How to set up tables at a wedding


Do you need to organize a wedding banquet, comfortably accommodate guests? The wedding ceremony will require the organizers to think through the smallest details. In order for the celebration to become a real holiday for newlyweds and guests, it is necessary to choose a room, place tables in it, and place guests. How to do it right, what recommendations should be taken into account? Let's try to figure it out together and make a table layout.

How to seat guests at a wedding party?

How to accommodate guests at a wedding

Have you invited a considerable number of relatives, friends and colleagues to the wedding banquet? Or do you plan to celebrate a significant event in a narrow circle with parents, witnesses and the closest? In each of these cases, one will have to puzzle over the question of how to comfortably accommodate invited guests. In order for the holiday to leave positive emotions, consider the following points:

Relatives and friends at the wedding table

  • Decide on the final invite list.
  • Try to find out common interests, hobbies of guests. Think about how to combine individual companies, couples, relatives on both sides, placing them at the same table.
  • According to etiquette, it is desirable to alternate between males and females.
  • Provide special places for young children near their parents. For older children, select a separate table. It’s so cool - to sit at a separate table from your parents, congratulate the young.
  • It is advisable to get to know young friends, relatives, and colleagues before the wedding. Then, taking into account the interests, you can combine the companies by placing together.
  • Unmarried and unmarried guests without a couple should not be seated next to an elderly aunt Masha, who wants to talk about her sores the whole holiday. But pandering is also not worth it, follow the measure in everything.
  • Separate couples, relatives, not particularly fond of each other, inform about the mutual invitation to the holiday. Choose places to minimize unwanted communication.
  • Place special guests, VIPs closer to the newlyweds, thereby showing them signs of attention.

How to place the newlyweds at the wedding table

  • Try to accommodate the guests so that all invited can see the young people, at least during a toast for the health of the newlyweds and the traditional kiss of the bride and groom.

European, American versions of wedding banquets suggest pre-arranged accommodation of guests at the table, separate tables with the name of each guest. A plan for the location of the invitees is being prepared, with which the latter are previously introduced. This option is also popular with our youth. What are his strengths??

Card with the name of the guest invited to the wedding

  • The intended location requires quick and comfortable accommodation. Guests do not roam for free; not «come to grips», to whom and where to sit.
  • Convenience with the formation of the wedding menu, taste preferences, try to find out in advance.
  • The constant movement of guests after competitions, dances will not cause the need to again look for a place.
  • Elderly relatives or important people cannot be in an uncomfortable company at the edge of the wedding table.

Take care in advance of the room for a banquet, choose the appropriate option for arranging tables, think about organizational issues. A carefully weighed plan for guests at the wedding will save your friends, family, relatives from unnecessary problems, and you can relax and receive only joyful emotions throughout the holiday.

Wedding table arrangement options with photo

Organization of a wedding celebration

Having decided on the number of invitees, do not delay the decision on choosing a room. After all, the options for arranging tables in the selected room, as well as seating the guests, depend on the quality of the room. Pay attention to the following points:

  • the size of the room for the wedding (how many tables you place, in what way)
  • the presence of columns in the hall or the podium (will it be convenient to sit at the tables);
  • availability of free space to participate in the entertainment program;
  • the possibility of placing tables, seating guests according to your plans.

There are several plans for arranging tables at a wedding party:

  • traditional long tables arranged in a row or with letters T, W, P;
  • freestanding round or square tables with a podium (European scheme);
  • buffet version of a banquet (American style); as separate tables «herringbone».

Let's try to understand the variety of offers.

Traditional pattern

Traditional wedding table layout

Slavic tradition involves arranging tables in one long row. Remember how in old Russian fairy tales? This option is suitable for a small wedding with a limited number of guests (up to 20-25 people). The seating of the guests is supposed to be as follows: couples are seated opposite each other; do not forget «dilute» women's and men's companies of the opposite sex.

