Interesting wedding greetings


An important, crucial day in the life of lovers is wedding day. To share the joy, to have fun together at the wedding, the newlyweds invite their relatives and friends. By tradition, when preparing for a wedding ceremony, guests prepare gifts and congratulatory words in which they try to put a maximum of kind words and wishes. Beautiful congratulations will help convey the feelings, emotions that invitees experience to the bride and groom. It’s worthwhile to prepare your wishes in advance so that at the moment of congratulation you don’t get confused and beautiful, and most importantly, sincerely give your speech.

Options for interesting wedding greetings

Congratulations to the wedding can be romantic, touching, humorous, comic or funny - the choice depends on the relationship of the guest and the bride and groom, the desire of the guest to express their feelings in one form or another. Interesting words will give everyone present at the celebration a few extra minutes of fun, cheer up, everyone will remember for a long time.

Interesting greetings can be in poetic form or prose. But do not read whole odes - long speeches quickly tire and the meaning of what is said is lost, everyone is not interested. If possible, words should be learned, it will be more sincere, sincere, beautiful. Not only classic greetings, interesting verses, but simply beautiful, dear to the heart words spoken by myself, with soul, sincerity, love, can please newly-made spouses.

Greetings in verses

Particularly popular at the wedding are interesting congratulations in poetic form - beautiful words associated with rhyme create wonderful wishes for a new, young family. A huge selection of such verses provides an opportunity for each guest to choose a wish to their taste, one that the young ones will absolutely enjoy, touch their souls or have fun.

A wedding is a romantic celebration, so in most cases touching holiday words and toasts sound. Such congratulations are usually chosen by older guests - parents, aunts, grandmothers. After all, this day they have no time for jokes, they enjoy a happy moment when their children have grown up, have created their own family, therefore, in their wishes, they try to say with love the warm words of parting words, blessings.

Happy wedding day, we congratulate you,
We wish you success, happiness!
Live for glory, love each other,
After all, from this day you are a spouse.
Divide everything in life, friends, in half -
And the labor and anxieties that meet you.
Let your life flow like a river,
In a way that knows no barriers!
And let it be above your head
Only three constellations burn:
One constellation - Love.
Other - Fidelity and Happiness,
And the third is just Kindness.
May they sparkle over the family,
To make dreams come true.

Oh life! You give the newlyweds
In life, paradise and loving children,
Great happiness, good health!
Let them be lucky for your good friends!
You warm each other with love,
Do not lose your feelings for trifles
And give birth to more children,
It will be interesting for you to live with them!
Know how to yield, know how to forgive,
Keep warm the hearth,
And for each other, do not spare life...
Then adversity and trouble pass you by!

Put on gold rings,
Worth in the seal certificate...
Well, young spouses,
We wish you this day?
So that the music sounded in the house,
So that you are not bored together,
Live together, interesting,
To be happy - the house is full!
Love cherish trustingly, vigilantly,
And only at the wedding, let it be "Bitter!"

Today you are married,
For you - a happy day in the world!
Since you lit the lighthouse of love,
Then let it shine all your life!
Everything turned out the way you wanted,
And then came the welcome hour -
You donned the chastity rings,
Flowers and music - for you!
Walk close together in one foot,
Beautiful strong family.
Let it not be easy dear,
But be sure to direct!
To be near in the heat and cold,
For the honor of the family to stand the wall,
So that the groom is a good husband,
The bride is a glorious wife!
Love cherish trustingly, vigilantly,
And only at the wedding
Let it be "Bitter!"

Dear newlyweds!
You have a special day today.
So be happy always.
Let the road be bright,
Let the family be friendly.
Keep sensitivity, tenderness, affection,
The thrill of the first meetings.
And the rings that you took in your hands,
Manage to the end to save.
Never in your life.
Such days will not be repeated,
Always supposed to love,
And only once get married!

In a poetic form there can be funny, mischievous greetings, which will certainly please all guests, heroes of the occasion and will be remembered for a long time by their originality and uniqueness. Friends choose such interesting verses, wishing to cheer a little, perhaps somewhere to pull up the spouses. Comic greetings include the most sincere wishes to love each other, live a happy, friendly life, well-being, kind words. It’s simply said that everything can be in an unusual, unusual form for many.

