Making a sweet table for a wedding


A sweet table at a wedding is an unusual modern trend, only recently borrowed from European-style wedding traditions. Candy Bar or dessert table with sweets is not only full of various cakes, cocktails, muffins, candies, cookies and ice cream. The sweet zone is a cozy wedding venue for guests where you can enjoy the exquisite taste of culinary masterpieces, taste the drinks presented, take pictures, chat with each other.

What make a sweet table for a wedding?

Making a sweet table for a wedding

A sweet table at a wedding is not only impressive slides of sweets, it is an important element of decoration. The general opinion of the guests about your celebration depends on how this small but noticeable dessert table is cleaned. Refinement and perfection in the design of a sweet wedding table is an integral feature of all preparations for the wedding. In addition to sweets, the area is decorated with additional elements: small floral arrangements, beautiful dishes, stylish themed figurines and even a large photo of the newlyweds..

The color scheme of the sweet table at the wedding

Making a sweet table for an upcoming wedding is usually ordered in a restaurant where the celebration itself will be held. Designers will fulfill everything at will, take into account the general style of the wedding, and a wedding table decorated by experts will cause a real sensation for guests, add a good mood for the whole day. The variety of sweets baked, decorated with the help of mastery and culinary tricks, drools will flow from the sweet tooth. Connoisseurs of beauty will not only taste unusual sweets, they will appreciate the whole decoration, the whole festive background of the dessert corner.


Sweet Cake Wedding Cake

Until recently, a wedding cake was considered a mandatory attribute of the celebration of the newlyweds. The two-tiered air-tender structure takes pride of place on the sweet table, and also awaits its fate. Thanks to the fashion trends of the West, the list of traditional sweets, confectionery products has increased significantly. Cupcakes, muffins, Madeleines and other sweets supplant traditional sweets of a sweet table familiar from childhood.

Candy Bar Sweets

The world of sweets is huge and diverse, its wealth is easy to translate into an upcoming holiday on a sweet table. The childhood dream of an abundance of sweets and cakes finally came true. The sweet table at the wedding will be decorated not only with the usual mini-cakes, marshmallows, meringues, cookies, but also delicious, only included in traditional culinary pastries, dishes: cupcakes on sticks, nuts in sugar, macaroons, key pops, marshmallows, Madeleines with Madeleines blueberries, candied fruits and other exotic goodies.

The fashionable trend of modern pastry baking is decorating sweet table products with pastille. Fancy figures, ornaments, real art masterpieces are possible due to the unique properties of edible plastic material - pastilles. Sugar candy is white and dyed with natural dyes to display the desired shade.

Stylish dessert table for a wedding

How to surprise guests at the wedding? Sweets decorated with elegant edible beads, ribbons and roses will easily attract the attention of connoisseurs of beauty. Amazing baskets, cakes, cookies, airy cakes melt gently in the mouth, delivering not only taste pleasure, but also aesthetic. The unique masterpieces of culinary baking will be remembered by the guests, and the unsurpassed taste of the eaten dessert will haunt the sweet tooth for a long time. A dessert table with a wide, colorful assortment of sweets will serve as a wonderful backdrop for photos of guests.

The drinks

Drinks for a sweet wedding table

In the hot summer season and not only in the summer, you can not do without cooling drinks. On the wedding sweet table, it is appropriate to place a wide variety of drinks: juices, soda, mineral water, cocktails, fruit drinks. This should show off in rainbow bottles, glasses and other containers. The design approach to the design of the sweet table will allow serving chilled drinks in a rainbow-like interpretation, using various shapes and colors of the dishes. Do not forget to add ice cubes for more chilled drinks..

Chocolate fountain on the wedding table

But what holiday will do without chocolate, cappuccino, aromatic tea? The chocolate fountain is an exquisite innovation of the holiday. Guests will not have to wait for a hot chocolate drink to be served; it is available to pour it at a convenient time on their own. Tea, coffee, cappuccino served in any quantity. It is advisable to taste expensive champagne or wine by filling a glass at a special fountain on a sweet wedding table. Guests will find beer, Coca-Cola in colorful tin cans that decorate a sweet corner at a wedding with their appearance.