A long row of tables at a wedding party

Boring and monotonous? The options are:

  • First, newlyweds may want to be «closer to the people». Separate placement at the head of the table is not always convenient, as the circle of communication will be limited to those sitting nearby. Think about whether you want to take a place in the middle of the table, placing opposite your parents and relatives, and next to witnesses and friends.
  • Secondly, tables in a row do not have to stand in a traditional manner. How do you like this option, as in the photo? Very original and unusual.

Seating guests with the letter P

One of the most popular table layout methods is in the form of the letter P. There are two options - with or without gaps between the tables. This type of arrangement is preferred for a significant number of guests in a small room. At the head are newlyweds, witnesses, parents. Then relatives, close friends. «Shuffle» all, unite by interests, age groups, eating habits, interests, etc..

The arrangement of tables with the letter P

If the premises and the number of guests allow, try to place everyone so that no one turns their backs on each other or on the young. Can't do this? Consider the arrangement of tables, especially the chairs of each wing of the letter P, at a distance of at least 1.5 m from each other. Is there a lot of free space in the room to move around the hall between tables? Great, the first dance of the young, all invited people will be able to see contests and fun.

How to use the free space between the tables

Letter T

Have you invited to a wedding celebration no more than 30-40 people? One of the most convenient accommodation options in this case is the letter T or G (depending on the banquet hall). At the head of the table, place the young and the witnesses. Parents are offered a choice of seats next to a separate table with the newlyweds or vice versa, at the beginning «legs» Letters T. The only negative point: sitting at the end will be uncomfortable to observe the events taking place at the table of young.

The layout of the tables with the letter T

Sh-shaped arrangement of tables

Are you planning to organize a chic wedding ceremony? The number of invitees exceeded 50 people? To conveniently and comfortably accommodate everyone, combine both of the previous options. The result is a W-shaped placement of tables. Do not forget that the size of the room should allow guests to freely get up from the table without colliding with the backs of chairs. This way of arranging tables is not good enough due to the separation of those present in groups, especially those sitting with their backs to each other.

How to accommodate a large number of guests at a wedding

American option

Young people who marry sometimes prefer to focus on closer communication than on a solemn program. The number of snacks and dishes does not play an important role for them. Are you just one of those? Overseas wedding traditions will help you. Traditional for the American continent is the option of a buffet table. A table of young people is placed in the middle of the banquet room, so that the heroes of the occasion can be seen from any guest place.

American wedding party

A separate long table is designed for arranging dishes, snacks, drinks. In this case, you need to think about how to arrange places for rest and snack: free sofas, chairs, chairs. Just do not be surprised if grandparents are unsatisfied with the reception - for the older generation it is inconvenient to keep the plate on weight while moving around the hall with it. The American version will be good for a youth wedding.

European arrangement (Separate tables)

European wedding traditions include a multi-course banquet. Separate round tables are a fashionable trend in the domestic wedding industry. The Italian version of the ceremony involves the creation of a podium on which the newlyweds table is located. Tables are usually square, designed for four people. The English method features a stand-alone rectangular table and round tables for guests for 6 people.

Italian wedding table layout

In the center or at the head, place a table for the newlyweds with their parents and witnesses, as suggested in the diagram. Arrange the tables around in a checkerboard pattern. So it will be easier to communicate to guests and heroes of the occasion. To avoid having your back to the bride and groom, consider «cabaret». The number of people sitting at the table is reduced by 2-3 people, so that all guests are facing, in extreme cases, sideways to the newlyweds.

The method of placing wedding tables by type of cabaret

Wedding seating of guests «Herringbone»

Not every restaurant, cafe can boast the presence of round tables. The way out of this situation will be the placement of tables «herringbone». This method can be considered a successful fusion of the traditions of European and domestic wedding celebration. Set in the middle «main» table for the newlyweds. Separate rectangular tables are placed at a certain angle so that guests do not have their backs to the spouses.

Video: how to set tables in the hall?

Famous host Pavel Kochurin, who attended various weddings, will be happy to share his opinion on how to properly arrange tables at a wedding and accommodate guests. His advice will help to competently place tables in the room, as well as pay attention to family, friends, especially the older generation. Watch the video and take note of the tips: