothes, and getting used to a new style is not so easy.

The harmonious color scheme with the clothes of the Pope of the Bride will attract the looks of no less than young ones. In addition, guests who are poorly oriented, which of the guests are who, will combine you as a couple - Pope and Mother of the Bride should be in harmony with each other.

It’s good if, choosing a dress or a suit for your mother, you agree on the outfit with the groom’s mother. The same style of direction will only increase the effect of the wedding and really give a "stylishness" to the event.

The comfort of the outfit should not be neglected: all day on your feet, in unrest and upheaval - it is better to carry it comfortably. A model is considered to be convenient if nothing restricts movements - neither when walking nor in dancing. The length is below floor level, the ability to step only half a foot is unlikely to allow the Mother of the Bride to fully relax. Such outfits are designed only for photo sessions. Walking, actively spending time in them is impossible.

An important requirement for comfortable clothing is to dress for the season. Shivering from the cold or wet from sweat, the Mother of the Bride runs the risk of catching a cold at least ...

Dressing beautifully according to age is often a difficult task for those over 40. To open their shoulders, back, wear transparent guipure, deliberately emphasizing their sexuality, is recommended only to those mothers who look beautiful and will really show off their bodies. Flabbiness, fat folds - better to hide behind the length.


It is better to choose shoes with medium or low heels, leaning towards comfort again. The skewed face in the photo is unlikely to be your own liking. Needless to say, shoes should also be sized? !


A handbag is often an interfering, but necessary attribute of any woman’s outfit. Take care that the handbag of the Mother of the Bride is not too bulky, better than a small one, be sure to match the dress or costume.

There are no strict rules when choosing jewelry. Put on what you liked, what really fits. If possible and appropriate, you can get diamonds and other family values ​​- even at the wedding of the daughter of Mother of the Bride, such wedding accessories can afford it!

Makeup and hairstyle

You’ll do the right thing if the same masters will do your mom’s makeup and hairstyle as you. In this case, firstly, uniformity of the hand is guaranteed; secondly, trite time is saved time.

Regardless of the time of year, do not overdo it, follow the rules of makeup: under the influence of temperature (in the summer or getting excited from dancing), cosmetics will necessarily flow. When choosing a make-up color scheme, eye color, hair color, skin tone and the dress color itself are taken into account.


On a wedding day, do not forget that nothing will be hidden from the attentive eyes of the guests - especially the untidy hands of the Mother of the Bride. Therefore, pay special attention to this part of the body: hands should be soft, nails trimmed and processed. The color of the nails is matched to the color of lipstick or to the tone of the makeup. You can’t be mistaken if you stay on light shades of varnish - during the day the lipstick can be eaten, and then your manicure will be unnecessarily “screaming”.

As you can see, the fashion for Mother of the Bride outfit is quite democratic - you can choose dresses or costumes in accordance with taste, figure, age and financial situation. And only on you and your mother depends on how she will look on a holiday. But according to how your mother looks, they decide what will happen to you in 20-30 years. So it’s in your own interests that the Mother of the Bride looks amazing!