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Stylish wedding shoes for the bride

Every girl, so that she doesn’t speak, in her heart dreams of a beautiful wedding, a magnificent dress, a magnificent hairstyle and chic shoes. How many traditions are associated with this attribute - they steal a shoe, buy it, and drink champagne from it. It’s so wonderful to feel like Cinderella at the ball, next to the handsome prince. In that tale, the whole plot is built around a pair of beautiful crystal slippers. Modern «Cinderella» they also want to get into a fairy tale, and therefore wedding shoes for the bride are the same responsible choice as the dress.

Tips for choosing wedding shoes for the bride

The bride is always an individual. We can only advise and suggest how to choose the right and easy shoes. After all, there are a lot of nuances that you need to consider when buying:

  • seasonality;
  • growth and complexion of the bride;
  • style and length of the dress;
  • foot shape features.

But the choice of purchase always remains only for the bride herself. On a holiday, the girl’s mood will depend on the convenience and beauty of the shoes: she will want to dance, have fun and enjoy the unique moments of the wedding, or will have to sit with painfully legs crossed, experiencing pain. In the second version, the bride’s only thought and desire will be the speedy release of tired feet from the shackles. What to look for when choosing wedding shoes so that the holiday is a success?

The convenience of wedding shoes

For shoes, the main criterion should be a combination of beauty and convenience. After all, the festive bustle begins early in the morning, and can end far after midnight. You need to be constantly on your feet. To be the center of attention all the time, to smile is not an easy task. Having comfortable shoes makes it easier to handle, so a feeling of comfort should accompany the bride all day. Here are some tips to help you find the right solution:

  • First of all, when buying, you should pay attention to the material from which the shoes are made. It is better if it is genuine leather, giving the leg to breathe.
  • Heel height should be comfortable. Even if you’re used to wearing high-heeled models, it’s better to choose a more stable version of sandals or shoes..
  • Particular attention should be paid to the correct size and completeness of purchased shoes. Do not expect to carry. It can turn into painful troubles.
  • The main focus is your wedding season. If this is the cold season, your legs will be more comfortable in fishnet boots, matched to the tone of the dress, than in light shoes.

The most ideal option is to purchase several pairs of shoes for the wedding day. So that during the ceremony, the bride was shod in elegant high-heeled shoes, and during walks and during the moments of the dance part of the program - in more comfortable shoes. Therefore, if the budget allows, without hesitation, buy a spare pair of wedding shoes or, for example, ballet shoes.

Color spectrum

New color for wedding shoes

For more than a year, shoes for a fashionable bride have ceased to be perfectly white. Someone adheres to strict classics, but more often the color of not only shoes, but also the wedding dress has cream pastel shades. Already no one is surprised if the shoes are one or two tones darker than the dress. The colors of champagne and ivory look very beautiful, creating a light emphasis on the shade. More courageous brides buy bridal shoes in bright saturated colors. The main thing is to keep the combination with accessories or a bouquet.

Fashionable color shoes for the bride

The past 2014 gave way to fashionable blue in all its shades - from pale blue to ultramarine. The coming year continues these traditions. Current fashionistas have something to choose this season. Full harmony of the image and bright shoes of the bride will come if her girlfriends are dressed in dresses of the same color. This is a very unusual, beautiful and memorable wedding accent..

Decorative elements

Wedding Shoes Decoration Options

The bride’s wedding shoes should not look casual. Often, silk ribbons, rhinestones, flowers and fabric bows serve as decoration. If your dress is abundantly embroidered with ruffles, lace, embroidery, flowers, then the shoes should be more strict style. When buying sandals or boots for a wedding containing decorative elements, it is important to consider the length of the dress. To be able to boast of such shoes, the outfit must be no lower than the ankle. Everywhere you need a measure, this also applies to the number of decorations.

Heel height

There is an unwritten rule - the shorter the outfit, the higher the heel height and the slimmer the bride. But if you are not used to wearing such shoes for a long time, then your wedding day is not the best time to conduct an experiment. A wide selection of wedding shoes in the trading network helps the future bride to choose the perfect ensemble in combination and preference.

For each style of wedding dress, the appropriate types of shoes are suitable: low-heeled ballet flats for lush models, classic pumps for a strict long floor dress, glamorous stiletto heels for short dresses. But the main requirement remains for the bride to feel comfortable throughout the holiday. The best option is the average height of a stable heel, including wedges.

What shoes are best to wear for a wedding in winter?

If the wedding takes place in winter, the bride should not catch a cold on such a significant day. Indeed, in addition to the warm room where the fun will take place, you will have to be a lot on the street. Why expose yourself to unnecessary trials? It is better to think through everything to the smallest detail and buy the right option for shoes. For example, stylish ankle boots or fishnet boots.

At first glance, you need to combine the incongruous - a wedding dress and boots or ankle boots. But there is always a way out! These are short boots made of white suede, and high-heeled fishnet boots, almost no different from shoes, and a more insulated version with fur trim for severe frosts. It may look like a challenge to wedding traditions, but the look of a bride heroically walking in light sandals on thin slippery soles in snow or ice is not at all pleasing.

Winter shoes for the bride

Photo of stylish wedding shoes for the bride

Stylish shoes on the wedding day are one of the important touches in a single harmonious image of the bride. The final choice is yours: you will be at your wedding in boots, sandals or shoes, high-heeled or without it at all. The main thing is to feel like a queen at your ball! Having looked at the options of shoe models proposed below, you can quickly make a choice.

Stylish shoes for the bride

Stylish shoes for the bride