Pregnant bride - is it possible to get married and get married, how to choose a wedding dress, photo


Pregnant bride

Getting married in a position is not just an exciting, but also an extremely responsible step, the preparation of which should be approached carefully and carefully. Nowadays, a pregnant bride no longer causes surprise or condemnation. After all, the unborn child is the fruit of love, so the main responsibility of potential parents is to create a strong family for the baby. The child, while still in the tummy, captures the mood of the mother. If at the celebration you will feel comfortable and relaxed, the baby will rejoice with you.

Is it possible to marry a pregnant

Pregnant bride no longer convicts

Many pregnant women who plan to legalize relations with their lover and father of the unborn child, involuntarily raise the question of whether to conduct a wedding, being in position. Just 30 years ago, in our country, pregnant girls strove to quickly get married, before the stomach became very noticeable. Marrying a pregnant woman was considered, at least, not decent. Such an act in society was condemned.

Nowadays, many pregnant girls, going to get married, try to follow the old traditions, take into account folk signs. For example, according to the customs, only a virgin has the right to wear a snow-white wedding dress. That is, if the bride is going to marry a pregnant woman, she should choose an outfit of beige, pink, blue or any other shade.

One of the famous ancient signs associated with the marriage of a pregnant girl is tying the abdomen with a red ribbon. Such a ritual will help protect the future baby from the evil eye. To do this, a wide red fabric is tied to the bride’s bare stomach. This tradition encouraged brides to wear luxurious red evening dresses on the second day of the wedding. After the wedding night, the newly-made wife may well be in an interesting position.

Is it possible to get married when "in position"?

Church does not prohibit pregnant women

If the groom and the pregnant bride are Christians, then their desire to get married is quite understandable and justified. In this way, a loving couple will provide God's children with a blessing. There are different opinions about the wedding of a pregnant woman. Some are firmly convinced that sex before marriage is fornication; therefore, they are categorically against weddings of brides in a position. Others come up with a more loyal point of view, believing that a pregnant girl has the right to receive a pregnant girl.

To resolve this issue for yourself, you should consult with the ministers of the church. Wedding is a great mystery. The modern church has every right to bless the legal marriage of two Christians. Any priest will say that getting married to a bride while pregnant is not prohibited. As for the rite itself, the process lasts about an hour, during which the bride and groom must stand. In case the pregnant woman becomes sick, there should be water and a bench nearby.

Tips for creating an image for a pregnant bride

Pregnancy is not a hindrance to a luxurious wedding look

Nowadays, a pregnant bride and groom no longer have to secretly sneak into the registry office to avoid judgmental glances. At the same time, there is no need, instead of a magnificent celebration, to arrange a modest tea party in the circle of relatives and friends. A modern bride, being pregnant, can allow herself to wear a luxurious dress, make a beautiful hairstyle and makeup, celebrate such a significant event with the desired scope.

How to choose a pregnant wedding dress?

Short Maternity Wedding Dress

Modern fashion couturiers offer a rich assortment of wedding dresses for pregnant women. The choice of a suitable style depends on the size of the bride’s tummy. In the first trimesters, when the tummy is almost invisible, a happy expectant mother can afford to choose any model. However, during this period, pregnant women often suffer from toxicosis. There is a risk that the bride will vomit right during the celebration. Therefore, the wedding is usually planned at a later date, when physiological changes are already becoming noticeable.

The pregnant bride should carefully select the style of the wedding dress so that during the celebration of the solemn event she should feel not only impeccable, but also as comfortable as possible. Classic silhouettes «trapeze» or «Empire» Perfect for the bride in position. Such a dress of the bride is decorated with an elegant satin belt, which is tied under the chest. The length of the skirt can vary from maxi to a cocktail option just above the knee..

Comfort is a paramount condition for a bride who marries a pregnant woman. Choose an outfit made from natural fabrics. Avoid tight styles, synthetic materials. The bride should not wear a dress with a lot of nets, interior seams, lace. The abundance of such decorative elements is likely to cause the development of skin itching, irritation. Jewelry that will come in contact with the skin of a pregnant woman must be made of high-quality metal.

Beautiful and comfortable underwear

Festive Bride Lingerie

The bride in position should carefully choose not only a wedding outfit, but also underwear, which should be made of high-quality natural fabric. Choose cotton, linen, or silk. In pharmacies especially for pregnant women, special tightening panties, bandages are sold. They fit tightly to the body, support the stomach, emphasize the silhouette of the bride. The bandage for the pregnant woman should be made of natural fabric with a small addition of microfiber or lycra..

Shoes for the celebration

Charming shoes for the bride in position

Newlyweds have to spend almost all day on their feet, so you should carefully approach the choice of shoes for the pregnant culprit of the occasion. The best option for the bride in position is flat shoes. If you still want to spend this holiday in heels, choose the most stable models, avoid high heels. Excessive load on the legs, especially in the early stages, increases the risk of miscarriage. In no case should a pregnant woman spend all day in narrow shoes.

Recommendations for preparing a bachelorette party for a pregnant woman

Pregnancy is not a reason to cancel a bachelorette party

Many brides, because of the expectation of the baby, deprive themselves of the pleasure of spending a bachelorette party in the company of close friends. A pregnant girl does not have to refuse such a fun holiday event. If everything is properly planned and thought out, a bachelorette party will not harm the health of the bride or child, and the positive emotions of the future mother will only benefit. The ideal venue for a pregnant party is the bride’s house, where she will feel as comfortable as possible.

If you decide to spend a bachelorette party in a cafe, take care of the menu in advance and also ensure that your table is located in the non-smoking room. In summer, in fine weather, have a fun picnic in nature. SPA is another great venue for a women's party. Keep in mind that the sauna is strictly contraindicated for pregnant women, so choose only safe procedures for yourself. If you decide to have fun at home, arrange a culinary master class, a fun photo shoot, a pajama party, an impromptu movie theater - there are a lot of interesting ideas.

Beautiful photo session of a pregnant bride with the groom

Wedding photo session for pregnant

Wedding fashion today is actively developing. This applies not only to outfits and hairstyles for young people, but also the theme of the holiday. Modern grooms and brides do not tire of coming up with original plots for weddings, organize real show programs. An important place is occupied by photographs that for many years preserve the memory of this amazing and incredibly significant day in the life of any family. A wedding photo shoot with a pregnant woman is characterized by a number of specific features.

Needless to say, before the bride, expecting the appearance of the baby, opens up a lot of interesting opportunities for filming. If the wedding is planned for summer time, arrange shooting outdoors. Almost all ideas for a pregnant photo shoot focus on expecting a baby. The pictures are incredibly moving and romantic. Footage shot on a sunlit field or in a flowering park, always bright and fabulously beautiful.

Pregnant wedding photography should be comfortable

If the wedding will take place in winter, look for a place with a beautiful interior in advance or organize a photoset at home. A professional photographer will offer the bride and groom to use original themed details, including booties, romper suits, children's costumes, soft toys, and inscription signs. Taking part in the shooting is far from simple. During the photo shoot there must be a place where the bride could sit down. A pregnant woman should have clean water at hand.

If you competently approach the organization of wedding photography, as well as warn the photographer about the special situation of the bride, the photo shoot should go smoothly, without incident. In order not to harm the baby, carefully listen to your body, do not hesitate to interrupt the shooting if you feel unwell. As a result, you will receive beautiful photos that will remember not only your wedding day, but also the magical period of pregnancy.