How much alcohol do you need for a wedding


A wedding is not only a fun, festive event, but also very costly and difficult to organize. When planning a banquet, it is important to correctly calculate how many snacks, dishes and alcohol are needed. This must be done so that as a result, guests do not remain hungry, do not suffer from thirst, but also to save money on the purchase of excess food and alcohol. The answer to the question about the required amount of a particular type of alcohol for a holiday banquet, you will learn further.

How to count the amount of alcohol for a wedding?

Calculating how much alcohol is needed for a wedding is difficult, but possible. Do not forget that questions about alcohol should be agreed with the administrator of the restaurant where the banquet will be held. What factors are important for calculating alcohol:

  • The number of guests, as well as an approximate guideline - how many drank, non-drinkers, who want a good drink.
  • Age of invitees - you should roughly calculate how many young people will be, middle-aged people. As a rule, young people drink more.
  • Season: in winter, guests drink more strong drinks - vodka, cognac, and in summer they prefer lighter ones - champagne, wine.
  • Wedding Party Duration.

To determine who and what will drink - carefully review the guest list. Close people and friends are invited to the wedding, which means that the newlyweds know approximately what kind of drink those or other guests prefer. So, men are more likely to drink vodka, while women will prefer lighter alcohol - wine or liquor. Putting the appropriate notes in front of the names, it will not be difficult to determine the type of alcohol.

Alcohol for the wedding


Champagne is considered the crown alcoholic drink on the day of the wedding - they are treated to the parents of the bride, guests who come to the ransom. In the registry office, a solemn drink is the first thing that the newlyweds try after the announcement of their husband and wife. You can’t do without champagne during a ride in a limousine or a walk, so that friends don’t get bored and wander around the park at a time when the newlyweds will be photographed.

How much champagne do you need for a wedding? To calculate it is worth using a simple formula. In one standard bottle of sparkling alcohol, 750 ml is about 5 glasses. It is necessary to calculate how many guests and when they will drink champagne:

  • During the ransom of the bride - 1 glass each.
  • During a wedding walk - 3-4 glasses.

To get the exact number, you need to multiply the number of people by the number of drunk glasses and divide by 5. About 1 bottle for a person will turn out. It is advisable that there are 2-3 more bottles in reserve. You may still need alcohol for «thanks», for example, a driver who drove guests or young people, but could not share the joy with them, raising a glass of champagne for them and other people who helped in the organization, but were not present at the banquet.

At the festive table, as a rule, only newlyweds drink champagne, invited guests give preference to stronger drinks, choosing wine or vodka. If desired, it is possible to organize an original presentation of champagne by building a pyramid of glasses that will surprise guests and delight them. To learn how to do this, watch the video:


For the wedding you need to buy red wine and white. This is necessary so that guests can choose which wine to drink on their own (for example, some red wines can cause an allergic reaction). It is also worth considering the combination of wine with products: red goes well with meat, while white goes well with fish, poultry, fruits. Buying wine costs at the rate of 1 bottle per person.

Wine for a wedding


Representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule, give preference to vodka; occasionally women use it, but even if they drink it, then a little. When buying vodka for a wedding, the main thing is to choose a quality proven brand, buy in a store where they can provide a quality certificate. The approximate calculation of vodka is 300-500 ml per person, 1 bottle for two. It is important to consider that many do not drink vodka in its pure form, but mix it, for example, with juice or cola, so it is important to take care of their availability.

Strong alcohol at a wedding party

How many soft drinks do you need: juices and water

How many soft drinks should be at a wedding largely depends on the time of year when the celebration is held, as well as on weather conditions. In the summer, in the heat, guests will consume more water and juice than in the winter. Juice or mineral water must be during a walk so that guests do not wander in search of a store and water. Drivers must have juice or sparkling water. The approximate calculation of soft drinks is 1.5 liters per person.

Soft drinks

Calculation of alcohol for redemption, registry office and walk

When compiling a list of necessary alcohol, it is important to consider that guests consume alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks not only directly during the celebration in the restaurant. The celebration begins from the moment the bride is redeemed, so it is important to prepare everything in advance so as not to be confused, but to adequately receive guests. During the ransom, champagne, juice, and mineral water are used. It is extremely rare for guests to drink strong drinks in the morning. So, for redemption it will be required based on 1 person:

  • champagne - 1 glass;
  • juice - 1-2 glasses;
  • mineral water - 150-250 ml.

Alcohol for a wedding walk

The celebration will continue in the registry office, where it is also necessary to prepare champagne in quantity, as a ransom. It is not advisable to consume strong drinks with a high alcohol content before the banquet, and if you drink it, then very little. For a walk you will need champagne (1 bottle for two), juice - 2 glasses for one, mineral water - depending on the season, 200-500 ml per person. It is also important to remember that for a walk you should take disposable glasses, preferably with a margin (twice as much).

Calculation table for alcohol per person

To simplify the calculations, you can use special calculators or the table below. To apply this method of calculus, it is necessary to roughly divide the guests into three categories: low-drinking, medium-drinking and multi-drinking. Further, based on the table, it is possible to approximately calculate how much alcohol for a wedding celebration lasting 6 hours, who will need.

Alcohol calculation table for 1 guest

When preparing for the wedding, it is important to consider all the details. The question of how much alcohol, juice and water is needed is an acute issue for many newlyweds, since it is necessary to buy a sufficient amount of drinks, taking into account the preferences of all guests and adhering to «the budget». This is real, you need to carefully calculate everything and take into account all the details that may affect alcohol consumption..