Wedding sandals - how to choose the color, finish and heel height, photo


How to choose wedding sandals

Ideal shoes are the key to a successful image of the bride as a whole at the wedding. It should make you feel like a real goddess, be comfortable and look great on the leg. If wedding sandals only lead to leg pain, you will not be able to squeeze out the shadow of a smile on your face during the celebration. This day should be the best moment in the life of every girl and nothing will spoil it, because we will tell you how to choose the right sandals for the wedding ceremony. When buying a pair of shoes, remember that this is an investment, because, unlike a dress, you can wear them again and again.

Criteria for choosing wedding sandals

Sandals on two straps

First of all, think about the style of sandals, because it depends on how your legs will look. There are several rules:

  • If your foot size is large, it is best to give a preference to a rounded toe. Discard the heeled glass, long toe, flat soles.
  • With a wide foot and small size, choose a narrow, long nose, which visually makes an elegant leg.
  • If the ankle is full, then you should not choose sandals with straps, details and jewelry in this area.
  • With full legs, it is better to stop on a heel of medium width and height, which will look harmonious, in contrast to thin heels.
  • For full calves, the best choice is a classic pair of low cut front boats, wedge sandals, open-block shoes.
  • Shoes with flat soles, with straps, too closed models visually make the legs shorter.
  • With small stature, massive bulky shoes will make you heavier and larger.
  • For a fragile physique, choose open sandals.

If you are faced with the task of lengthening your legs, then the following techniques will help to realize this:

Glitter Wedding Shoes

  • Open big toe and heel.
  • Sandals on two straps.
  • High heel combined with a small platform.
  • Slightly pointed toe.
  • Large finger side decor.
  • Low-cut shoes.
  • Lace patterns.
  • Thin ankle strap.

The style and height of the heel also play a role:

  • 10-12 cm - ideal heel height.
  • Studs, heels, studs transform any leg.
  • The heels of glasses on wedding shoes will make the hips fuller, the calves thinner.

When choosing a wedding shoe, you should adhere to some rules that will help you find the perfect pair:

Woven sandals

  • Consider the type of floor that you will have to walk most of the time at the celebration. If the floor is slippery, walk along the sole with sandpaper in advance to maintain elegance and poise.
  • Think about the height of the heels, not only in relation to the parameters of your figure, but also to the growth of the groom.
  • If the selected pair of shoes brings discomfort, but you cannot deny yourself their chic look, then bring along a spare pair that is more convenient for you. Remember that no one will notice a shoe change during a feast.
  • It is better to combine a complicated dress and simple shoes or vice versa.
  • Try on shoes at the end of the day: during this time, your legs will get a little tired and swollen. Only in this case you can fully appreciate the comfort of shoes.
  • Shoes should be appropriate for the season: summer, autumn or spring.
  • For greater comfort, you can lay orthopedic insoles in sandals, because in wedding shoes you will have to walk all day, pose, dance, have fun.
  • The main advice is that you should love the selected sandals, because you will associate them with the happiest holiday.

Wedding Shoes Color

Soft pink sandals for a wedding

Traditionally, the color of wedding shoes is chosen to match the color of the dress. But a white outfit can have different shades. It is better to order a dress to match the tone of the shoes or pick up sandals if the wedding dress is ready. Ivory, dairy, beige, snow white and ivory can ruin the overall picture if the dress has a different shade. It is not forbidden to go the other way and pick up sandals of a contrasting color. Do not forget about the color scheme of other details: handbag, bouquet, other accessories. Matching colors is very important when choosing shoes made from satin or another fabric..

Blue polka dot shoes

With a dress of pure white color silver, gold shoes, blue and red models look beautiful. If the wedding dress is short, then the shoes should be chosen with special zeal, because they will be emphasized. Contrasting shoe colors are a good fit for short outfits. It is advisable to supplement bright shoes with the same bright belt on the dress or other accessory.

Material and finish

Green Satin Wedding Shoes

The material of the dress and wedding shoes should be in harmony. Pay attention to the hem of the dress, because it is in close proximity to shoes. Sandals and matte natural leather models are suitable for matte fabric. If the outfit is lace and light, then the openwork piping and lace trim of the shoes look the best. A smooth silk skirt looks great with glossy or satin shoes. Classic suits for any outfit - elegant boats made of thin leather.

Sandals with a flower

As for shoe finishing, there are also some nuances here. Simple shoes will fit a luxurious outfit embroidered with lace, rhinestones, ribbons, sequins. But if the dress is modest, then model boats with stones, buckles, bows, extravagant options are the best choice. Lightweight open embroidered outfit in harmony with beaded light sandals.


Cream lace shoes

The use of lace in the decoration of wedding shoes makes them tender, cute. These shoes attract attention, perfectly complements the outfit of the bride. Shoes can be trimmed around the sides with lace, along the toe or in another way. But there is one caveat: the lace on the sandals should not touch the ground, otherwise they will quickly lose their appearance, become dirty and shabby.

Shoes can be trimmed with lace completely, which looks like a delicate and light fleur. In such models, a metal gimp can be used, which shines at every step, creating a magical effect. In addition, lace decorative elements can be used, for example, lush patterns, flowers. It gives the couple tenderness, elegance..

With ribbons

Tiffany Slippers

Wedding shoes with ribbon decor are a great alternative to classic. Their diversity is very large, so you can choose the most suitable option for your celebration. Ribbons in the decoration of wedding shoes can be used in different ways: in the form of a fringing, flowers from ribbons, embroidery. The tape can be matched to the color of the sandals themselves or make up the contrast. In addition, ribbons can serve as decorative ties.

What sandals to choose for a wedding?

Among a large number of different models of wedding sandals, it is not easy to make a choice. To simplify the task, we offer you to consider the following requirements when buying wedding shoes:

  • Determine the optimal heel height for yourself. Consider the factor that you spend on your feet all day, so the shoes should be comfortable. If in ordinary life you wear low shoes, then the heel on wedding shoes should be below average.
  • Pay attention to the back of the sandals. In models with a closed heel, the “back” should be soft, smooth so as not to squeeze the back of the foot. When trying on shoes, make sure that you don’t press or rub anywhere and you are comfortable in it.
  • Buy models by season. When the wedding is planned in the warm season - in the summer, then it is better to choose sandals that bare most of the foot, for the spring-autumn celebration, models with a closed heel, shoes with an open toe are suitable.


Low heels

For lovers of comfort, the perfect solution is wedding sandals with low heels. Comfortable, beautiful, feminine, and, most importantly, you can dance with everyone, participate in contests, take a walk in beautiful places for a photo shoot and after all this, not a hint of fatigue. A great choice in favor of low wedding shoes for brides in position in the summer heat, when the legs can swell, and as an option for interchangeable shoes.


High heels

If you want to feel like a real queen of a wedding ball, the toga for this significant day of high-heeled sandals is exactly what you need. Such shoes will give a feeling of elevation, emphasize the beauty of the slender legs of the bride, if the wedding dress is short. But don’t forget, even high heels will tire «trained» legs, so take care of removable shoes at low speed.



Wedding wedge sandals combine comfort, beauty and practicality. Choosing such shoes for the wedding, you will look elegant and not get tired until the end of the holiday. The main thing is to choose the optimal height - from too high a platform, legs will feel heaviness, as well as from heels. Options for wedding platform sandals are presented in the photo below:


Photo of white sandals for the wedding of 2015