Marriage: registration nuances

What do you need from the bride and groom? First of all, apply. From this moment begins the procedure for registering marriage in the registry office. Fortunately, you can file it at any registry office, regardless of place of residence. However, choosing a registry office, you should consider the distance from the bride’s house, traffic jams or just a tiring road will be quite inappropriate on this day. Choose the most suitable, the best registry office!

Receipt of payment of state duty, passport, certificate of registration certificate of dissolution of a previous marriage (for those who were previously married). Perhaps that's all. We fill out the questionnaire, determine the date and time of the celebration. We are waiting for one or two months (if you need to arrange the relationship as soon as possible, you will have to go to the doctor for the appropriate certificate). Just remember: in case of failure to appear to register a marriage in the registry office, the application loses legal force, and when you apply again, you need to start all over again.

In addition to guests, it would be nice to grab a passport and a future second half at the registry office for marriage registration. Without these two components, a new family will certainly not be created. Yes, and more - passports and rings. Better, of course, if witnesses take care of this. After all, future newlyweds from excitement and their names may inadvertently forget. You can grab champagne, a box of chocolates, a few plastic cups, napkins, and a plastic trash bag. As practice shows, there are no trifles on this day, so it is better to foresee and think through everything in advance.

By the way, you can sign on a weekday. Moreover, it is not necessary to have witnesses. You can invite your photographer or cameraman, fix the marriage with a gentle kiss and ... go on a honeymoon.

Registration at the registry office without incident: In advance discuss with the future spouse a question with a surname. Do you want to leave your own? Or you decide to take a double surname. Our advice - discuss everything with the chosen one in advance. Better to inform the future husband before filing an application.

Not the best decision to go to the registry office for marriage registration "noisy crowd." Not enough space, and tiring: the bride and groom still have to wait in line. And the small room where you can celebrate the ceremony with a few sips of champagne is unlikely to be released earlier. Add to this the wait until you can watch the fresh frames of the video, and the ceremony will turn from pleasant to tedious. So invite a few people to the registry office, and you will receive the rest of the congratulations from the guests who arrived at the wedding by car.

What else important to do before registering a marriage - solve the issue with photo and video. Professionalism of the photographer, good cameras and reasonable prices - all this is important to consider and calculate long before the holiday. If you didn’t have time to organize it yourself, well, rely on a witness.

What is categorically contraindicated to do, so as not to spoil the festive mood, it is imposed on the registry office with an invitation to celebrate your wedding celebration. Believe me, everyone is very happy for you, but they need to work.

Rice and small coins for good luck, the tradition, of course, is beautiful. But there are a couple of not very pleasant nuances. Employees of the registry office sometimes make comments to guests. And small grains and coins can damage some parts of the body. The same applies to broken glasses - caution is still above beauty. Yes, and if any incident happened, he will probably be mistaken for a bad omen.