What to drink at a wedding


Planning a wedding feast is not an easy task. Still, because you need to take into account so many nuances: the tastes of the guests, the number of drinks and food, the general aesthetics of the table. One of the main questions remains, what to drink at a wedding? Champagne, vodka, mineral water and juices are considered traditional drinks for this event. But such a tradition is not always good. To date, there are a huge number of alternative non-alcoholic, alcoholic drinks that guests will like.

What drinks are used to drink at a wedding?

What is customary to drink at a wedding? Three types of drinks are usually offered: strong alcohol, wine and champagne. The wedding day begins with champagne and, as a rule, everyone drinks sparkling wine without exception: a walk, a meeting of guests, a wedding ceremony is accompanied by a foamy drink. During the banquet, all guests are divided into two types: lovers of strong alcohol and fans of light, accompanying drinks that you can drink slowly. In general, alcohol should be chosen wisely, because drunken guests are a serious wedding nuisance.

Bride and groom

Champagne remains the main drink for the newlyweds, without which neither a buffet table nor a walk can do. A good alternative to champagne is the ladies sweet favorite - a carbonated wine drink. To effectively serve champagne, you can order a pyramid of glasses or a fountain. Remember that this drink is insidious. One glass gives a light festive mood, but ends for some with a headache. Do not give up champagne, just dilute the choice of light alcohol with vermouth, dry wine.

The next drink of the newlyweds is wine. It is divided into red and white, dry, semi-dry, sweet, semi-sweet. As for the French, who are at the origins of the origin of the drink, they recognize only dry wine, which perfectly sets off the taste of dishes, lighter. Choose wines from Cuban, Italian and French producers. Good quality Chilean, New World wines (Australia, South and North America).

Champagne for a wedding

To guests

What do guests at a wedding drink? Guests can drink both light alcohol along with the newlyweds, and stronger. Women and men usually choose different types of alcohol: ladies like fine light wines, champagne, cocktails, martinis, but a strong half of humanity prefers alcohol with a high degree. Often, guests are served the following drinks:

  • Champagne - remember that in large quantities it is better not to drink, otherwise you will earn a headache. One glass is enough for guests to become more fun, to easily communicate.
  • Wine - it is customary to place bottles on tables during a feast, but it is not forbidden to serve them for a walk, after a ransom. At the banquet served white, red. For a walk, choose a lighter dry.
  • Vodka - no wedding can do without this alcohol with a high degree. But men should offer alcohol exclusively at a banquet.
  • Less often served gin, rum, whiskey. Such drinks are specific and it is difficult to guess how many people will give them preference..
  • Natural cider is a great alternative to champagne and wine. Such a drink is weaker, tastier.

Wine on the wedding table

How to choose the right drinks for the wedding?

With a question of what to drink to the newlyweds, invited guests at the wedding, we figured out. It is worth considering how to choose these drinks. Indeed, the well-being of guests and the general mood of the celebration depend on the quality of alcohol. Each drink has its own subtleties and nuances that must be observed so that neither young nor guests receive serious poisoning.

Non alcoholic

Usually at a wedding it is popular to drink carbonated mineral waters, lemonades. However, this option is the least preferred. What is the reason for this? Mineral sparkling water contains bubbles that irritate the walls of the stomach and intestines, and sweet soda plus adds a huge amount of sugar. But these organs are suffering from alcohol consumption. Therefore, after consuming carbonated drinks, you get dehydration, thirst, thinning of enamel, excess fat. And nobody needs such satellites.

Let us dwell on juices - only the manufacturer can reliably know what is in the drink, supposedly 100% natural. But if you look from the other side, juice is more preferable than the above drinks. The best choice at the wedding is tea, which guests will enjoy drinking, especially with a cake. Manufacturers offer a myriad of varied varieties. Tea is drunk cold, hot, with milk, ice. This drink is universal. And if you add freshly squeezed citrus juice to the tea, it will be very tasty and healthy.

Lemonade at the wedding


Let's move on to the nuances of the choice of alcoholic beverages:

  • Whiskey - to select a quality whiskey, you should perform the following manipulations: pour into a glass, evaluate the aroma by prolonged inhalation, then pour, let the glass dry, and again feel the remaining aroma. Both smells must be identical..
  • Cognac - to choose a good version of cognac, amid an abundance of poor-quality supplies, is real. Pour into a glass, touch the outer wall with your finger. Look at the print on the other side of the glass: if it is visible, then this indicates good quality.
  • Wine - when choosing, remember that different places of production and bottling speak of a powder drink.
  • Vodka - when choosing alcohol, evaluate its taste: sweetish taste indicates low quality.

Strong liquor at a wedding

To purchase quality champagne, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • The cork should be cork, not plastic.
  • Turn the bottle over and check if there is sediment at the bottom: if there was champagne, it was stored incorrectly.
  • The longer the champagne plays in the glass, the higher quality this indicates.
  • Low cost indicates artificial carbonation, so the taste will be tougher. The natural fermentation process gives a pleasant sweetness and a mild taste..

What drinks are combined with what dishes?

Each drink fulfills its role during the feast. In general, they are divided into two groups: aperitifs, designed to stimulate appetite, and digestives, which accelerate digestion. From the first, the feast begins, and the second - ends. In addition, each dish in the wedding menu should be accompanied by alcohol corresponding to it: this will maximize the taste of dishes, harmoniously complement them, shade, play in contrast.

The combination of wine and dishes

The most common is wine. So, why drink it at a wedding:

  • Poultry, seafood, citrus, exotic fruits perfectly reveal the taste of white wines.
  • For red wine, mutton, beef, fatty poultry, and hard cheese are a great pair.
  • Champagne, sparkling wine is complemented by sea, river fish, seafood, cold appetizers - tartlets, small toasts; caviar, hard cheese, fruit, ice cream, savory desserts.

Strong spirits require special attention. It is worth approaching their combination with different dishes at the wedding with special care..

  • Cognac usually needs to be drunk at a wedding as a digestif. Those who appreciated didn’t have a bite, but if you need a snack, then choose hard cheese.
  • Vodka is combined with fatty meat dishes, flour snacks with meat, spicy fish dishes, pickled vegetables.