Wedding cake with their hands


Not a single wedding feast is complete without such a delicacy as a cake. It can be made in the classical style and take the form of a multi-tiered tower, a pair of hearts or reflect the interests of a young couple and be made in the form of an object - a bicycle, book or laptop. Decorations, like the shape of the cake, depend on individual preferences, it can be frills from fondant, chocolate figures, ribbons, beads, multi-colored glaze. Any housewife can bake a wedding cake with their own hands.

Wedding Cake Pastry Tools

Necessary materials and devices

Before you start the process of baking a cake, you must prepare the necessary materials and devices. Their set depends on the shape of the cake, so for a multi-tiered treat you will need:

  • three or more forms for the base (cake or biscuit). For biscuit, it is better to use detachable ones, and for cake, silicone trays. In this case, you will not have problems extracting the baked goods;
  • mixer or blender with nozzles;
  • several deep bowls, enameled or glass;
  • beaker;
  • sieve;
  • cutting board;
  • rolling pin;
  • Pizza knife;
  • baking paper;
  • long kitchen knife;
  • brush for lubrication;
  • mastic tools;
  • molds for jewelry;
  • acrylic sticks;
  • scapula;
  • a pair of pots (if necessary, boil the syrup);
  • food colorings;
  • syringe or bags with nozzles for jewelry.

This list can be supplemented, if necessary, with beads, food markers, diamonds, chips (coconut, chocolate).

DIY wedding cake decoration photo

Three Tier Wedding Cake

After all the necessary fixtures, materials are assembled, the base for the cake is ready, you can proceed to decorate it. We offer you a version of the classic three-tiered cake. It is calculated on 120 portions.

And so, to make a wedding cake, we need:

  • three basics, in our case - fruit muffins with a diameter of 15, 20, 25 cm;
  • half a cup of apricot or any other jelly;
  • 2.5 kg of white marzipan;
  • 3.25 kg of sugar fudge in the color of champagne;
  • one and a half cups of royal glaze;
  • a pound of petal fudge;
  • food colors: dark brown and old gold;
  • five meters of ribbon 2 cm wide champagne;
  • two ribbons 5 mm wide champagne color;
  • four meters of tape 1 cm wide in coffee color;
  • two meters of tape with a width of 5 mm coffee color;
  • six supports in the color of champagne;
  • fresh flowers are white or cream;
  • three round supports with a diameter of 20, 25, 30 cm;
  • syringe with nozzles;
  • greaseproof paper;
  • forceps-clamps;
  • six pieces of acrylic sticks.

Instructions for decorating a wedding cake:

  1. Place each cupcake on a tray of the appropriate size and grease it with apricot jelly. Then cover them with marzipan.
  2. Leave 900 g of sugar fudge to decorate the trays, cover each cupcake with the rest. Better to start with a larger cake. Leave them overnight in boxes in a warm place. Knead the remaining fondant and use to cover the trays. Place cupcakes on trays, hide in boxes.
  3. Prepare the petal fondant and the glaze, staining them with food coloring in the color of old gold. Fill with a royal glaze a pastry syringe with a simple nozzle with a medium cut.
  4. Cut a wide ribbon of suitable length, cover it with all three trays.
  5. Make wax paper stencils. To do this, measure three strips of equal width and length equal to the circles of the cupcakes. Divide each strip into equal parts: the longest by six, the middle by five, the short by four. Fold the stripes along the fold lines. Take a plate, attach it to the stencils so that the top edge is in the middle of the strip in width. Circle the plate and cut the stencil along the resulting contour.
  6. Wrap each cupcake with a suitable stencil, outline festoons with a pin. Remove the stencils. Stretch the cupcakes along the bottom edge with a wide ribbon, fasten the ribbon with drops of royal glaze.
  7. Use the remaining fondant to make frills. To do this, knead the fondant and roll. Using a mold, cut a circle with a diameter of 7.5 cm. In its center, make a hole with a diameter of 2.5 cm. Take a toothpick and create frills with it. To do this, press it around the circumference of the outer edge. Then, with a sharp knife, cut the fudge from the center to the outer edge, so you get a frill.
  8. DIY decorate the wedding cake with the bottom cupcake. On it, along the contour of the stencil, draw a line of glaze, fix the frill, pressing it with your fingers to the surface. With tweezers, clip the pattern at the joints of the frills. Do the number of rows with frills as you wish based on the size of the cake.
  9. Decorate the basics with waved patterns. Paint a part of the royal glaze with a dye in dark brown color and apply it using the nozzle of a confectionery syringe with the narrowest cone on top of the droplets.
  10. Using the thinnest ribbons, make 15 bows of each color. Fasten them at the joints of the frills.
  11. Send the cupcakes to dry by putting them in boxes.
  12. Before the celebration, on the lower and middle cupcakes, you can put support columns. Stick acrylic sticks in them and in the cupcakes themselves. Mark the height of the supports on them, remove them. Cut excess. Use acrylic sticks and supports to assemble the cake. You can add chocolate chips if you wish..

