Flaxen wedding - beautiful congratulations


Flaxseed, or as it is also called, a wax wedding is celebrated in the fourth year of the spouses' joint life. This name for the fourth anniversary was not chosen by chance. The strength of flax material symbolizes the reliability of family ties, which have strengthened over four years, and the couple began to love and value each other even more than before. During flowering, flax is covered with beautiful blue and blue flowers, which in ancient folk songs have more than once been compared with the eyes of a loved one.

After how many years is the linen wedding celebrated?

Flax wedding - the fourth anniversary of family life

As already noted above, a linen wedding is celebrated in the fourth year of the couple's joint life. Traditionally, women for the holiday wove linen from linen, after which they sewed bed linen or, for example, clothes as a gift for their beloved husband. Caring wives decorated items with exquisite embroideries, lace or a hem. Husbands, meanwhile, made linen figures. Products acquired the status of relics, were cherished throughout the whole family life, were inherited.

In the old days, an unusual ceremony was performed at the celebration of linen weddings. Husband and wife were seated next to each other on chairs, after which they tightly bound their hands and feet with rope material. If the spouses could not get out, then their love was strong, and the family life was reliable and long. Also, the couple was traditionally showered with flaxseeds, which were a symbol of a happy, long, fertile relationship.

Original flaxen wedding greetings

Original congratulation - a symbolic gift for a linen wedding

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of family life, the couple sets the table, covering it with a linen tablecloth, inviting relatives, relatives, friends, and friends. A linen wedding is a wonderful opportunity to refresh the memories of the past wedding celebration, to say congratulations to each other, pleasant words of love and gratitude. Relatives invited to a wedding usually also prepare greetings for spouses.

In verse

Congratulation in verses is an unusual way to congratulate a family

Congratulations on a linen wedding are in poetic form or in prose. If you were invited to the celebration of the fourth anniversary of family life, you should prepare in advance for the celebration, think over a congratulatory speech. The original short congratulation in verse form will surely please the heroes of the occasion. If you have creative abilities, a penchant for writing, try to come up with an original congratulation in poetic form yourself.

The modern pace of life, constant employment at work and at home does not allow many of us to find time to write holiday greetings in verse on the occasion of the celebration of the wedding anniversary by friends or relatives. In this case, the Internet has a wide variety of pre-compiled universal greeting poems that will help you express your joy for your spouses. Below are some interesting verses for congratulations..

In prose

Prose - a great option for congratulations on a linen wedding

Sometimes, with the help of quatrains taken from the Internet, it is impossible to convey all the warm and kind wishes to a married couple. If you would like to reveal in your congratulation an immense sense of joy for spouses, it is worth paying attention to prose. There are many kinds of blanks. Taking the finished speech as a basis, during the congratulation it can be diluted with a funny joke, your own thoughts or warm spiritual wishes from yourself.

Congratulation in prose is a suitable option for the family and friends of a married couple who would like not only to give a beautiful speech, but also to put a deeper meaning in it, focused on only one single couple. Any husband and wife in a relationship has their own unique features, mentioning which in a congratulation, you will demonstrate to the heroes of the occasion your respect and attention. Below are a few basic options for congratulations, taking as a basis one of which, you will definitely be able to make a beautiful touching speech.

SMS congratulations

SMS is another way to congratulate on your anniversary

Nowadays, almost every person has a mobile phone that makes it possible to send short congratulatory messages via cellular communication. This is incredibly convenient and practical, especially if the congratulator does not have the opportunity to attend the celebration of linen weddings, as well as personally say warm words to the spouses. In addition, with the help of SMS messages, spouses can congratulate each other, being, for example, at work or away. On the Internet you will find a lot of options for greeting messages, both comic and romantic.

Funny greetings in my own words to her husband

Congratulations in Your Own Words - Best Anniversary Gift

A flaxen wedding is an excellent occasion for a couple to gather relatives and friends at the festive table, so that they can congratulate the couple on the fourth anniversary of their life together. However, it is equally important to loving husband and wife to congratulate each other on the occasion of such a significant holiday. To originally congratulate your beloved husband, there is no need to go in search of funny poems and speeches. It’s best to set aside some time to write greetings for your linen wedding yourself..

Words spoken from the heart cannot be compared with verses and congratulations written by someone else. When writing a speech for your beloved husband, try to remember and describe funny moments from your family life together, funny situations that you can laugh at together. Make a humorous list of your spouse’s merits. Certificate for the fulfillment of three wishes - an original cool gift on the occasion of the celebration of linen weddings. Do not forget to tell your beloved how much you value him, respect him, thank him for his love and care..

Beautiful wedding anniversary greetings to wife

Warm words of the spouse as a balm for the soul

A flaxen wedding or a celebration of four years of a married couple living together is an excellent occasion not only for gathering relatives and friends, but also for congratulating each other's spouses. Warm words of love spoken by a beloved husband are able to win the heart of any woman, inspire her, give a lot of pleasant emotions. Carefully think over your speech in advance, in which you must remind your beloved wife of your love. It's no secret that women love with ears, so kind words often become better than any gift.

A man should not skimp on sincere words of love and compliments on the day of the fourth wedding anniversary. When composing a congratulatory speech, include pleasant memories of the solemn day of the wedding, the first date and kisses. Women are mostly sentimental nature, so your memory of the innermost moments of the relationship will become a sign of your love and respect for your wife. Sincerely tell your beloved about your feelings, the wife will appreciate it.

Do not forget to mention in your congratulatory speech that you are going to love your spouse throughout your life, respect and take care of her, protect from any attacks and life hardships. Tell your beloved that you are her reliable protection and support, which will not fail in difficult moments, she will definitely share her happiness and joy with her beloved. A flaxen wedding and poetic greetings are an original way to express your wife your emotions about a solemn event. But, if you want to make a special gift, think over the speech yourself, from yourself.