How to choose a wedding date

An exciting event like a wedding often makes us overly superstitious. After all, there are so many beliefs and will accept! For example, it is well known that in May it is better not to play a wedding ...

Often, the emergence of such beliefs was associated with the annual agricultural cycle..

In our time, such signs are not always relevant.

And when the question is how to choose a wedding date, astrologers today more often rely on the rules of elective astrology.

This kind of astrology is different in that it reveals precisely those events that have yet to occur. Elective astrology is associated with astrology of choice.

What are the rules, according to the teaching of elective astrology, that you need to pay special attention to correctly choose the date of the wedding?

  • You have to be prepared for the fact that in order to activate the most important aspect of your marriage, you may have to sacrifice other less significant aspects of life. That is, in many respects you will have to make concessions to fate.
  • Since celestial bodies affecting our behavior and destiny exchange energy with each other, we must take into account such a combination of stars and planets so that this exchange is the most harmonious and pleasant. Then the marriage will be long and full of mutual understanding. In the horoscope, the bride symbolically corresponds to the Sun, and the bride to the moon. And it is important to choose a time when the relationship between these celestial bodies is most harmonious, that is, they will add up to harmonious converging aspects. So often in the lunar calendar publish those aspects that the moon is currently passing. And to choose a wedding date, you need to carefully analyze them.

    The interactions of other planets that are responsible for the different events of our lives and emotions are also important:

    • Venus - sensual and romantic side,
    • Mars - mutual aggression, satisfaction, sexual activity,
    • Pluto - jealousy, hatred on the one hand, and mutual "ingrowth", "fusion" of fate on the other,
    • Uranus - divorces and trips, sudden changes in marriage,
    • Jupiter - loyalty to each other, the social status of the family.

    Marriage is an event associated with the love and tender affection of the young, and when choosing a wedding date, one must take into account the location of Venus and its harmonious converging aspects with the Sun and Moon. And also analyze the aspects of other planets and their impact on each other.

    To choose the right wedding date, the preferred option is when such planets as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will not adversely affect the harmony of other celestial bodies.

    We wish you to choose the right wedding day so that your union is long and successful!