Bridesmaids Note

A wedding is always a joyful event. Happiness, pleasant excitement, hundreds of organizational moments. But all this concerns not only the bride and groom, but also the very important participants of this celebration - the bridesmaids. Today we’ll talk not about gifts and organization, but about an equally important question: what to wear for a friend’s wedding?

This is not to say that there are certain rules or restrictions, but there are some useful tips on how to look appropriate and elegant at this wonderful celebration..

So, the first and most important tip: when choosing an outfit, do not forget that the bride is always the focus of the wedding. That bride should eclipse on this day with her beauty all those present, because this is her day - the best day in her life! It doesn’t mean at all that you should look «gray mouse» against her background, not at all. Of course, you should emphasize the triumph of the event with your appearance, so forget about your favorite casual and be as elegant as possible.

You should not choose dresses of white color (well-known information) or too deliberate styles with crinolines, avoid corsets and ruffles. Choose classic cropped options or trendy maxi with a stylish print. A great option will be a stylish midi skirt in saturated colors from flying material complete with a classic top and bright accessories. Such a kit will be as appropriate as possible, and in addition, be sure to come in handy for you in the future.

Stylish image of the bridesmaid

Let's talk about flowers! If the color of your dress is not stipulated by the conditions of the celebration (this happens in cases when the wedding is held with a certain concept), then you have a chic choice! Brightness is your advantage. Play with color and don't be afraid to combine seemingly incompatible colors, such as orange and blue, purple and red.

Bright outfits for bridesmaids

Do not forget about accessories - there are no boundaries in their choice for you. A stylish solution will be the emphasis on a massive necklace and clutch, or on large earrings: this way your image will be festive and appropriate. In addition, with the help of accessories you can decorate even the most simple and modest dress and turn it into a chic evening outfit! The most important accessory for bridesmaids is high-heeled shoes. You should not come to the ceremony in ballet shoes or sandals (unless, of course, the wedding is not in an exotic place). A little tip: buy comfortable shoes! Firstly, simply because a wedding is fun, but very tiring, especially if you are a bridesmaid. After all, you do not want to barely move at the end of the celebration? This will spoil absolutely the whole image, no matter how you try. And secondly, as in the case of a dress or skirt, it should not be shoes once, but for further wear, otherwise it will be «money down the drain». Footwear «at one time» will buy at your own wedding.

Bright accessories for bridesmaids
Stylish accessories for bridesmaids

And the last moment, to the question «money down the drain». In any case, for a bridesmaid, a wedding is a big waste. Gifts, dress, shoes, competitions at the celebration. Therefore, finding a way to save money does not hurt. There is one interesting and useful tip - online shopping along with the discount website Promocodabra. The assortment of online stores in Russia (Asos, Lamoda, Wildberries - the images in the images) is the widest, the prices are pleasing, and with the help of discounts on Promotional (free coupons from 10% to 70%) you can save a lot of money. You can find discounts by clicking on this link. The main thing is to take care of the order in advance so that the dress and accessories arrive on time.

Have a nice shopping and a great holiday!