Wedding greetings


The Orthodox wedding ceremony is one of the most important events in the life of a young married couple. The birth of a new family union, blessed by God, requires special congratulations on the sacrament, filled with warmth, good wishes for a long married life, spiritual instructions in overcoming crises. Warm words, sincere wishes said during the solemn event, are of great importance for the bride and groom, will long remain in the memory of young spouses. How to congratulate the newlyweds after the Orthodox wedding rite?

How can I congratulate the newlyweds on their wedding?

After the completion of the Orthodox wedding ceremony, it is customary to give gifts to a young family, to congratulate them on their entry into a new life together. To say warm words of wishes to the newlyweds in honor of the end of the sacrament is a great honor for invited guests to the holiday. A solemn message addressed to the newly made spouses should be delivered from the heart, come from the depths of the soul. Saturated with warmth, sincerity, grace, wishes will always find a response in a young couple, leave pleasant memories, heartfelt thanks to the guest.

Wedding Greeting Card

In verses and prose

Congratulations to the newlyweds with the wedding ceremony can be both in poetic form and in prose. If you have the opportunity, then, having allocated some free time, compose your quatrain dedicated to the birth of a new family, complementing it with musical accompaniment. Even if it is only four lines, but you put all your joy, happiness, delight for the newlyweds into them, the message will find an echo in the hearts of the newly made spouses.

Wedding Poetry

If you are at a loss to write poetry, then a sincere wish in prose is a worthy version of a congratulation for a young married couple with a wedding. It would be appropriate to compose a message that includes quotes from church books or words of farewell spoken by Orthodox saints who patronize marriage, family relationships, or childbearing. Examples of warm, sincere words for the bride and groom in poetry and prose:

SMS congratulations

If you do not have the opportunity to congratulate the young spouses personally, then you can send an SMS wish with the sacrament, supplementing it with a cool song. The message text can be short or long, contain sincere feelings, heartfelt wishes and spiritual instructions to a young family. SMS congratulations can be in the form of a verse or prose. Words must be written from the heart, express joy and happiness for the newlyweds.

Beautiful wedding greeting card

Compose your holiday message with the words: angel, crown, altar, ring, fidelity, wedding, church, bless, Lord, or use the ready-made options below. Choosing a rhyme, try to put in your congratulations all your feelings of deep spiritual enthusiasm for creating a new family blessed by God, thereby emphasizing the solemnity and significance of the Orthodox event. Example of SMS congratulations on the wedding ceremony:

  • Friends! You have taken an oath to God, have united souls for centuries. I wish you fidelity, happiness, love in a holy marriage!
  • The Lord blessed the family union. May joy, love always sanctify the marital path.
  • On this solemn day in front of the altar, you consecrated and strengthened the marriage. Keep the oath of allegiance, protecting each other.
  • The sacrament of the wedding was accomplished, God himself grace covered the family union. May angels protect you from adversity, and happiness will never leave you.
  • Happy will be your union, sanctified by divine light. God bless and grant love for many years.
  • Lovers! Let the wedding rings become a symbol of immense happiness! The family will be a ray of count, hope and love.

Ideas of beautiful wishes for young people in their own words

If it is difficult for you to remember your ready-made wishes or you forgot to bring home the homework of the message to the newlyweds, then make a congratulation to the young spouses with the wedding in your own words directly during the solemn event. Try to express your feelings with a few sentences filled with sincere joy, grace, enthusiasm for the happiness of the newlyweds. Especially touching are the congratulations in your own words from the parents, dedicated to the daughter or son, from the brother and sister or other close relatives, best friends of the newly-married couple.

From parents

Congratulation from the parents of a young couple in love with a wedding is a key event in the Orthodox rite of the sacrament. On this day, parents say parting words to the newlyweds, bless the lighted marriage, wish a long married life, strong family relationships, patience and all kinds of support for each other in difficult moments. The words of parental wishes should be saturated with sincerity, admiration, warmth, tenderness.

