Evening dresses - dresses for the second day of the wedding


Recently, not many newlyweds organize the second day of the wedding. However, if you still decide to extend your holiday, so be it!

The second wedding day is less solemn, but this is not a reason to look at home. Newlyweds are still the main culprits of the celebration, which means they must be stylish and elegant.

Beautiful dress on the second day of the wedding

This problem may seem especially acute for brides, suggests the portal www.articlewedding.com. So what to wear on the second day of the wedding? We will find the answer to this question together..

Rules for choosing a dress on the second day of the wedding

Continuing the celebration is best without regard to tradition. That is why many brides are in a hurry to find the most fashionable dresses for the second day..

There are several rules to consider if you want to choose a decent outfit for your second wedding day:

  • Choose a dress based on the features of your own figure. Even on the second day, you will be in the spotlight. So, the dress for the second day of the wedding should emphasize all your advantages and hide flaws.
  • The outfit must be universal. Find a dress model that is useful to you in the future: at a party, at a presentation, etc..
  • The dress on the second day of the wedding should not be too formal, but at the same time it should be elegant. A good choice is a romantic dress in delicate colors.
  • The outfit for the second day should correspond to the situation and venue of the holiday.

Choose a dress
Occasion Dress

What material to choose a dress for the second wedding day?

As you understand, choosing a dress on the second day of the wedding is the same responsible task as choosing the wedding attire itself. Every detail is important. The material from which the dress is made affects how you look in it, whether it will be comfortable for you. The perfect dress is a dress made from natural fabrics.

An important component is the decor of the outfit. The dress can be decorated with embroidery, lace trim, etc. The gentle and feminine bride will look in a dress from:

  • silks,
  • openwork fabric,
  • jacquard fabric.

Evening Dress Material

The color scheme of dresses for the second day of the wedding

Pastel shades are perfect for the first day of the wedding. But the second day it is quite possible to spend in elegant dresses of bright, rich shades, for example, lilac, emerald, burgundy.

You can look at interesting and stylish clothing options on the second day in any dress store.

Long yellow dress
Elegant dress in pastel green
Chameleon Dress

Remember that dresses for the second day of the wedding should be both sophisticated and simple, solemn and conducive to a comfortable pastime..

The choice of attire depending on the venue of the second day of the wedding

Since the second day of the wedding is less official, the continuation of the holiday can be organized anywhere. Outfit, therefore, choose according to the setting.

Dress for a family evening

For example, you decide to stay home and have a quiet family dinner with your close and close friends. This is a great opportunity to save yourself from the painful search for a supernatural dress. For such a holiday, a cute knitted sarafan or dress is quite suitable, the wedding site www.articlewedding.com suggests.

If your holiday is more like a dinner party, then you will need an elegant dress of medium length.

Dress for a family dinner
Mid-Length Evening Dress

Dress for restaurant and cafe

When the second wedding day is celebrated in a luxurious restaurant or cafe, then your outfit should be appropriate. Floor-length evening dresses are the perfect choice for a festive occasion. You can buy an evening dress both on the Internet and in stores in your city. You can surprise guests with an exquisite fashionable dress in the French style. You can approach the choice of attire on the second day and come to the restaurant in a retro dress with feathers or in a dress with a deep neckline on the back. Experiment with styles and you will find the perfect look for yourself.!

Long green dress

Picnic dress

If on the second day of the wedding you decide to organize a holiday in nature, then practical loose clothing will be suitable clothing. If you do not plan to climb mountains and jump over a fire, then you can wear a light summer sundress or a romantic, airy dress with an interesting print in nature.

Picnic dress
Picnic Sundress

Party dress at karaoke club

During the preparation for the wedding, there was no time to relax with friends? The second day of the wedding is a great opportunity to rectify this situation. Invite your friends to karaoke where the most «hot» music party. A short dress is ideal for such an evening, or maybe you prefer a dress with sequins or rhinestones? You will be the star of the evening!

Short dress

Properly chosen evening dress is the key to a successful evening and good mood!

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