How to calculate a wedding cake


Cake is an indispensable attribute of a wedding celebration, the culmination of a banquet, always a welcome and expected delicacy, which the invited guests are waiting for and will definitely want to try. And since there are a lot of guests at weddings, it’s hard to guess with the right size so that everyone has enough not only to try, but also to get enough. If there is too much cake, this can lead to unnecessary expenses, to spoilage of the product, which after the wedding will have nowhere to be stored for a long time. Therefore, it is important to correctly calculate the size of the cake. Fortunately, there are many methods for this..

Three Tier Wedding Cake

What to consider when calculating the weight of the cake?

The size of the cake can be calculated in different ways:

  1. Experienced pastry shops themselves can calculate the desired size of the product, based on the number of guests and your wishes.
  2. Wedding organizers, hired professionally, can be guided in the proportions of refreshments by the number of guests.
  3. You can calculate the weight yourself.

In the first two cases, it is worth trusting specialists who are truly versed in this matter. If you are not sure about them, then it is better to rely on yourself, because you better know the invited guests, your material capabilities. Chefs should also clarify the ratio of the volume of the cake and its weight, calorie content and composition. Organizers can help assess the demand for dessert by the time it is served, which also affects the amount needed. The remaining calculations will help to make special tables and calculators for calculating the weight of the wedding confectionery.

Portioned wedding cupcake

Number of invited people

Cake is ordered based on the number of guests. However, there are some nuances that must be considered:

  • Not all invitees eat sweets for health reasons. Do not take them into account when determining the desired weight.
  • Cake auction. A tradition at weddings is an auction where a lot is a portion of a wedding cake. If you sell portions of dessert to guests without fail, then those who don’t eat sweets will get it all the same (respecting young money for an auction lot). If the sale of the whole cake takes place, it will be difficult to regulate how many pieces will go, because guests can either not buy a single one or buy everything to help the newlyweds financially.
  • Personal stock. You should not order a cake only for a wedding, let it stay a little the next day, when desserts are especially in demand and the newlyweds will want to eat a few pieces in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Distribution at home. Newlyweds can give part of the cake to guests with them. If this is provided, then you should order a product weighing a little more than necessary.

Cake with a tier heart for a small wedding

Calorie cooked meals

In determining the size and calorie content of the dessert, the nature of the holiday menu also matters:

  • If the feast is small (wedding reception), the dessert should be more than 1 piece each, because the cake itself will be the main treat of the sweet table.
  • If the event provides a wide menu with a change of dishes and a long celebration, then the dessert may be a little, enough for 100 g per person, as guests will already be full by the time it is served.
  • If the menu is wide, but not high-calorie, then sweets can be more than 1 piece per person.
  • If the cake is airy but not heavy, then it may be more than normal.
  • If the cakes are heavy and high in calories, then the pieces may be smaller or one standard cake will suffice.

Tasty low-calorie wedding menu

Table for calculating the weight of the cake per number of people

After you take into account the number of guests and other important organizational issues, using the table below, you can calculate the number of cake by weight and determine the approximate number of tiers. Please note that the number of tiers is indicated on the basis that the cakes will be average in density, not very airy. An air cake may have 1.5-2 times more tiers, its output for each guest will also be greater, but it will be more difficult to get enough of such a treat.

Table for calculating the weight of a wedding cake

If there are more guests, then the dessert should be proportionally larger, with the calculation of 1 kilogram (piece of 100 grams) for ten guests, plus 1-2 kg extra. The more people, the more should be «lap» - these are supplements to guests who in the remainder can be sold in a lottery or left by the newlyweds for themselves.

«Lap» 1 kg per 10 people will allow distributing a treat after the wedding to guests at home, which will surely please them. If the slices are planned for 150 g, then such calculations will not take into account additives and extra servings. To learn more about the rules for calculating a wedding dessert, help the video:

Wedding Cake Weight Calculator

A convenient tool for calculating the amount of cake for a wedding is an online calculator. It is easy to use, as well as take into account nuances such as cake sales and the number of people who do not eat sweets. However, it should be understood that the results of such a calculation are approximate and require consideration of the other factors listed above. To correctly calculate the ideal dessert weight, do the following:

Airy Light Wedding Cake

  1. Enter the number of banquet participants.
  2. Enter the number of people who don’t eat sweets below..
  3. Evaluate guests' love for sweets (this parameter may be affected by the calorie content of food, cake, the nature of the guests, their tendency to eat sweets, the form of a banquet, and other nuances mentioned above). Choose from the proposed options («Moderately», «Strong», «Do not like») suitable.
  4. Check if a cake auction is planned.
  5. Click «Calculate».

Wedding Cake Yogurt

As a result, you will receive not only the approximate suitable weight of the wedding treat, but also the approximate amount that such a treat will cost. The amount is based on average offerings among popular wedding cake companies and shows only the price category to which dessert of this size belongs. This function is very useful, because it will help determine how costly a cake will turn out for young people..

Giant Cake for a Wedding

A wedding cake is a special treat that brings joy and a sense of celebration. If material possibilities allow, it is better that he be calculated with a margin in order to be able to enjoy them after the celebration. To determine how much food will be in demand at the wedding, and which will remain for the newlyweds, it is worth using special calculation tools. Considering the obtained indicators and additional factors, you can order the desired amount of dessert, thereby reducing costs and avoiding unpleasant situations at the celebration.