Congratulations on the wedding from mom to son


Every mother understands that the child is a guest in the house. Sooner or later, the kids grow up, acquire their family and offspring. If the girl’s parents are ready for this from the very beginning, then mothers of sons are often jealous of the future spouses of their children. On the day of the son’s wedding, it’s important for the woman to show the newlyweds that she accepts their marriage, blesses and loves with all her heart. Congratulations will help to express these feelings..

How to congratulate mom son on your wedding day?

Congratulating her son on marriage, a woman can express pride in the fact that he grew up as a wonderful person, achieved success, found such a beautiful girl. Mom does not need to worry about the text to sound original or unusual. In pre-wedding efforts, there is not always time to find the right words for congratulations. The most sincere will be those parting words that are said sincerely from the heart. For example, a mother may wish a young family to be tolerant of each other, steadfastly overcome life difficulties, and keep love in any situation.

Mom with her son at a wedding celebration

Congratulations from the mother will be touching if she can express her feelings for what is happening as sincerely as possible. During the wedding, the hearts of the guests will most likely be melted by the words of excitement and anxiety for the fate of the child, and at the same time, trust in the chosen one, which will surely help overcome adversity, will be able to make her son happy. It is believed that it is extremely difficult for mother-in-law with daughter-in-law to find a common language, and a beautiful congratulation that does not bypass the dignity of the hero of the occasion is the best way to prove the opposite to those who believe in it..

Mother-in-law with daughter-in-law

Wishes in Prose

Not always and not everyone manages to express their feelings in verse. Congratulation and parting words of mother to her son will not become less sincere if it is in prose. A few examples of such parting texts below will help you express your emotions and wishes for the head of the new family. They will be appropriate at the festive table:

  • Dear newlyweds, beloved son and beautiful daughter-in-law, I sincerely congratulate you on this wonderful event, the day of your wedding, the beginning of a long journey together. Now I remember myself: how exciting it was to sit at the head of the table, among hundreds of guests on the day when my family life began. Then I knew that love would cope with any troubles, everything would be fine. You will have difficult moments, you will be happy, the main thing - do not leave each other, do not let appear gloom, bile. You, son, show respect for your wife, and you, daughter, protect your husband.

Frankly, before the guests of this magnificent wedding, I will worry about my son, because I raised, fed, brought up. Now much has changed, my role is to help as I can, give advice, if necessary, to be a true friend of the new family. Please accept my congratulations on your wedding day, dear newlyweds, be happy, successful, love each other. May God reward you with small children, so that they will please you, as you are me. Let a lot of things come together as you yourself want. Congratulations!

Groom Mom Congratulates Couple
  • Dear son, I appeal to you first. You were a strong boy with me, pleased your mother. I remember how he helped me around the house, met me after a hard working day with a cup of tea, diligently taught even those objects that I don’t like to avoid my frustration. Sometimes, son, it was not easy for you and me, but we went through these difficult moments. Now look at yourself: you are so strong, beautiful, successful, there is a beautiful wife sitting next to you, whose radiant smile illuminates this wedding all day.

Dear bride, daughter, I am happy that you have become the chosen one of my son. Like any mom, I am proud of my child, love, trust his choice. If he fell in love with you, then surely your soul is not more beautiful in the world. I wish you from today's wedding day to old age to live peacefully, helping each other, always substituting a shoulder of support, together reaching those peaks that cannot be overcome individually. And as I can, the more I will try to help, if necessary. With the wedding of you!

Touching wishes

Mom’s love is always admirable - is there a person in the whole world who is closer? Any motherly congratulation touches those present, makes you think a lot, remember your own parents. Here are some examples of surprisingly sincere, sweet and sincere wishes from mom to son on your wedding day:

  • My beloved son, there is no greater joy for mom than to see your own child, whose eyes shine. You are all shining with happiness. I thought that I would be jealous when the time came to let you into adulthood, to give to a girl who will take care of you ... But on your wedding day I feel different: fun, joy, pleasure and appreciation to the beautiful bride who made my son smile so wide! I congratulate you, young, on your wedding, I wish that this radiance now radiated never leaves your eyes!

Parting speech from mother to young
  • An important day has come for me, which I have been waiting for and so afraid of - the marriage of a child. Here is my testament to you, son, on your wedding day: be a strong husband, let your spouse feel like behind a stone wall. Be patient, son, because everyone disagrees, do not hurt your beloved with a sharp word, when the moment of anger comes. Be loving, do not forget to gently contact your wife, then you will become the happiest husband. Try to be understanding, even if you don’t see the reasons for her tiredness or irritation - after all, the differences between a woman and a man are great.

Have fun while the wedding is buzzing, while greetings from guests interrupt one another. But when the celebration ends, start working hard, because you became the head of the family. You will not only have to work, getting money, son, but also constantly work on relationships. If love is not cultivated like a flower, then it will wither. Do not be afraid of difficulties, boldly go towards life's adversities, do not be shy to ask for support from your beloved wife. From the day of the wedding, this girl will be your mom, sister and best friend, but do not forget about your roots - about me and dad.

I wish you to become a worthy husband, as you have always been a worthy son for your mother. Protect your family, children, wife, and then you will be happy. Let your life be a real adventure that you and your spouse will survive together until the very end. Happy wedding! Happiness!

Mother's words when newlyweds meet with a loaf

The classic wedding celebration implies the blessing of the newlyweds, which mom and dad pronounce with a loaf. Modern people rarely use the traditional ritual of meeting the heroes of the occasion with this product, but congratulations still look beautiful and interesting. When the groom and the bride approach the spouse's mother, she says the following words:

Groom's mom presents the loaf to the young

«Beloved, dear, respected, son and daughter, accept my congratulations on your wedding day, which marked the beginning of a new family. This loaf is not just a tasty dish, but a symbol of the fact that you will live richly, safely, take prosperity in everything. Break off a piece of delicious cake, and then present to each other. Warm bread served at your wedding, let it keep warm in your hearts to each other forever! I wish that you never starve, that you always have something to treat guests with. May you live happily ever after!

On the day of such a wonderful wedding I want to wish you, future children health, the unceasing fire of love, peaceful happiness under the roof of the house. My son has always pleased my heart, it is an honor for me that our family also has a daughter! I am sure that we will all live loving each other, because goodness and understanding warm our hearts. With a wedding, young!»

What song to sing as a congratulation to my son?

Some mothers give their sons an unusual gift - a song. The choice of the work depends on the personal preferences of the mother: it can be an old song with an appeal from the mother to her child or something related to the past of the family. The main thing is that it reflects the essence of congratulations. A popular song is perfect for a wedding celebration. «May you live happily ever after».

Video: musical greeting to his son at a wedding

A musical wedding greeting to your son on your wedding day is a great opportunity to express your emotions and feelings. See in the form below how the beautiful mother splendidly performs a touching song dedicated to her son as a toast / speech, wishing him a happy family life with his wife.