Silk Wedding Dresses


Have a refined taste? Want to have a wedding ceremony? «top notch»? Due to the presence of many elegant and at the same time simple models of wedding silk dresses, today's brides have a huge choice. Such an outfit will emphasize the luxurious taste, elegance, grace of the bride and groom. A thin, weightless satin fabric wraps a charming figure of a modern princess, creating a unique silhouette. Why are the biggest women of fashion in the world choosing silk for a wedding dress? What style of dress will turn you into a beautiful beauty?

Advantages of Silk Wedding Dresses

Silk is truly royal material. It has hygroscopicity, anti-allergenic properties. And its most important advantage is considered to be amazing beauty, which gives the clothes a unique grace. Choosing a silk dress for a wedding, you will certainly appreciate the benefits of such a formal dress:

  • Silk models of wedding products perfectly fit the figure, emphasizing the merits of the bride.
  • Silkworm threads give the fabric a unique glossy shine, which often does not require additional jewelry.

Model with a train and a long sleeve

  • Breathability of silk allows brides not to feel discomfort even on the hottest day of summer. Is your wedding celebration in the cold season? A delightful silk outfit with a full skirt and long sleeves will warm in bad weather, softly and gently enveloping the body.
  • The play of light on a satin surface, fancy modulations are skillfully used by designers in creating images for brides. Lush draperies, ruffles, elegant silk bows emphasize the glamorous chic of the bride and groom.

If you liked a silk robe at a wedding, be careful: any liquid, even water, can leave a stain on a shiny surface. Exist «dressing rules» silk outfit. Gloves are put on first, and the body is covered with a thin layer of powder. Only after this the bride can safely put on a dress so as not to leave stains on the noble fabric.

Silk Wedding Dresses Models

The modern world of fashion offers newlyweds a huge selection of silk dresses. The cost of such outfits is higher than similar models based on artificial fabrics. But you must admit, it's worth it! Ladies Diana Spencer, Katie Holmes, Angelina Jolie are considered recognized style icons in the fashion world. On the most solemn day of their lives, their choice fell on silk dresses designed by leading designers. Want to feel like a chic lady? The decision is yours!

Celebrity images at the celebration

A variety of textures from the finest crepe de chine to a dense silk satin prompted designers to create models of incredible styles:

  • short wedding dresses in the style of the 60s of the last century;
  • magnificent bell skirts with a strict bodice, which modern Cinderella dream of;
  • elegant outfits with numerous horizontal draperies, fitting the figure;
  • the incomparable romantic flowers of the finest silk-dupion decorating the bottom of the dress;
  • elegant greek-style robes decorated with beads, silver, rhinestones.

Variety of models

Empire style with lace patterns

The Greek style of the wedding attire will emphasize the smooth curves of the figure, while at the same time giving lightness and airiness to the image of a young bride. Silk draperies in the decollete zone will attract admiring glances of the male half of the guests. Handmade long lace train will be a magnificent decoration of the dress. An element of decor such as a corset belt embroidered with silver or gold will help to focus on the high waist line..

Greek outfits

Short with a fluffy chiffon skirt

Do you want to plunge into the world of magical cinema when movie stars were worshiped like goddesses? Choose for a wedding «crafty» silk dress knee-length. A full skirt will add mischief, and an elegant bodice with a neat neckline will emphasize the silhouette. Organize a wedding celebration in the style of dude? A silk dress with a bright belt, a chiffon skirt, a ribbon in the hair instead of a traditional veil will remind you of the cheerful, carefree 60s.

Short chiffon robes

Slim-fit low-cut neckline

Brides, lucky owners of a graceful figure, it is better to choose unusually delightful tight-fitting models of wedding attire. Delicate natural silk streams, emphasizing the bends of the bride's body, creating an attractive image of a luxurious woman. Elegance, naturalness of the style will shade the deep neckline on the back, emphasized by silver chains with stones, or an intriguing neckline that attracts the groom's eyes.

Elegant outfits that fit the figure

How to wear and combine a silk wedding dress?

The rich silk fabric of the wedding attire is amazingly combined with an elegant veil, fixed with a small tiara with precious stones. An unusual accent will be a neat hat that matches the dress with the finest veil, giving the bride a mysterious look. Want extravagance? Take a closer look at the unusual veil invented by Angelina Jolie for her own marriage.

A compulsory accessory to a silk dress of the bride will be satin gloves. Short, covering the brush, or long, above the elbow, they emphasize the beauty, grace of the hands of the bride. Laconic, restrained jewelry in the form of a pair of earrings, a small pendant on a thin chain will leave the finishing touch in the image of the newlywed.

Accessories for the image

Photo of wedding dresses made of natural silk

Wedding dresses for the bride of pastel colors look noble, refined. Cream, beige, peach-pink tones emphasize the silkiness of the newlywed's skin, set off a golden tan, and emphasize the youth and beauty of the girl. Beauties with curvaceous shapes, not all models of silk dresses will be to the face: natural shine and overflow of fabric visually add volume to «unnecessary» places, so it is better to give preference to models with a tight silk corset and A-style skirt.

The fantasy of wedding dress designers knows no bounds: draperies, bows, butterfly flowers add unusual touches to familiar silhouettes. Sophisticated neckline, severity of lines combine things that are incompatible at first glance - innocence, romanticism and sexuality, sensuality of the owner of the outfit. Chic, branded models of leading fashion designers; elegant dresses of famous fashion houses, presented in the photo below, will not let you get lost in the wealth of offers and will help you choose a wedding dress that will make you the queen!

Beautiful models