Happy wedding day guys!
A husband and wife,
As far as we remember,
One satan!
Wish you a long time
And joyfully live:
Wife to be cheerful,
And to the husband - to make laugh!
And in family life
Soul does not grow old:
Wife to be beautiful,
And to the husband - to want!
And of course,
Give birth, bring up:
Wife to become a mother,
And to the husband - to plow!
And, in general, we wish,
What to say,
Wife to be loved,
And to the husband - to love!

I hasten to congratulate - the wedding took place!
Yes, I wonder who is more fortunate.?
The bride that became a married lady,
To all lonely girlfriends?
Or maybe the groom? Now no need
Jumping out of bed again, look for socks!
The wife will cook everything, iron,
In the evening, offer a delicious dinner,
And gently put her husband to sleep!
Dare you guys! I sincerely wish
As you walked here, you can live life!
So that you always understand each other,
And so that we could yield to each other!
Now each of you has two salaries,
But twice as much household chores,
But there is love, so let it guys,
All my life you lead hand in hand!

You are cheerful and happy -
And that's just the point.
I congratulate you on the holiday -
Happy wedding day. Good luck!
The bride to be docile
And get along with the groom
And to mother of new muck
Don't talk later.
And the groom be affectionate
And be friends with my mother-in-law.
Then seem like a fairy tale
You will be married life!

Be healthy, live rich,
How much will your salary allow you.
But you know, salaries are never enough -
Shake all the ancestors - they will add to you.
You have twice as many parents
Love them stronger, stay longer.
Do not be afraid of droppers, do not be afraid of diapers.
Give birth to boys, give birth to girls.
But children are bored with parents.
Throw them to grandmas, they will bring up.
But most of all I wish, however:
So that there is no marriage from your marriage.

Originally, fun at the wedding will sound a congratulation-command for the bride and groom. In a comic form, the prospects of family life are briefly outlined, the new responsibilities of the newlyweds, henceforth, as husband and wife. Such funny, fervent wishes will give you a sea of ​​positive emotions, joy, laughter. Such words may sound appropriate both from the lips of young guests and from people with great life experience..

Congratulations on your wedding day!
We wish you happiness and love!
To keep your marriage strong,
Only do this:
The bride:
Husband in the arms carry,
Don’t ask for a salary,
Try to wash, cook, wash,
Smile to your father-in-law more often
And idolize the mother-in-law -
So you save love!
Don't get lost in the garage,
Buy gifts for your wife,
Forget about girlfriends,
With a mother angel be,
Drink more with father-in-law -
There will be no family, but paradise!

Ready for the young wife
Parting word:
Love respect,
Get to work,
Meet me from work.
To lay on the sofa
Don't give him,
And in the hands of a string bag
Give more often.
And if he forgot
Buy something,
Don't rush
Scolding him right there.
Maybe twenty
Repeat it,
Affectionately, gently,
But don't measles.
And we say
Again and again:
Remember man
Can not be humiliated!
Before the word
Spouse say,
Think Thrice! -
Why take the risk?
Try tastier
Spouse feed,
He will love you for it.
Be beautiful,
Less tears, more laughter!
Here are the key secrets to success.!
Well, for the guests
It's time to raise the glass,
«Bitter» drink
And dance!

Wives do not need much:
(These truths are simple)
Only beautiful outfits
Decoration, flowers
For Ferrari to be with her husband
At worst - «Fiat»,A.
A lot of money - also needed,
In stores so that was a thieves.
That there was an apartment — a fairy tale!
Cottage somewhere in the Crimea,
That the husband was always affectionate,
I would understand what was happening!
Well, dear friend,
Do you want your wife to love -
From the first days do not be late
Create all the conditions!
How lovely your wife is!
- So that it’s always been like that
Remember, you are our dear:
Be careful with your wife.
Never cross her
Do everything right, you will live then
Long, peaceful, glorious!
My wife needs help:
Fry, steam and wash.
It’s not early to wake up in the morning,
You should go to the store.
And the kids will appear -
So that you wash their pants.
On the leg so that they swing,
Loudest of all so as not to shout.
So that on holidays and on weekdays,
To summer and winter,
No matter how difficult
Guarded the wife's peace.