Additional decorative elements

Dessert table decoration

Between a wide range of sweets and drinks, you can not do without elements of additional decor for a sweet table. Garlands made of paper, cute crafts, interesting little vases with flowers, selection of fruits by color, size, statuettes of the bride and groom will worthily decorate the corner of sweets at the wedding. Additional details for the decor of the sweet table should correspond to the general style of the celebration, match in the color scheme or, conversely, show some contrast.

Vintage Style Wedding Candy Bar Decoration

The sweet table itself is often replaced with a vintage style structure: an old chest of drawers, a wooden cart, hay, baskets are suitable for this purpose. Antique objects corresponding to this design idea will take their rightful place among the variety of delicious cakes. It is advisable to fix colorfully decorated tags, flags with inscriptions of names and even the constituent ingredients of dishes near each type of sweets. Guests will be pleased not only to try pastry masterpieces, but to avoid, for example, food allergies, upsets after eating heavy food.

How to make a sweet table with your own hands?

Wedding sweet corner in turquoise shades

If you want to show off in design art, then try to make your own wedding sweet table on your own. Take advantage of the below recommendations for the design of a solemn candy bar.

  • Be sure to cover the low table with elegant satin fabric.
  • Create a multi-tier of your composition, that is, imitate the steps on the surface of a sweet table, placing on them different heights of goodies, drinks.
  • When choosing sweets, pay attention not only to the aesthetic appearance, but also their properties to withstand, for example, the summer heat (exclude perishable foods).
  • Try to have a lot of sweet. Do not save, maybe a person wants to re-eat the cookie they like.
  • Think over the color scheme of filling a sweet table with goodies. It should correspond to the general style of decorating a wedding, a hall, long tables.
  • Do not forget to put napkins, tubes and other accessories for tasting dishes in color.
  • Decorate your table with decorative elements: tags, pictures, photos of young people, ribbons, volume letters. There is no limit to your imagination. Give guests a surprise hidden, for example, inside muffins.

Rustic style

Rustic design style of a solemn dessert table

Not sure which wedding style to choose? Do you want to surprise guests with something extraordinary? A wedding in a rustic style in the French style will appeal to absolutely everyone. The wedding, held in a country house, in the nature, amid cheerful singing of birds, fragrance of flowers of the countryside, will be remembered not only for vivid impressions, but also for spectacular pictures as a keepsake. A sweet table in the middle of a flowering lawn - what is more beautiful?

Rustic wedding decor

Embellish the sweet corner of the wedding, using themed items of rural life, tablecloths or linen napkins. Place sweets on the surface using natural materials: sticks of wood, hay, wildflowers, that is, express your imagination. Try to keep the details of the wedding in harmony with each other. Let everything be relaxed, harmonious, and guests will thank you.

Rustic festive table setting

Natural, rural color will not give the impression of boredom, tastelessness, if between the simple details of the interior of the room, the decor of the wedding table there will be elegant pastry masterpieces, fragrant drinks in bright containers, colorful tags, ribbons, balls, other tinsel. Even the bride and groom in their outfit are entitled to use, for example, linen inserts with lace. The dessert corner will not be an exception: delicate, airy cakes, cakes, muffins are located on linen fabric.

In vintage style

Vintage wedding dessert table

Create the coziness of a wedding celebration by decorating a dessert corner in vintage style. Tasty childhood memories may be realized in baking: homemade cookies, marshmallows and colorful dragees, nuts in chocolate, marmalade and other goodies of the past. Having appreciated the vintage style of all the details of the celebration, many of the guests will appreciate it, will be especially grateful for a laid-back excursion into youth.

Crystal in vintage style candy bar decor

To decorate the festive dessert wedding table, use old crystal vases, candy cans, caskets. To transform a simple glass vase is real by placing artificial roses with dew drops there. Some decorators use the bride’s childhood toys to decorate this sweet corner. Do-it-yourself paper crafts would be appropriate.

Photo examples of wedding sweet tables

It’s realistic to beautifully decorate the sweet corner of the celebration of the newlyweds, not only by paying for professional services of decorators. If everything is in order with your imagination and time allows, pre-wedding decor bring to life yourself. Believe me, you will be proud of the work done, you will be appreciated by relatives and friends, and guests will be delighted with colorful photographs against the background of all the splendor of a sweet table. And a specially selected selection of photographic examples of modern sophisticated candy bars will help to achieve the desired result..

Examples of treats for a wedding table decor

Examples of treats for a wedding table decor

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