Icing sugar

You can decorate the cake with your own sugar icing. For this you need:

  • seven tablespoons of fat milk or 10% cream;
  • seven glasses of powdered sugar;
  • 250 g butter;
  • a glass of vegetable oil;
  • a tablespoon of vanilla extract;
  • one drop of food coloring blue.


  1. Using a silicone brush, remove the crumbs from the surface of the biscuit. We close it with cling film, send it to cool for two hours in the refrigerator.
  2. At this time, with a mixer, at low speed, we can beat the vegetable and butter. Oils should have approximately the same temperature. While whipping add vanilla.
  3. Then gradually, without stopping whipping, add milk and powder in small portions - to one tbsp. a spoonful of milk a glass of powder.
  4. Add dye to the resulting cream. It neutralizes the yellow tint.
  5. We apply glaze in several steps to achieve a perfectly smooth surface. To do this, use a pastry spatula. With it, we apply a thin layer of glaze from bottom to top on the sides of the cake. Let the glaze harden. To do this, put the cake in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. The initial coating with glaze will help prepare the surface of the cake to get an even coating. After the first layer of glaze hardens, apply «finishing» layer, putty knife smoothly, at an angle of 90%.
  6. To obtain perfect smoothness when applying glaze, we use a wide spatula and a rotating stand.
  7. To smooth out irregularities, spray the cake with spray water and smooth out the problem areas.

Colored chocolate

Dye for chocolate on a wedding cake

You can decorate the wedding cake with your own hands with colored chocolate. Liquid colorings can help color chocolate. For staining, only white chocolate is used, which is melted in a water bath with the addition of vegetable oil and dye. If the mass coagulates, then add a little more oil.

Sugar mastic

Mastic wrapping sponge cake for wedding cake

Often cakes are decorated with sugar mastic. It is made using protein, powdered sugar and gelatin. A very popular mastic recipe using soft chewing marshmallows. To learn how to cook such a mastic, a video recipe will help:

From mastics make flowers, leaves, various figures.

Wedding Cake Figures

You can decorate the wedding cake with your own hands in various figures: pigeons, swans, butterflies, figures of the newlyweds, wedding rings - symbols of happiness and family well-being. They are made by casting from chocolate or fashioning from mastic..

DIY Wedding Cake

It will require two circles of polystyrene foam, sweets and small chocolates, a pink satin ribbon, corrugated paper.

Step-by-step photo instruction:

  1. We take two foam circles of different diameters, glue it with wrapping paper.


  1. On the sides with corrugated paper we make shuttlecocks and glue.
  2. We take any sweets, the main thing is that they are long and narrow, we glue foam circles on their sides. To do this, use any glue or double-sided tape.


  1. We decorate the cake with flowers, ribbons, beads.


A delicious wedding cake recipe



  • a pound of flour, sugar, butter, almonds;
  • 12 eggs;
  • lemon peel;
  • salt;
  • a teaspoon of nutmeg.

Custard wedding cake


  • 6 eggs;
  • half a liter of whipping cream;
  • juice of four lemons;
  • salt;
  • 140 g of butter;
  • 10 sheets of gelatin;
  • 330 g granulated sugar.

Cooking method:

  1. Grind the yolks with sugar and butter.
  2. Add ground almonds, nutmeg, zest to the mixture..
  3. Mix the proteins with salt and beat in a strong foam with a mixer. Mix with sifted flour.
  4. Mix the protein and yolk masses.
  5. We distribute the mass by forms, bake at 200 degrees.
  6. We give ready-made cakes «relax» 12 hours.
  7. Cooking cream.
  8. Soak gelatin and melt butter.
  9. Beat the yolks with lemon juice and zest. Mix with cooled oil.
  10. We put the mixture in a water bath, gradually introduce sugar. Stir the mixture until sugar is completely dissolved..
  11. As soon as the mass begins to gain splendor, add gelatin. Grind. Let it cool.
  12. Cream is ready.
  13. We coat the cakes with cream, decorate the cake in any way you like.

DIY wedding cakes

Chocolate Wedding Cake

May you live happily ever after!