What to wear for a guest’s wedding

If the dress code was not indicated in the invitation, then you can dress according to your own taste. But, even so, there are some rules that will help you decide what to wear for the wedding and what not to.

The guest attire for the wedding should be elegant and romantic. What might it look like? Ideally, a dress of calm pastel colors, quite light and feminine, is suitable. For example, a cocktail party, with a discreet pattern, without a sleeve and a collar, but a deep neckline is better to exclude. A wedding is that rare case when a “little black dress” does not help you out, because, as you know, the black color of clothes at a wedding is unacceptable, just like white.

On this day, nothing should distract attention from the bride. When choosing what to wear for a wedding, go past artsy models with trains and lots of details. If the invitation does not specify the style of the wedding, and, consequently, the dress code is not known, then you can navigate along with the bride. If the bride’s dress is magnificent and pompous, then there will be a gorgeous celebration, and you can choose a spectacular outfit. If the bride chose a more modest dress, then yours should also be simpler. Do not wear extravagant wedding attire if you are new to the newlyweds. It is not customary to wear a trouser suit, as it belongs to the business style. Although, it all depends on the model, fabric and cut. Immediately exclude “mini” from the options.

Wedding accessories should be in moderation, and they should be chosen with taste. Having decided on what to wear for the wedding, do not forget to pick up a small handbag - a clutch bag that will contain powder, lipstick and a scarf. Do not overdo it with perfumes, a sharp strong smell of perfumes, even expensive ones - bad manners.