Mom's Wedding Outfit


A wedding is a celebration, gathering at which everyone tries to look their best. The bride and groom, this is a separate conversation, today we’ll talk about the wedding dress of parents, and it is about the dress for the mother of the bride. A wedding is a celebration of the young. Of course, mother at her daughter’s wedding wants to look at 100. When approaching the choice of a wedding dress, remember that it should not overshadow the bride’s outfit. She is the full hostess of this holiday.

But, nevertheless, this does not mean that the evening dress for the mother of the bride should be dull and nondescript. A well-chosen style and color will allow mom to look great and tasteful.

Sparkling champagne.

If you want the evening dress for the mother of the bride to be chic and look irresistible, choose the color "champagne spray." Fashion for this color has spread not only to brides' wedding dresses, but also to the outfits of a witness, my friends, and of course mothers. The main thing is that the color of the dress of the bride and the color of the dress of one of the mothers do not match. If the bride chose a dress of white or ivory, then mother, dressed in a dress of the color "champagne" will look very impressive next to her. If the wedding is played in the spring and summer, it is preferable to choose light tones of the dress for the mother of the bride (pale pink, lavender), in autumn it is best to use dark tones. Champagne color is a universal color that can be used in any season.

In ... mom berry again. According to European designers, modern mothers look much younger and sexier than before. To help mom look attractive at the wedding, seem slim and charming, fashion designers have developed a number of models with open backs, shoulders, using thin straps, etc. A very popular modeling corset, which will tighten where it is not needed and emphasize the shapes and volumes in the right places. Also, according to tradition, a classic dress for the mother of the bride is often used. Classics are fashionable at all times, and 25-30% of mothers opt for classic options.


Having chosen one or another evening dress for the bride’s mother, she also takes care of a light cape. After all, she is able not only to cover the excess of the naked body, but also to emphasize the image. For a cape, you can use a veil of light fabric of the same texture as the dress. According to fashion designers, the best option is thin, translucent velvet.


Increasingly, creating this or that model, designers use lace to decorate. Recently, their use has become very important in wedding dresses. Corsets, bridal veils, capes, shoulder straps, etc. often surround with lace. The use of lace in the wedding attire of either the bride or her mother will allow you to make some kind of romance in their image.

Whatever kind of evening dress for the bride’s mother or costume is chosen, the main thing is that the outfit should sit well, be harmonious, bright enough, just like a mom’s holiday too. The outfit should emphasize all the advantages of the figure and hide the flaws, and most importantly give joy and comfort.