The words of congratulations on the wedding of the son-in-law from the mother-in-law


The daughter’s wedding opens a new stage in the life of any mother: daughter get married, she will already have her own family. A large burden of responsibility is dumped from the mother’s shoulders: her husband is obliged to take care of the daughter, and mother’s responsibilities will include only help with her grandchildren. At the same time, the mother wants her daughter and her husband to have only a good relationship. In his congratulation, the mother-in-law tries to express her wishes to the young about their future life together, she wishes them love and mutual understanding. Also, the mother of the bride wishes the young to remain faithful to each other.

Examples of congratulations from the mother-in-law on the day of the wedding

Parents of the newlyweds are one of the main characters in the wedding celebration. They are actively involved in organizing and conducting weddings. It is necessary not only to prepare the event well, but also to conduct it successfully. Guests, newlyweds (especially son-in-law) should feel that the mother of the bride is happy, the wedding has taken place, and the bride will have her own family. If you do not prepare a ceremonial speech in advance, those present at the celebration may think that the mother of the bride is unhappy with something or is too lazy to say a few warm welcome words to her son-in-law.

Examples of congratulations from mother-in-law to son-in-law

In order not to face the face during the wedding, the mother-in-law must prepare a speech in advance. Learning a few quatrains is not difficult. It is important that, in addition to congratulations on the wedding, the son-in-law also hear a few words of farewell, although the main part of the mother-in-law's speech is the words of congratulation. The congratulatory part of the speech should include good wishes - love, happiness, even in the days of bad weather, health for young people, their future children. It will not be shameful if the mother-in-law wishes the son-in-law not to delay the birth of the child: raising children is the main meaning of marital relations.

In verses and prose

For a congratulatory speech, you need to learn 2-3 quatrains. It is advisable to come up with verses yourself, but if this is difficult, you will have to learn other people's verses. As an alternative to poetry, congratulatory texts in prose should be considered. To come up with prosaic congratulatory texts on your own is much easier than writing poetry. In order for the congratulation to remain on the video and photo, before the start of the wedding ceremony, you should notify the photographer, the operator’s video, at what point should the shooting.

Examples of congratulations in verses and prose

The text of the mother-in-law's greeting should include congratulations on the long-awaited event - the wedding. Usually the mother-in-law wishes her son-in-law to be loved, happy, and to please her grandchildren as soon as possible. She also wishes the groom health, success in business and financial well-being. Joking and ironic remarks are allowed, but you have to joke so that your son-in-law is not offended. Some families have a tradition of calling son-in-law a son. If the groom is not aware of this, he should be warned so that he is not surprised at such treatment. We offer such examples of appeals to the son-in-law:

So the wedding looked into the house darling,
I want to bless my son-in-law.
To my daughter called you «favorite»...
I only wish to live together in happiness.

Let the sun be in the nest cozy,
The warmth and joy of life only flourish.
And daily fly to you in the window
Colored butterflies to create a holiday!

My family, this is happiness,
What did you meet each other!
Love card of red suit
May the tenderness of the spouses lie!

You are my children - no need «mother-in-law»,
Groom, call me mom...
After all, I'm dear, by the way,
From which sides look!

Now I will call you - son,
I know you won't mind
In simple words I will say congratulations,
Hope you don't blame.

I want to wish you a lot of good,
In hard work - success,
And at home so that the kids are waiting for you
So that your house explodes with laughter.

Love our daughter and pamper and pity
May there be no bad weather in life.
And whatever happens - look more fun.
I wish you great happiness.

Something hurt my skinny son-in-law.
Immediately evident: lived without a mother-in-law!
We’ll fix it.,
And we fat the fat.
I have considerable experience:
Ten years pigs kept.

Oh but noov my explosive...
If something, then ... immediately into battle!
Not in vain I scare.
I present my daughter to you,
So that my blood
In happiness and love lived!

If your beloved daughter
Radiant eyes
I will see from marriage,
I will call you «son»,
And believe me, I will not hurt!
So honey don't pamper!
A quick mother-in-law kiss!

Today you are beautiful my daughter,
I wanted to cry with happiness.
Now you have your own family,
What have you wanted for so long.

