How to sign wedding cards


Do you want to beautifully and unusually, vividly and indefinitely congratulate the newlyweds on their wedding day? An exquisite bouquet for the bride, a gift for the newlyweds - this gives the official style. Present a handmade postcard by writing warm, sincere wishes for love and happiness. Prose or poetry is not so important. The warmth with which the phrases of parting words for a happy life from parents are saturated will warm with warmth in difficult moments; congratulations (comic and not so) from friends will be a guarantee of support. How to sign a wedding card to convey all the warmth of feelings for the young?

Postcard congratulations rules

The tradition of giving small envelope cards for celebrations with banknotes inside is not a reason to refuse another nice gift. The wedding card, which friends, relatives invited to the wedding signed with their own hands, will be a pleasant surprise, will preserve for the long time in the memory of the newlyweds the best moments of the wedding day. When choosing, consider the following features:

Celebration style wedding card
  • Style of celebration. The thematic wedding involves not only the appropriate decor and surroundings, but also sets the bar high for guests. Find an unusual greeting card that repeats the style of a wedding ceremony.
  • The size. A small or huge wedding card is not the best choice. The first is easy to lose in the turmoil of triumph, and the second, perhaps, will have nowhere to store because of its size. Medium-sized postcard - perfect.
  • Preferences of the groom with the bride. Creative people are pleased to receive congratulations from family and friends signed on a hand-made wedding card. Fans of exquisite, high style will like an exclusive gift, stylized as an old manuscript, or parchment scroll. Young people will love a beautiful typographic card chosen with love.
  • Availability of printed ready-made text. There will be no problems with such a postcard, because an unknown author came up with everything for you. But it is more pleasant to receive congratulations on the wedding, written by the hands of the giver with soul and tenderness..

How to sign wedding cards in order to make it pleasant for the young, excitingly, after many years, to open the yellowed leaf and remember the solemn wedding day? The design rules are as follows:

  1. Postcard envelope is not accepted. If you want to emphasize the name of the donor, you should sign the envelope briefly.
  2. The closer you are acquainted with the newlyweds, the warmer, affectionate words and phrases are used for writing.
  3. Beautiful words on sheets of an unusual wedding card, decorated in a certain style, will make a splash if written in pen and ink.
  4. Signing a wedding card is better succinctly.
  5. A comic form of congratulations will always be appropriate, but try not to overdo it.
  6. Create a congratulation text structure to make it easy to read.

Text structure

The text of the congratulation for the bride and groom, which you sign on the wedding card, is conditionally divided into four parts:

How to structure greetings in a wedding card}
  1. Appeal to the young. It is preferable to contact the groom with the bride by name. For parents, the following phrases will be correct: «Dear kids!» «Our golden ...». Relatives, friends sign the appeal with the words: «Favorite ...», and distant acquaintances - «Dear ...».
  2. Congratulation text indicating the reason for the holiday. It is appropriate to use: «With great joy ...», «From the heart…».
  3. Main part. Words of parting words, warm wishes, affectionate phrases, comic addresses - it all depends on your imagination.
  4. Signature. A reminder of the donors will be an exquisitely signed wedding card, which after many years will give pleasant memories.

In what style to sign congratulations?

Remoteness of kinship, close communication, long-term friendship are factors that influence the choice of style of signing a wedding card. If unfamiliar work colleagues, «necessary» people or very distant relatives buy a standard typographic greeting card, relatives and friends will make every effort to come up with something creative and exclusive.

If the guest is a close relative or acquaintance

Signing a wedding card with comic jokes, a share of humor from family, close friends is quite appropriate. Family ties, close relationships predetermine affectionate words of love and care, sincere feelings of joy and pride. Beautiful verses full of warmth will decorate the greeting. Funny jokes, congratulations, full of laughter and fun, emphasize the atmosphere of the holiday.

How to sign family wedding greetings

If the guest is practically not familiar with the newlyweds

Guests who are not familiar to the newlyweds, invited to a wedding, or distant relatives whom the bride or groom had never seen before the wedding day, should be more restrained in the manifestation of emotions. In this case, standard, classic phrases and appeals will be appropriate. Wishes in the text will also become more traditional: «long years of happy life», «strong love».

Traditional wedding greetings from friends

Examples of beautiful texts for wedding greetings

How can you beautifully congratulate the newlyweds by signing a wedding card? The bride and groom will be happy to read kind words, wishes that convey sincerity of feelings, emphasize the tender attitude towards young spouses. Create your own, exclusive version of congratulations using the examples below.

How to sign a wedding card beautifully

Congratulations from the parents of the groom or bride:

«Our beloved kids!

On such a solemn and magical day, we want to congratulate you on joining the union of two loving hearts! May this day forever remain in your hearts, souls, warming you with the warmth of love, giving the sun's rays of happiness, joy!

We want to wish for the fulfillment of cherished dreams, consent, understanding. Do not forget that going through life hand in hand is not an easy task. Only mutual feelings, support, great love will help to overcome any obstacles; patience and care will be a reliable rear for new achievements. We wish you a home «full bowl», pleasing with children's voices, laughter!

Your dad and mom»

How to sign a congratulation on a wedding card from colleagues in prose:

«Dear (name of the bride) and (name of the groom)!

We want to congratulate you on a significant event - the day of marriage!

We wish you high feelings, hearts embraced by love, warmth, comfort for many, many years! Let happiness illuminate the way, smiles and good mood do not leave the soul. Appreciate the joyful moments of communication, often speak gentle words to each other, then the joint life of two lovers of love will turn into an endless celebration.

Your colleagues»

Relation poems from relatives:

On this solemn holiday

We sincerely, young, wish,

So that never mistrust is a shadow

Love is not overshadowed. And so you always

Guiding star in the life of the star,

So that happiness shines, so that we live long.

So that wisdom and patience are enough,

And to always cherish each other.

So the kids gave birth to the fittest,

To understand that their lovely grandchildren.

And never to have bad days

You have not met in a life together!

Congratulations on the wedding card from grandparents:

From now on you, the bride and groom,

Be happy forever be together.

Start a child, and so that never to the yard

Problems, troubles did not get nailed,

So that happiness settles in the house.

And never on the rocks of life

The family is not to be broken.

Poems wishes from relatives and friends:

May the beautiful dear

Your life will curl.

Happiness let it step in the foot,

It protects. Good afternoon!

May fate give you

Kids - Love Flowers.

May all wishes come true

The wildest dreams.

Wedding greetings from friends in verses:

We wish the family a young

Survive the Golden Wedding.

Always give each other happiness,

Fart away bad weather.

Have a cozy bright home,

So that the kids settled in it.

We also wish to live together,

To be able to forgive, believe, love.