Guest seating cards


Before their wedding, a young couple thinks not only about who to invite to their holiday, but also how to arrange guests. How to distribute the guests at the banquet? Usually people at a festive table are grouped, taking into account their interests, preferences, age, marital status, way of thinking. So you can help guests feel comfortable and cozy at the celebration, which will positively affect the overall atmosphere of the wedding. To accommodate guests at a banquet, guest seating cards are used.

Seating Card Tips

Seating cards are used as signposts for each guest at the table. Qualitatively, interestingly executed, these wedding details will emphasize the special importance of the event and the excellent organization of the holiday. If the celebration is not crowded, the newlyweds can make original seating cards with their own hands. But most couples trust this business to professionals. It is advisable to order them at the printing house if the banquet is planned with a large number of guests. When choosing banquet cards, consider the following tips:

  • For your celebration, select the signposts for guests in a beautiful design.
  • They should have the same design as other wedding accessories..
  • For theme celebrations, place signs can be decorated using items related to the wedding style..
  • Print large guest names on cards.
  • Choose the size of the pointers so that they are visible and harmoniously fit into the overall design of the table.
  • The font on the seating cards should be legible and visible from a distance.
  • The color of the card should match the overall color scheme of the wedding.

Guest seating card on a plate

The seating card with the guest name indicated on it is set on a napkin or next to a plate on the table in a specific place, which is intended for a person invited to the celebration. There are many manufacturing options for signage maps of seats. The classic form of the card is a thick sheet of paper folded in half and set by the house with the name of the guest on it.

Guest Cards

In this case, everything depends on the imagination, the taste of the newlyweds. For the design of maps of places for guests use pebbles, shells, fruits, badges, bottle caps. Unusually, the original seating signs look like small jars or chocolates with the names of guests written on them. Guest cards can be combined with additional elements that emphasize the sophistication of the celebration. For example, they put one apple next to them or place them on a flower pot.

Guest Card Design Ideas

For the celebration to be fun, the bride and groom need to think through all the details of the celebration in advance. The choice of the shape of the seating cards will help emphasize the originality of the newlyweds and their taste. The refined, beautiful design of this accessory will encourage the guest to leave it as a keepsake of the wedding. Consider in detail the three popular forms of seating cards.

In the form of postcards

Postcards are often used as a place indicator at the banquet table. Such seating cards can be made in the form of animals, flowers, or any other appropriate and original form. If you write kind words from the inside of the card, wishes to each guest personally, then friends and relatives will definitely keep it in memory of your wedding. This type of card is conveniently put on the table in the form of a house. Beautifully decorated seating cards will create a special festive mood together with other decorations of the banquet hall.

Guest postcards

On the stand

If each banquet card will be installed on a stand, special attention is paid to its design of this base. As a holder, fruits can be used that are combined with the theme or style of celebration with color or some of their properties. Such an edible stand is slightly incised, and then a pointer with the name of the guest is fixed in it. The seating card will look beautiful on a stand in the form of a bouquet, a flower pot, plant figures.

The role of the pointer holder with the inscription of the guest’s name can be performed by any items that are appropriate for the wedding design. You can attach a banquet card for a ribbon to a glass or candle. Unexpectedly, but interestingly they look like a cone holder. A nice, beautiful way to design a seating card is to attach it to a bonbonniere, which is a small box with a surprise for the guest.

Candy as a stand for seating cards

In the form of figures

Cards for banquet places in the form of figures are the most difficult to make with your own hands, so it is best to order them from professionals. But such original accessories will perfectly decorate the wedding table and guests will definitely like it. As images for figures can be flowers, sweets. And especially guest cards look like a bride’s outfit and a groom’s suit..

Guest seating cards

How to make DIY banquet cards?

Some couples want to make guest cards on their own. This is a fascinating, creative process that will bring joy to the newlyweds. DIY hand-made cards can be in the form of origami. They are perfect for decorating a celebration in Japanese or Chinese themes. Seating cards can be made in the shape of a butterfly. Such table decoration details are good for summer weddings..

Guest name butterfly card

Simple, quick-made seedling cards from a wide satin ribbon. This option is suitable for brides who do not have the opportunity to create banquet accessories for a long time. To make a guest card, take a ribbon and tie it with a beautiful bow. And along its edges write the name, surname of the guest. Put these bow signs next to each place on the table.

Place card bow holder

In the shape of a heart, a banquet card will look romantic and beautiful. To make it you need: a stencil heart, red thick paper, glue, pencil, scissors, a pen. The work on creating a card begins with circling a stencil on a color sheet and cutting out hearts. Next, in the upper right of the card write the name, surname of the guest and cut it from the bottom to the center with scissors. Glue the left part of the figure to the right lap to make a three-dimensional heart. Remove excess paper..

Fresh or dried flowers can be used to create a banquet accessory. This will decorate the table and evoke pleasant emotions in the guests. To make such a seedling card, take a box with the guest details written on it and put a living flower in it in a small container with water. Or create a composition of dried flowers and a map pointer.

Cutting pattern and pattern.

Making a card for guests seating is easy. The preparation of such cards must begin long before the wedding day. For their manufacture you will need: cardboard, scissors, tape, hole punch, marker. Choose the size of the card at your discretion. To make a seating card, use this instruction:

  1. Cut a 10x10 cm square from the paper, bend it across the center. You should get the form of a sheet in the form of a book.
  2. Make a hole in the hole above the fold line. Pull the ribbon through it, make a bow.
  3. Write the name of the guest on the card.
  4. Decorate with bright pebbles or beads.

You can use another interesting and simple master class on making a seating card. To make a postcard you will need:

  • colored cardboard or colored paper and white cardboard;
  • glue stick;
  • paper lace napkins;
  • rubber stamps in the form of letters;
  • stamp pad.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. If you do not have color cardboard, glue color paper on white cardboard.
  2. Cut a 10x10 square (pick sizes as desired), bend it in half.
  3. Take a napkin, also bend in half.
  4. On its outside seal the guest’s name.
  5. Stick a napkin on the card so that the fold lines match. During the process, it is better to expand the card.
  6. Bend the card.

Guest Card Templates

Plan for guest seating and table numbers

Guests will quickly find their place at the table at the festive banquet. Such visual navigation is especially important at weddings with a large number of people. On it, invitees will easily find their place. The diagram shows the lists of people who will sit at a particular table. This helps to quickly orient the guests, to avoid confusion. The guest finds himself in the list on the plan, finds out the number of his desk and goes to him.

Seating scheme

The design of the seating plan should be combined with the general style of the decor of the room. Traditionally, plaques on a table for a wedding are made in the form of a frame, but for original designs, designers suggest using a design like windows, doors, stepladders, and garlands. These signs help guests easily find their place. Number plates are made to be a wedding decoration. Some newlyweds do not use numbers to designate tables, but come up with beautiful, original names for them. For example, instead of "table number 5" write "flower bed".

Table plate for wedding guests

Photo of original guest cards

Card Photos