Funny bride redemption scenario


The ransom of the bride is a classic custom with which the modern wedding of almost any nation begins. By tradition, a huge number of guests and ordinary onlookers gather to watch how the groom arrives to pick up his beloved in the registry office. This action is usually carried out, accompanied by noisy fun trials through which the groom must go. This is probably the most crucial moment for the future spouse, so you should carefully prepare all the participants, coming up with a funny scenario for this interesting scene.

Redemption Preparation

The process of preparing for the bride ransom takes place directly on the wedding day, a couple of hours before the groom arrives with his noisy company. The script has long been ready and is in the hands of the witness. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with other participants who will be needed to carry out such a plan. And so that the ransom goes without a hitch, a few tips to help you:

Preparing for a fun ransom bride
  • Take care of the decor of the entrance to the house of the bride and the entrance in advance. Generously hang the balls above the door, decorate the improvised arch with ribbons, hang different posters with humorous inscriptions in the wedding theme.
  • For the convenience of this or that contest, put tables on the street to meet the groom. Take care of drinks and snacks. If the wedding takes place in winter - do not keep dear guests on the street for a long time.
  • Prepare a special box in which you will collect money for the bride.
  • Designate a responsible person who will carefully monitor the money. It is important that nothing is lost during the day, in the integrity and safety fell into the hands of the newlyweds.
  • Choose the girls from the number of bridesmaids who will assist in the process of ransom.

Redemption details

Writing a script is a responsible matter that will not succeed if you do not think about the necessary additional details. After the words are composed, interesting contests are thought up, you will understand what necessary accessories are useful for the implementation of a particular scene. So, what exactly can you need for carrying out a ridiculous bride redemption scenario:

Details for a ridiculous ransom of the bride
  • Buy a large number of balloons in advance to decorate the staircase.
  • For the design of humorous posters with caricatures of the bride and groom, prepare a lot of colorful felt-tip pens, paints, crayons.
  • Beautifully issue a piggy bank in which you will collect money, sweets, etc. on the foreclosure. Use ribbons, bows, artificial flowers..
  • For some competitions you will need: a glass half filled with water, a large basin, children's photos of the bride and her friends, a rope, clothespins, 10 lollipops.
  • Draw in chalk traces of different sizes, including the bride’s natural trace should be circled (draw it along the contour of her foot).


The scenario of ridiculous redemption of the bride provides for the presence of actors, so you should decide in advance on the people whom you will involve in your performance. Be sure to write them in the script list. You must describe in detail in your script the order of the dialogs of the participants in the event, the words that accompany these or those actions. Name each person a speech. It may be more interesting if you use prose.

The characters in the fun redemption scenario

As a rule, the main participants in any ransom of the bride are: the host (the witness who prepared and invented funny contests or the toastmaster), her assistants, the groom, the witness and the rest of the gathered guests (they help the future husband to cope with certain tasks, suggest and morally support). At the end, the parents of the bride and the beautiful woman in a wedding dress appear.

Venue decoration

Much in the future family life of the couple depends on how the bride meets her lover. The first thing you should carefully take care of is decorating the venue for a fun ransom bride. Everything should shine, fragrance, talk about how happy and very waiting for the head of the future family is here. Below you will find several parting words that will help you prepare and beautifully decorate the bride’s yard for the arrival of the groom.

  1. Cleanliness is the key to a pleasant and impeccable experience, so you must carefully clean the yard in advance. Wash the porch floors thoroughly, remove unnecessary items, you may need to make a little repair, paint some details (creating the perfect look will not hurt you).
  2. Then proceed to the design and decoration. Tie a beautiful drapery with bows on the railing, attach small bouquets of natural or artificial flowers, some of which can be placed on the windowsills of the entrance. Generously use multi-colored ribbons hanging from the ceiling.
  3. Decorate the walls with different funny pictures in a caricature style or themed inscriptions about the wedding. Everything should correspond to one theme - the ransom of the bride and a merry wedding.
  4. At the entrance to the porch put an impromptu arch of balls. If possible, drape the entrance with a beautiful fabric in the form of an arch.
  5. If the ransom takes place in the village, then decorating the yard will be much easier: you will need less material for decoration (for example, use a large number of balls).
  6. Do not forget to colorfully decorate the room in which the bride will wait for her lover.

Decorating the bride ransom

Redemption Bride Scenario

The first action. The groom and his parents and friends drive up in a smart car to the bride’s house. Here a meeting takes place: the witness and the bride's friends gathered at the entrance to the porch and do not let dear guests. She starts the conversation first and asks the following question:

- How far do you keep the path, good fellow?

- Yes, I’m looking for my beloved. I want to pick up the crown!

- Found the right road! However, the path to the beauty is not easy: trials are waiting for you here. Think well, are you ready for them.

- Ready!

The second action. Bridesmaids approach the groom with a piggy bank and the words:

- I decided to get married once - replenish the piggy bank, fill the future family budget. Your friend, let him not be shy and also put heels or two!

Satisfied with the money tribute, the girls give the guys a filled glass with a snack and disperse, letting the groom closer to the entrance to the porch.

The third action. Trials and Punishments.

Meeting the groom at the bride's house

Competitions for the groom and witnesses

  • The first competition. The presenter pre-lays out the drawn tracks and says the following verse:

Here the girls ran -

Very trampled!

Take a look at your favorite trail,

To love for a thousand years!

If the groom gives the wrong answer - each time he puts part of the money ransom in the piggy bank, the witness helps him.

Cash penalties for bridegroom mistakes in foreclosure
  • The second competition. The groom moves ahead with the guests and enters the entrance hall. Here he can see funny photos of the bride hanging from a rope mixed with her friends in childhood. He must guess the photo of his future wife. Guests help. The witness says:

Here we look now -

How is your sharp eye!

One two Three -

Where is she: find!

  • The third competition. At the entrance, the groom must lay out the name of his beloved in banknotes. Then the money is put into the piggy bank for redemption. Friends words:

For the future wife to love -

Write her name in money!

Bride's name from money during a fun ransom
  • The fourth competition. Having risen to the floor above, the witnesses put a huge basin in front of the groom, with the words:

And now, well done generous,

Put a bride here.

It must be valuable.,

The most extraordinary.

Here the guy must guess that it is he. Jokingly make tips to the newlyweds, for example, with what subject the bride will have to live together all her life, etc. Guests must submit funny and funny ideas, prompt.

  • Fifth competition. «Money over the edge». The witness gives the half-filled glass to the groom, so that he would pour a lot of little things and water would pour over the edge. Her words:

- Show the abundance of your wealth, gilt a glass with coins!

  • The competition is the sixth. There remains the last passage with steps to the doors leading to the bride’s apartment. The groom must write with crayons on each step the reason why he is getting married. The host hands him a crayon and says:

- And now, good fellow, you have to capture on a stone twelve reasons why you are getting married.

Better prepare the groom by advising him to come up with these reasons at home. And at the end of the competition, ask for the last ransom in the form of sweets, champagne, various coins.

The last stage of a fun buyback

Video: funny ransom bride

It is easy to understand that you can’t imagine a good scenario for buying a bride in one day. You need to look at a lot of information, ask your friends what traditional contests fill the first minutes of this rite, so that everything turns out to be interesting and fun. Do not spare the humor when drawing up your ransom bride, widely use your own imagination and creative approach. Watch the video below on the theme of a funny ransom bride, which will help you familiarize yourself in more detail with how it should look live.