Parents' wishes for a wedding

By encouraging, instructing and blessing the newlyweds, parents provide moral support to the newlyweds at a new stage in marital relations. Congratulatory words can be made in the form of a small sermon, contain quotes from the Bible, spiritual instructions of the saints, emphasizing responsibility, the deep meaning of the event. Examples of touching wishes of the parents of a married couple:

From brother or sister

Congratulations from a brother or sister on the day of the wedding ceremony of the newlyweds play an important role during the solemn event. Spiritual guidance, moral support and sincere joy from loved ones always help us at the beginning of a difficult journey. Brotherly or sisterly wishes spoken in your own words help express the depth of feelings and emotions experienced for the happiness of young spouses.

The sincere words of a brother or sister are sincere support for the newlyweds at the new stage of family relations, faith in the longevity of the marriage. Nothing can express joy like congratulations on a wedding ceremony from a pure heart, caused by a spiritual impulse, an emotional uplift during the celebration of the sacrament. Options for sincere wishes from the brother or sister of the newlyweds, said in their own words:

From best friends

Best friends are our faithful allies of life, who are always present together during important events, support in difficult times. If the newlyweds decided to get married and invited you to share this significant event with them, then the best gift for them would be a congratulation on the wedding ceremony, said in your own words. Try to make the wish unlike everyone else, original and unique.

Do not formally congratulate yourself, prepare and rehearse your performance in advance! Then your kind words spoken during the Orthodox sacrament will find a response in the heart of a young couple, will be remembered and will delight the newlyweds for a long time. Examples of touching messages in your own words from best friends for a married couple:

Original wedding anniversary greetings

The anniversary of the sacrament is an important holiday for spouses, an indicator of strong relations, another milestone passed for a family union. It is customary to celebrate the next year of living together in a close circle of relatives and close friends. Of particular importance on this day is the congratulation of the spouses - an occasion to solemnly say sincere words of gratitude to the husband or wife, to confess love, affection, tenderness. Original wishes with a wedding anniversary, filled with a deep spiritual meaning, it is advisable to prepare and rehearse a few days before the holiday.

Wedding Anniversary

Husband from wife

The sincere congratulation of the wife, dedicated to her husband on the day of the wedding anniversary, is always exciting, touching. To make the words remembered for a long time by your soulmate and guests of the celebration, try to put all your emotions and feelings towards your husband in the wish, do not be afraid to show love and affection. Your spouse is the support and support of the family union, which shares with you not only joys, but also sorrows.

Prepare the text of the congratulation in advance and read it several times before the anniversary of the sacrament, so that during the solemn event there will be no extra hesitations and hesitations. It is important that the message reflects your love story of family relationships, comes from a pure heart, is saturated with spirituality, tenderness, affection for your spouse. An example of gentle words for a husband from his wife for an anniversary see below:

The congratulatory words of the husband said on the wedding anniversary of the wife play a significant role during the solemn event. This is a great opportunity to tell your soulmate about how you value and love her, about the wonderful years spent together, about a long and happy family life. Each married couple who has gone their own life can share their recipe for a successful relationship, joy and happiness in marriage.

Congratulation of the spouse - a sincere love confession, a story told about a happy family life, mutual support, endless patience and acceptance of each other. The words of the spouse on such an important day will tell you about the depth of emotions, reveal and show the inner world of emotions and feelings of your soulmate. An example of touching wishes and declarations of love for a wife from her husband on the 15th wedding anniversary see in the video:

How to get a greeting card for young people?

Festive decoration of a wedding greeting card can complement the wish, emphasize sincerity, warmth of words and instructions. When choosing the appearance of a card, rely on the main idea and meaning of your message! The image on the back of the card should emphasize, emphasize and harmoniously combine with the content of the greeting. Having chosen the appropriate option, write a message on the page with a beautiful handwriting, then the wish will surely please the young married couple.

A self-made wedding greeting card is a wonderful addition to a gift for the newlyweds. If you are at a loss to make a card yourself, order an exquisite handmade copy made in the shape of a heart, an angel or decorated with artificial flowers, lace, ribbons, rhinestones. Beautiful and original design options for greeting cards with a wedding ceremony, see the photo below.

Wedding Greeting Card Examples