In prose

For those who don’t know how to read poetry with expression and feeling, congratulations on wedding day in prose are suitable. A beautiful text with the wishes of a happy, cloudless family life, healthy children, prosperity, mutual love will not leave anyone indifferent. Prose wishes can be touching, serious or comic, funny. Such texts are always easily perceived by the heroes of the occasion, by guests, memorized for a long time, and sometimes quoted.

Dear newlyweds! I wish you had more ... black in your life! Yes Yes! So that the young husband always went in a black suit, with a black diplomat, to get paid «black cash» with «back door». And the young wife to ride on black «Mercedes», rested by the Black Sea, ate black caviar and drank black coffee!

Real life consists of many trifles, empty words, disputes, life situations. Life is a garland of colorful, bright and cloudy days. And the peace and well-being of your life, dear newlyweds, depend on your prudence and consent! So let everyday trivia not spoil the main thing in your life - happiness and joy.
For your happiness, newlyweds!

French writer Andre Terrier wrote: There is no happy life, there are only happy days.
Let’s drink to the fact that the newly created family has many, many happy days, from which as a whole would be a happy life!

Often, family life is compared to the new year. At the beginning there is a big celebration, congratulations and gifts. But some time passes and people understand that this year is very similar to the past. Therefore, I want to wish the young couple that today's celebration was not for them the beginning of a new year, but the beginning of a new era! Let's raise glasses for us, and for young people who showed us what true love is.!

My beloved (Name) and (Name), a variety of congratulations on your wedding day sounded today in your honor, I only have to add one. Each time a boy is born, plant one poplar near the house, and each time a girl is born, one birch. And so that when we all come together to congratulate you on the golden anniversary of your wedding, we would see a poplar alley and a birch grove.

In your own words

The most sincere, kind congratulations will be not those that sound standard at every wedding celebration, but those that are said with all my heart in my own words. Such a wish will be the most sincere, touching, memorable. Everyone can think over in advance the speech that will be delivered for the newlyweds, this is especially true for those who can get confused and cannot find the right words at the right time. Others can improvise, supplementing what has already been said, focusing on the most important.

Dear newlyweds! On this day, you made a very important step in your life - you created a new family. We wish you to be able to carry the love that kindles your hearts now, throughout life. We wish that your dreams, plans for the future, feelings do not break into everyday life, and that gray everyday life is not boring, and the relationship does not lose romance - make pleasant surprises more often to each other and do not forget to tell each other «I love!»

On this beautiful day, the closest, dearest people gathered for our newlyweds with one goal - to celebrate the birth of a new family and to express their congratulations to the newlyweds. The most important thing is to always do everything together, then there will be no extreme and you will be responsible for everything together. Let all adversities, troubles go around your marriage, home side, and quarrels be solved with a simple kiss. It is difficult to imagine a full-fledged family without charming kids, so we wish more healthy heirs who will become true happiness for you.

Dear newlyweds! On this day you united your destinies and received new statuses for yourself «husband» and «wives»! From now on, you have to divide everything into two - joys, troubles, fun and sorrows, be a real support, support for each other, live and walk together hand in hand. We wish that the thread that connected you on this day become stronger every year, gradually turning into a strong rope! Do not forget, from now on you are the most dear and close people, take care of love, be happy!

There is an opinion that family life is divided into two stages - a honeymoon filled with romance, sensuality, passion and the rest of life, where only life remains. We want to wish you to have your whole life like a honeymoon, rich in love, kisses, so that you enjoy each other, creating your life story that will become an example for your grandchildren. Take care of those feelings that you could experience, try to carry them through your whole life, while maintaining tenderness, passion for each other until the golden wedding!

Video: interesting wedding greetings

Congratulations to the young ones lasts throughout the holiday: when they give flowers at the registry office, during a wedding walk, when they present gifts, during a festive feast. Unusual congratulations on the wedding day with gifts can be turned into a fun event, during which the guest will be able to present the gifts brought, originally congratulate the newlyweds, cheer them up and the guests. An example of this «representation» look at the video: