Wishes for the young wedding in your own words


At the ceremonial table, guests need to utter pleasant and warm words. And everyone wants to speak unusual, especially. If the poem is not your element, we offer wishes for the wedding in your own words. A lot of respect, warmth towards a young couple is invested in such. It is not necessary to memorize the wishes thoroughly, remember the basis, and in the process add soulfulness, sincerity. If you are worried, stammering at important events, write down your wedding greetings. It is not forbidden to beautifully arrange it and hand it over to the newlyweds.

Ideas of original wishes from dear newlyweds

Many assume that only the poetic form of a wedding wish sounds beautiful and original. But this is far from the case! Warm words in prose can be sincere, interesting, if properly composed. It is not necessary to introduce pompous words into the speech, it is necessary to clearly and simply congratulate the groom, the bride, and sincerely rejoice for them. Below we give examples of wishes in your own words for a wedding, among which you will definitely find the ones you like for the bride and groom.

From parents

Parents congratulate the newlyweds

The wishes from the parents to their son or daughter, who had a wedding, are very touching and emotional. Parents on this day release their children from the family nest, allowing them to twist their own. They will always support them, but from now on, the children themselves will begin to build their hotbed of ideal happiness and love. Parents may wish for the birth of heirs, maintaining an eternal flame of warmth in a relationship, happiness and caring. Below are the wishes in our own words for the wedding from parents:

  • When two lovers find each other and bind themselves by marriage, a new star lights up in the sky. So let your love star burn brightly, illuminating the path of your new family and giving you warmth.
  • In the vast ocean of our life, a family is a ship, at the helm of which is the wife, and the husband plays the role of a sail. So we wish the bride to find the right course, and the bridegroom to be hardy. Let your caravel surf the waves of a happy family life for many years. And if a storm happens - the deck of your ship will always shine with love and peace.
  • A special day has come for our newlyweds. A new union has formed on the planet, a new star of love has lit up in the sky. We wish prosperity, a strong family, so that no domestic strife and difficulties do not overshadow your days. You share the joys and tribulations in half. May your fire of love never go out, turning into an indestructible union of two hearts. Happiness to a new family and a new home! Cover each other’s back, take care, try to respect and understand in any situation! We wish you to hear the loud children's laugh as soon as possible! Be happy and healthy, our children!
  • Congratulations to the young on a bright, important day in their lives. Another beautiful family was born, which, like a flower, requires love, care and care! You have entered, hand in hand, into a new stage in your life and there is still a lot to go through: the first successes, failures that will make you even more confident and stronger if love, patience and wisdom reign in your family. We wish you a happy and long years! We wish to give birth to sons and daughters, in whose circle, in an atmosphere of warmth, fun, you will celebrate all the memorable dates!
  • How nice to look at the young, they shine with happiness! I think everyone present will support me. Everyone is happy for you, together with you. This is your day, let this sparkle in your eyes and soul remain with you for life. Let the family hearth bring only positive moments, and luck and prosperity accompany life!
  • They say that love flows into friendship and relationships become a habit. So we wish you that the love that pushed you to this important step in life, grows stronger day by day, so that the warmth and tenderness present in your hearts now never disappears, so that the attention and patience that you have with each other to a friend, were eternal. Try to reduce troubles and quarrels to a joke. Happiness to you, our dear!
  • Dear newlyweds, you have laid the first brick in the construction of your family. We wish that the happiness built is reliable, durable, so that no troubles can destroy it, so that no adverse winds are not afraid of him. May your path shine brightly in the sun!

Funny wishes from brother

Wedding wishes from brother

Relatives of the bride and groom, brothers and sisters, will also shine with happiness for a couple, as the heroes of the occasion. For them it is also an important day, exciting, touching. On the eve of the ceremony, the question arises: how to congratulate, what to say, how not to get lost from the excitement? It is better to prepare in advance so as not to get into trouble. Scribble on a piece of paper what I would like to tell the young, what parting words to give. To be sure that the speech is beautiful, pay attention to examples of wishes in your own words for a wedding from your brother.

  • I want to give advice to our main beauty, the bride: do not contradict your husband. Remember that he is always right, and the woman is never mistaken!
  • Dear bride and groom! Always love each other, appreciate and respect. Let family life be filled with pleasant surprises, and troubles will never overshadow your path. Your union should not know bitterness, only at a wedding can sound bitter!
  • I wish you easy sailing along the sea of ​​life, where the sun will always shine, and a fair wind will make life smooth. May your ship always be filled with love, and waves of prosperity wash its sides every day! Let the wind of unity drive your family in the back! And the flag on the ship is family happiness!
  • I wish to learn for young people to throw firewood in a blazing bonfire of love in a timely manner! Indeed, well-being and feelings of union depend on this skill!
  • Let's congratulate the young together! Let the heart fill only tenderness, love, kindness, and eyes shine with happiness. Let the groom remain a reliable support of the family, no bad weather, troubles will not break him. For young!

Congratulatory words from the sister

Sister touching wish

Wishes in my own words from my sister are always very moving, exciting. You can recall in your speech the days spent together in your father’s house, the funny moments that happened. Usually sisters are entrusted with the most secret secrets, they are very valued. Show all your tender feelings during the performance at the wedding. Do not forget to mention how happy you are for the young couple, for the choice made in life. The words said are of great importance, because they can no longer be taken back. If the congratulation is unsuccessful, it will leave an unpleasant aftertaste, and you will reproach yourself.