So be great you're always a wife,
Caring and faithful wife.
And always keep peace in the family.
And be the best friend for your husband.

You, son-in-law, got to me,
Mother-in-law you are not afraid,
He took our daughter to his place,
Wrapped, bewitched!

Take care of her now,
Let the door open happiness,
Let the family live in love,
And dancing and singing!

Let everything be alright,
Life goes chocolate,
Look here, son-in-law,
This is mother-in-law greetings!

For a beautiful verse
We will walk down the street,
To such a groom
All the people admire,

I was grateful
My baby daughter,
What brought about this
I have a good son-in-law.

And now publicly
I promise easier,
What will i be for him
The best mother-in-law!


My dear son-in-law, you today,
I am in a hurry to congratulate you on your wedding.
And now I'm calm for my daughter,
I also wanted to add.
You became a son during this time,
And there were quarrels, though not enough.
You have to bear the burden,
And so that love does not run out!


You, son-in-law, got to me,
Mother-in-law you are not afraid,
He took our daughter to his place,
Wrapped, bewitched!
Take care of her now,
Let the door open happiness,
Let the family live in love,
And dancing and singing!


Dear beloved son-in-law!
Here is someone to take an example!
So that you live but don't bother,
Daughter loved, was friends with me,
I drink this glass to the bottom,
Pour all the wine!
I drink for the newlyweds
And I will not shed a drop!
To live for you - do not push!
Happiness to know and not to shed tears!

I do not believe in jokes about relationships with my mother-in-law and I am proud that our family is getting bigger. There is no greater joy for me than to see my daughter's happiness and to know that we will all become relatives now. Let the wedding day be remembered for many years of a happy marriage.

No matter how many amusing stories of sons-in-law and mother-in-law are composed, I love my son-in-law very much! He is my one and only, faithful spouse of my only daughter! Always be as wonderful as today, gather faithful friends around you, wholeheartedly love your young wife and just - be happy!

Wishes from the mother-in-law in your own words

The best congratulations are what you invented yourself. If nothing comes to mind, there is always the opportunity to take advantage of other people's workpieces or draw from them smart and interesting thoughts. Some people are able to give a wonderful speech without preparation, impromptu. Even if a slight hitch occurs, the effect of the original wish will not decrease at all, because the mother of the bride will wish good and happiness to the mother.

Wishes from the mother-in-law in-law in his own words

In his congratulatory speech, emphasis should be placed on wishing the son-in-law a happy, prosperous married life. It is not necessary to offend the groom with offensive remarks, but a good joke in the mother-in-law’s speech will be appropriate. Congratulations come down to the wishes of family happiness, prosperity, prosperity and marital fidelity. With a large concentration of relatives and guests, it is easy to lose composure and forget the congratulatory text, even if it is memorized. In this case, you should prepare a leaflet with the text of congratulations.

The words of the mother-in-law as an appeal to the son-in-law

Often, the mother of the bride is not quite happy with her brother-in-law: well, there are almost no ideal people or almost none, each groom has his own shortcomings. But this does not mean that you have to put up with shortcomings: you should pay attention to this, and if the opportunity arises, advise yat to get rid of them. A wedding congratulation is just such an occasion. It is better to refrain from direct threats and, moreover, insults, the words of the suggestion should sound in a veiled or comic form.

The words of the mother-in-law as an appeal to the son-in-law

So that the congratulatory speech does not look like a suggestion session, the instructive words should be diluted with wishes of good, happiness, prosperity and neutral vocabulary. If young people are experiencing any difficulties, and their parents are able to help them, it is imperative to mention that they can turn to them for help at any time.

Video mother-in-law at the wedding of the young

In her parting word, the mother of the bride congratulates the young, wishes them great family happiness, love and fidelity. The mother-in-law also wishes her son-in-law and her daughter to create a friendly family and expresses the hope that troubles will bypass their house, and the newlyweds themselves will trust each other in any situation. Newlyweds should feel that their parents will help them in difficult situations. Not always the mother of the bride understands how to make a wedding appeal to the father-in-law. We offer you to watch a thematic video, which shows an excellent example of the mother’s parting address.