Wedding greetings from relatives of the bride


A wedding is a bright and most important event for every person. To make her memorable, we need not only feasts, songs, dances, but also kind words from parents, friends, close people. Wedding greetings are different: funny, serious, romantic or solemn. For newlyweds, it is important to receive from all relatives sincere wishes of good, prosperity and happiness for their family.

Beautiful wedding greetings from relatives

In a difficult situation at the wedding are relatives of the bride and groom, because they need to convey important words to their relatives, convey love for children, life experience, anxiety, and wishes of happiness in their new family life. Interesting and pleasant for young congratulations in verses from relatives. If for some of the parents of the bride it is not difficult to rhyme a few lines about love, wishes for a bright future or praise of a hospitable house, then such a wedding congratulation will delight everyone present.

Wedding Poetry Example

But if relatives do not have poetic talents, but I want to congratulate the young in an original way, then we offer you several options for congratulations on a wedding theme:

  1. «You have a great celebration, relatives and friends will raise a toast, what a blessing that there are already two of you! May your new family be strong!»
  2. «We wish you to live without boredom, a happy loving family, until all grandchildren congratulate you on your golden wedding».
  3. «We wish the young couple to become a wonderful family! Let there be comfort in the nest, and money - the chickens do not peck!»

Wishes bride happy wedding day

Not all people love poetry, especially those invented by others. The words spoken from the bottom of my heart are more valued, let it be prose, but sincere. Parents of the bride can pronounce congratulations in their own words so that the daughter, as well as those present at the wedding, penetrate and feel their joy. If there are not enough words to express your love, read our examples of congratulations to the bride, on the basis of which you can build your own original text:

  • Ugly brides do not exist - this is true, because before us is perfection itself. You are as beautiful as ever, for the most important moment of your life has come. Let the chosen one cherish you until the end of your days, and after many decades near the fireplace surrounded by children and grandchildren, you will love each other even more.
  • Our bride is hardworking, like Cinderella, beautiful, like Snow White, and smart, like Vasilisa the Wise. She met 33 heroes, but fell in love with a worthy prince. With all my heart, we wish your family life to always remain a fairy tale.
  • We will not list the merits of the bride - they are visible. We wish her the beauty, youth, love and infinite tenderness that her husband will give her all his life. Stay always as happy and radiant as you are now!

Congratulations to the parents most sincere

Wishes to the groom

By tradition, the first at the wedding the bride and groom are congratulated by parents, then relatives, and then friends. The bride’s parents are given the first word, so their speech should be more vivid and memorable. After congratulating the daughter, it's time to congratulate the son-in-law, and here humorous wishes are allowed. Here are some examples of phrase-farewell to the groom:

  • Someone said that a worthy man will treat his wife the same way as an outside woman. We are sure that you will treat our daughter a thousand times more attentively and affectionately. We wish you to love and value each other always!
  • A woman does not need much to be happy, just a wardrobe of chic outfits, a luxury car, relaxation on exotic islands, and bouquets of flowers daily. From today, we transfer to you, our son-in-law, these duties, we wish you more patience and optimism!
  • On this day, the angels in heaven also rejoice with us. We wish you not to forget how happy you were on your wedding day, carry this feeling through your whole life. And our daughter will help you not to forget about your love. May you not have obstacles on the way to your goals, and marriage will become a solid foundation for a happy life! Bitterly!

Funny wedding wishes in your own words

It is much easier to come up with wishes in your own words than to compose verses, parables or recall the sayings of the classics. Simple words spoken by guests will be better than the wisest quote from the master of the word of art. Choose from the suggestions below a more suitable congratulation for you, arrange with a postcard or just read from memory and you will be guaranteed success.

Several options for wedding greetings from relatives in a playful way:

  • Our bridegroom is a very successful astronomer, because he was the first to discover the light of a new star, which has no equal in beauty, mind, charm. Let this star illuminate your path with love, care, loyalty and devotion. We wish you harmony, health, love, which should never fade in your safe couple!
  • I want to congratulate the bridegroom on the fact that he was able to get such a beauty from under the nose of all bachelors. Congratulations to the bride for being able to catch the best good fellow in the district! May your meeting never lead to separation, and the unborn child will set your love as an example!
  • In one famous fairy tale, the savvy peasant gave the head of the goose to the master, because he is the head of the family, and he gave the goose to the lady with the wish that she would turn her around. I wish the newlyweds that the husband be the head and the wife the neck, which always acts in concert.

Wedding greetings should be positive

Congratulations in verses and prose to young wedding

Wedding greetings are different, but apart from a series of speeches are wishes from relatives of the bride. These are mainly long sad speeches, and this is their main mistake. To listen to your speech with pleasure, it should be only positive. If you do not have the opportunity to contact a professional writer, come up with a high-quality text yourself. Words that consist of verses and prose will be original.

The traditional element of wedding greetings are orders. These are tips that are read in verses that look like comic instructions for young people. Vibrant orders are executed by relatives in sketches in pairs or read from colorfully decorated manually postcards. A creative solution would be such tips embroidered on a towel, which young people will definitely keep as a keepsake. Punishment example: «For many years to live together! In grief and joy to be together! Worthy children and grandchildren! Ever and deeply love each other!»

A fairy tale video of congratulations from relatives

Congratulations from the bride’s relatives will be warmly received if you read it in the form of a comic fairy tale. See an example of such a wish-farewell to the newlyweds in the video of one unusual wedding.