Therefore, it is very important to prepare thoroughly. Carefully select each word, write down a wish on a piece of paper, in which you can peek if possible. Sister is allowed to prepare a bright and emotional greeting, unlike other guests. But it’s important to know the limit and not to cross the fine line so that the congratulation does not look vulgar or like a family scene. Guests should not feel superfluous. If you can not decide what to say, look at the proposed options for wishes in your own words for the wedding from your sister.

  • For me, your wedding is a very exciting moment, because you are very close to me. I am overwhelmed with emotions from happiness for you, from the excess of tenderness that I want to throw on you. Always support each other, develop together, be good every day. Always compromise, make concessions, do not forget about that bright, pure feeling that united you.
  • You are the happiest chosen ones, because you managed to find each other. Let your hearth burn with a bright flame of happiness, love, fidelity!
  • Family is a musical instrument. The disharmony in it is not a rare state, so turn around in every way to achieve order. I regret that the music of your hearts never interrupted with notes of falsehood, sorrows, disappointments, so that it contained cacophony of quarrels, scandals. Let the hearts beat in unison!

From the best friend of the bride

Congratulations best friend

There can be two options for congratulations: to memorize a poem or rehearse wishes in prose in your own words. The second option is considered more sincere. Be sure to prepare in advance, because no one is safe from not being confused at the last moment and giving out an incoherent stream of words instead of beautiful speech. Wishes should come from the heart: it is not forbidden to dilute it with a joke, a fun story, if the bride has a good sense of humor. After all, the best friends are connected by many interesting and funny moments.

An interesting way to express your desire will be visualization - a set of photos, slides, which depict your cheerful company. If desired, make a short film that young people will appreciate. An ideal congratulation can consist of a life story in stages: acquaintance, funny, bright moments, the appearance of a future husband on the horizon, stories that confirm your true friendship. However, do not tighten your ledge, it can tire all the guests. Speech should not last more than three minutes.

The ending of the wish should be capacious, strong, carry a semantic load. This is due to the fact that the beginning and the end are remembered in the congratulation. During your speech, keep yourself confident, because this is a happy day for your best friend and only the closest people are gathered at the celebration, among whom there is a place for you. So away all the excitement. For clues, we give examples of wishes in our own words for a wedding from a witness or a best friend.

  • I want to express my admiration for the queen of the day, the bride. Look how beautiful she is, how happy her eyes are verbose. She will surely add up. Let this light always be in her eyes, let the tears, the hardships of everyday life never extinguish it, let the heart burn with passion, kindness, the eyes never stop glowing, and the husband always helps her, serves as a support, hope, protection, whatever happens!
  • As a witness to today's union, I want to testify: you are created for marriage, happiness, love, the birth of healthy children, which I wish you. Be completely happy, only on this day, let it be in words ... bitterly!
  • I'm at my wedding better than my girlfriend! She is not just my friend, she is my soul mate. We went a lot together with her, and now she is embarking on the long road of life. But you should not be afraid. After all, an amazing world awaits you, full of happiness, love, sonorous laughter, baby talk. I wish you a long journey on your family ship. Divide everything in half so that the path is both joy!

From the best friend of the groom

Best friend congratulatory words

Friendship is a great value in human life. Therefore, an expensive present is not so important for a wedding as the presence and attention of good old friends. After all, they can not only help in trouble, but also sincerely rejoice for the newlyweds in happy moments, admire your choice. Friend is an honored guest. In his solemn speech, it is not forbidden to recall that you value friendship, how important the groom and his chosen one are for you, to wish the best from the pure heart.

Wishes from a friend can also be comic, funny and fun. If interesting moments are connected with the groom, do not forget to mention them in your congratulatory speech. Just do not need to tell all the guests about why the bride or groom will have to blush. If you do not know what to wish to the newlyweds, use our examples of wishes in your own words for a wedding from a friend.

  • I congratulate you, my friend, and your beautiful darling, on the day of marriage. I wish you to conquer new peaks, walking hand in hand together, so that you are always lucky, so that only pleasant, easy worries fall on your shoulders, so that you all do together, supporting, encouraging each other. I wish you to learn to appreciate every moment of family life, to forgive each other.
  • My dear, I want to congratulate you on your wedding day! When we were young people, we dreamed of beautiful princesses who would share our lives with us. And so, you waited for your love. But this will not end your tale. At this stage, her new page begins, without adversity, misfortune. Let life be filled with good moments, vivid impressions, children's laughter!
  • Matrimony is a novel in two parts: honeymoon poetry and prose for the rest of life. Poetry is the shortest part, and prose is a lot of pages. Divide the second part of the novel into several small segments, make each of them a honeymoon poetry!

How nice and short to congratulate young people on their wedding?

Beautiful wedding wishes

In order to beautifully and briefly congratulate the young on their wedding, it is worth considering the wish for the wedding in advance. If you are well acquainted with the couple, then remember the case when you realized that these people are intended for each other. If you know little, then pay attention to appearance and congratulate with a metaphor. For example, compare their life together with the dazzling outfit of the bride, or wish to always remain as happy as they are now. Try to be sincere and wish for what you yourself would like. Here are some examples of wishes in your own words for the wedding:

  • Congratulations to the dear newlyweds. Let your bright, amazing life become even happier, more tender, warmer, and others do not cease to admire your beauty.
  • We wish the groom that his bride loves cars, sports, beer, fishing. And he, in turn, is passionate about shopping, cooking, series. Then your life will be perfect!
  • Gems become amazing only in the hands of the master. Fate connected you, showing the whole world a true masterpiece in which the newlyweds shine brighter than a thousand suns. Let your marriage be durable, durable!

Video greetings in your own words from friends

In the video below you will see the options for wishes in your own words for the wedding. Here are voiced both touching and sweet words, and funny, funny.