Wedding greetings to girlfriend in their own words


There are several options to congratulate a girlfriend on a significant wedding day: write wishes in your own words or find them in a ready-made form. It is better if a beautiful thematic congratulation is learned and rehearsed in advance, because no one is safe from the fact that at the crucial moment, due to bewilderment instead of smooth speech, confusing phrases will flow. Here we have collected various congratulations to a friend for a wedding. Choose what you like best.

Options for original congratulations to a friend on a wedding

A non-standard congratulation to a girlfriend on her wedding day will be a speech in her own words with visualization, when beautiful words are accompanied by a set of photos projected on the wall, pictures where you and your girlfriend are at parties, at one desk or at work. Some mount a small film, which is necessarily appreciated. At its core, the ideal greeting for a girlfriend is a story of friendship in stages: how they met, how they were friends, what happened after her meeting with her future husband.

The strongest in congratulations should be the ending of the speech, which carries the main semantic load, because people most remember the introduction and the end of the text. Hold on more confidently, control facial expressions, gestures, watch your emotions so that everyone accepts speech with pleasure and sounds sincerely. Before the wedding, spend some time rehearsing congratulations in front of the mirror and then at the celebration you will feel more confident.

Congratulating a girlfriend is better without a piece of paper

Beautiful words of congratulation in verses and prose

Congratulate a girlfriend on the wedding day does not hurt the verses of his own composition. In them it is desirable to describe the meeting of young people, the story of their love, hobbies. A pleasant surprise for a friend will be remaking some hit in his own words, and a comic selection of poetic congratulations will make everyone smile if the bride and groom are all right with a sense of humor. We offer several options for congratulating a girlfriend on a wedding in verse:

I wish my girlfriend,
So that this holiday lasts for years,
So that your eyes shine with joy,
So you always go hand in hand.
So that disputes and quarrels have passed you,
You knew how to compromise,
So that you always understand each other,
And could not live without each other!


Love palm warm and big
Covered an amazing couple.
And hand in hand, soul with soul,
Now forever together (name of the groom) with (name of the bride)!
(Bride's name), sun, you are like a sister to me,
I wish you to get to the stars,
So that life is beautiful and generous!
So that everything you dreamed about came true!
You know how to achieve victory,
Well, the family is partly also a race:
Discoveries, recognition and passion,
Well, then diapers, diapers.
And (name of the groom) bold, strong, strong-willed,
Always with a smile meets a new day,
He will be wonderful in the family head,
And the children will never get bored with him forever.
For both of you being so good,
We thank our parents warmly,
And I wish you with all my heart,
So that your happiness be endless.


Congratulations, my dear friend!
So your wedding has struck an hour!
I wish everything from my heart,
So that everything was fine with you.


Happiness may be a dream come true
In your family forever and ever,
Let the hearts bloom day after day
Limitless your love!

Some do not like verses in the form of congratulations on their wedding day, because now there are so many ready-made options that many people consider this a platitude. It is easy to prove to everyone that female friendship exists with the help of sincere congratulations to a close friend in your own words that will sound from the bottom of your heart. For example, such:

  1. Ancient wisdom says: in life there are only two wealth that must be protected - this is health and wife. After all, it is known that a good wife is the crown of a happy family life. She will replace a friend and become a support. A good wife and husband have gold! I would like to congratulate the groom on gaining such wealth and raise glasses for my beloved girlfriend (bride's name)!
  2. Dear friend You and I have been together since childhood, believed in fairy tales and waited for the beautiful princes. You finally waited for your hero! I want to wish your couple that the fairy tale in which you find yourself never end. Every day you will write a new chapter. Let harmony reign in your family, and souls bloom with love, like flowers every morning. Take care of each other!
  3. Today is a special day for my girlfriend. It seems that nothing has changed: the birds are also singing, the sun is shining, but (the name of the bride) has become a married woman. Let a world full of mutual love, happiness, resounding laughter and children's voices be revealed to her beyond this sharp twist of fate. And it doesn’t matter who will rule this world, and who will get the role of navigator. The main thing is that your hearts beat in unison! Bitterly!

Congratulations from the girlfriend of the bride must be sincere

Short wedding SMS greetings

In life, there are situations when there is no way to congratulate a girlfriend on their wedding day in their own words: you are in another country or simply could not escape from work to a celebration. A great opportunity to get out of a difficult situation is to congratulate a girlfriend using SMS. A short phrase in verse form will make it clear that you have not forgotten about the holiday. A small message, filled with meaning and good wishes, will certainly be appreciated by the bride. A few examples of short SMS:

Bride and groom - happy couple,
Union will help you consolidate love.
I wish you, both young and old
Side by side, life together, living together!


Plays for you today
Mendelssohn's Wedding March.
Let your love burn
And hearts beat in unison!


I congratulate you on your wedding day!
With the start of your family journey!
And in life I wish you married
To find unearthly happiness!


Be happy, take care of each other!
Bring your love through the years!
Live in a friendly family,
So that we can go for a golden wedding!


I wish you eternal burning,
Love alone but for two,
Health, vitality, patience
And all the joys of the earth.

Cool toasts in your own words

Congratulating your girlfriend on your wedding day during a toast is also a great option. In your own words to express joy and drink for the bride’s happiness together with all those present is an old Russian tradition. Choose the warmest words, because you have known a friend for a long time and are devoted to all her cherished desires and dreams. But if the fantasy has exhausted itself, then we offer several original wedding toasts for a friend:

  • It is believed that in the first year of married life, usually the wife speaks, and the husband listens. And in subsequent years, both speak, and neighbors are listening. Let's drink for our newlyweds to live their whole lives, as in the first year, listening to each other!
  • Why is it permitted under our laws to have only one wife? People joke that this law protects those men who cannot protect themselves (from other women). Let's drink so that our fiancé (name) never wants to be in a harem. Not because I could not have done it, but because (the name of the bride) alone is worth a thousand harems!
  • Scientists still can not answer the question: what is love? But all people agree that love is an unsolved mystery. Let our newlyweds solve this riddle every day and never solve it to the end! Bitterly!

How to congratulate your best friend on your wedding day?

Accompany your congratulations on your wedding day with balloons, a photo collage or a large poster with photos of the newlyweds in different roles. Knowing the route of the wedding, post a large photo of the bride and groom on a billboard. Let the whole city see this beauty! If it is too expensive for you, put the original congratulation in your own words in one ball so that the heroes of the occasion could read the words only by breaking it, and without the help of hands. Make your greetings funny in your own words so that your friend is proud of you and always remembers you with love.